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  1. Wow. I can see that he wants more money from Britney and why. He is a douchebag. White trash, also that woman. I still find Brits taste in men ehhh but I hope she grew at least to the point that she cringes a little bit at having been with him.. 

  2. 11 hours ago, stefihilton said:

    bleah. never liked those scripted, extra corny late night shows.

    British ones are way more fun!


    I like Jimmy but for some reason he doesn’t seem to like Britney.. so it’s best that they ignore him! But tbh, I think it’s more because it’s about Xtina!

  3. 41 minutes ago, Derrick said:

    I’m glad she got to experience some fun in a way she enjoyed though. Drugs and that life aside I think we all go through that party phase at one point. It’s a highlight of some of our lives even when we know those people are not true friends but more like our party friends. It’s bad if you can’t break out of it but ok to enjoy it for a little bit. 

    It’s never been my thing personally but it’s a very normal thing to do and especially after a breakup of any sorts. But when you are famous, it gets exposed everywhere and people judge you as if they themselves are innocent little nuns.

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  4. The thing with pop artists covering rock (rock fans for some reason are quite self righteous) or newbies (britney was a new bubble teen star then)  covering classic iconic stuff or from a classic iconic artist or band is that the fans of the original will get angry. Imagine some new basic girl covering “baby one more time”... it might stir up some negative feelings! 

  5. I think she publicly doesn’t let out much (or isnt, at least partly, allowed) and i get that. It isnt the worlds’ business also the world was awful to her. So screw them (from her perspective) i get that too. Eventho i do think she could really help and be a great example to people if she’s open up about mental illness, hardships etc. 


    She seems to have forgotten a lot or at least not acknowledge a lot but that comment to me struck me more as not dwelling on those things and just letting it go. Some things, even if u handle things in a very healthy way, are just not fun to remember etc. So its best not to go there..

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  6. 1 hour ago, InvitationOnly said:

    She probably just likes it!

    I have a Star of David pendant thing that I attach to my chain sometimes and one time at this gay club this guy came over to me and started bashing Jews and the whole time I was like ‘Why are you telling me this?’ :jlostare:


    Bashing Jews? I thought it wasn’t 1935  anymore.



    i just hope she’s a little educated when it comes to history. We dont want her to walk around with that nazi logo (forgot the name)

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  7. 21 hours ago, Brad Adamson said:

    The production was kind of cheap but it didn’t even matter because Britney carried that show... her stage presence was off the scale.

    definitely my favourite tour. I begged my parents to take me but I was only 14 and they flat out refused 

    How on earth was it cheap!? Because the stage itself wasnt huge?

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