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    exhale Britney misheard lyrics

    It’s “thug” but its f**k. Just like “posse” is pu$$y. Its wordplay and old news. It’s a way to get away with such filth :p
  2. Thanks for posting these. I actually havent heard any and would enjoy some nice ones. I prefer old music in general over new stuff.
  3. WilderWein

    poll Do you like 'Make Me Oooh'

    I love it. It’s mature and sensual. Whish that subtle guitar sounds was a little louder tho, no chickens in the beginning and maybe a sensual breakdown instead Greazy. I am proud she released that song. Song deserved better than both videos. The first one was slutty and the other one was childish.
  4. I think i know what pic you are talking about. Its from circa 2007 right? I remember, if its the same pic you mean, seeing that picture and being dissapointed because i never ever thought of her as ugly and then for the first time i saw her looking hideous (what an awful thing to say, it was a combination of very bad bright lightning and red lipstick etc, her facial features were still gorgeous and unaltered then but in that pic, wow, awful...) i just always saw her as the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world and then i saw that pic and i was shocked. First time she didnt look like herself and didnt look good looking.
  5. I think its gonna take a while and maybe sth new in 2019
  6. WilderWein

    music What You Need should have been the Glory lead single

    No, too chipmunkey
  7. Thanks for sharing!! Looking forward for the rest!!
  8. WilderWein

    exhale Britney's Iconic "Got Milk" ads

    True. Milk is meant for baby cows to grow into big cows. We aren’t cows. Funny thing is that people feel more grossed out by milk produced by a human than a cow. Lol.
  9. WilderWein

    exhale Britney's Iconic "Got Milk" ads

    Plastic surgery, it can do a body good...
  10. WilderWein

    socialney New thumbnail for BBMA Megamix

    Wow. They are really mixing things up. Changing a thumbnail once every few weeks.
  11. Why a lot of you want Britney to do the Superbowl is literally BEYOND ME. Right now almost everyone agrees how shitty she is as a performer these days. Some of you sometimes show a POM video and say her energy is great and it’s one of ber best POM dates. NO, they all suck. You really want that to be displayed as a freaking superbowl performance?! The 100% lipsyncing alone already says she should never do it. And that’s just the lipsyncing... the rest that she does on stage... Superbowl would be career suicide. Be happy.
  12. WilderWein

    video This interview is finally on youtube again

    She's just shy. Also, considering what she's been through and how the world treated her, the stuff that was plastered all over magazines covers and tv must have been a very embaressing experience. That changes a person. I think she's shy and uncomfortable. Strong tho for daring to show her face (after the world being so ugly and all the stuff that happened). Inspires me.
  13. WilderWein

    music Blackout vs In The Zone

    Both are very good but I think ITZ is better because it is more versatile (i consider the album both with all the bonus tracks etc)
  14. CHARGE.org we gon ask money!
  15. WilderWein

    exhale K-Fed being embarrassing

    Wow. I can see that he wants more money from Britney and why. He is a douchebag. White trash, also that woman. I still find Brits taste in men ehhh but I hope she grew at least to the point that she cringes a little bit at having been with him..