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  1. I hardly ever understand rap verses. They are hideous too.
  2. So did she say it or did she say Germany or nothing at all?? (August 13 concert date)
  3. Yeah she sings it you can hear in the accappella.
  4. WilderWein

    other What's your fav amateur Britney cover?

    I like those flute fails
  5. WilderWein

    socialney New Promo Pic Of Britney!

    Promo? Promo for what. Its obv a self arranged photoshoot for fun.
  6. WilderWein

    socialney What was the peak of your Standom?

    Ohhh okay!! The instagram thing didnt show before so it was even more confusing to me. My pick is “Slave”! But I am glad she did release more since it was so early in her career.
  7. She probably felt more comfortable bc its outside. Its not cold but its a nice cool outside now bc of the summerrain. The show was an halfhour away from me.
  8. WilderWein

    socialney Controversial: Britney Should've Stayed With Kevin

    Well this is akward. I get making a plan for her career but for her personal life is just weird.
  9. She looked way better and sexy than all the others, wow
  10. WilderWein

    socialney Something positive about now

    We will always be able to enjoy her old stuff! She still has succes now in her own way, 20 years into her career
  11. Thats what a lot of straight men do tho. They do something to you and then get angry at you for giving them a cookie of their own dough or even when you dont give a cookie, they just flip the script. They are allowed to do everything, but we aren’t.
  12. Lmao, they might as well left that white thing on the floor out of the picture. Now it looks so random. What a lazy decor