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  1. I'm low-key mad that Britney doesn't have any songs that start with "V", "X" or "Z". I need my Britney ABC's completed lol

  2. U bitches in this mothertrucker. I need some advice. I lived for 10 months in Paris last year, cuz I did an internship there. I had a great time there.

    In a few weeks I will be done with my study...and I started to send out applications to companies in Germany, London and Australia. 

    Dear exhalers, maybe u live in these countries or u visited them in the past..? Can u recommend me one of these countries. 

    In June I will be in canada, for a couple of weeks, cuz I have to represent my brother in his stores, cuz he will be in Japan business wise.

    Until now I have 3 options for Germany and I need to make a decision within the next 2 weeks.

    so u british, australian and german bitches..?


    Or should I just stay in Cali. Lol :idkney:

    1. WilderWein


      I'm Dutch and live right next to Germany and I am in Germany quite often. In terms of weather, safety, money, laws, no animals that will eat you, etc. europe, especially netherlands/germany/belgium/france are some of the best places to live. And with weather i mean that you really have all 4 season here. Not always cold eventho its july and not always warm eventho its xmas. The laws are modern, none of that crap like in America where it takes so damn long before you get accepted just bc u are gay or black. Rich modern countries, so none of that crap where they treat people and animals as if it's year 103. overall just great.

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