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  1. WilderWein

    other Remember when "Britney" was on Jackass?

    i remember people complaining that it was fake and pointing it out as if it was news, its a comedy skit, a joke, of course it isnt real
  2. WilderWein

    exhale “Over To You Now” song meaning

    some have that here with the song "how i roll", the song is a play on words kind of like if you seek amy. she says "downtown where my posses at" but it sounds like pu$$y, which is also downtown and she mentions a kitty cat later on. its obv. pu$$y. then she sings "you can be my thug" tonight but its obviously meant as "you can be my f**k tonight" which also makes more sense and even a lot of lyrics say it like that. yet many just dont want to accept it. if she sings about anal, she also sings about her pu$$y lol. when i was little i loved songs like "how many licks" by lil kim and "freeek!" by george michael. i had no clue what it was all about
  3. WilderWein

    exhale “Over To You Now” song meaning

    wow i never realised this "Not let nobody's body touch my body in positions that we only knew (Ooh, ooh, ooh) Now I'm gonna give him what he wants and more, Do all those explicit things that I told you "No", Places you couldn't go, You know where I'm talking, You are too dramatic "
  4. WilderWein

    exhale Is Britney Over?

    her name is so established that i dont think she will ever be over
  5. Cameo on Buffy and Friends, and Scary Movie
  6. Srsly? I ordered mine on a regular media site a few years ago for a normal price.
  7. WilderWein


    I have liked it since the start! It’s aggressive! I just don’t like the part after the breakdown. The music they used suddenly sounds cheap happy trance like, they should have used the instrumentals they used before but maybe then incl. some ther stuff to make it more UP. Also the last notes sounds silly and cheap. Other than that, great fun song! And I like that it isnt about sex and love, eventho its kind of shallow.
  8. WilderWein

    event Audence Interaction Ideas for Domination

    Well, it’s not about wanting to see her fans.. it’s about Britney connecting with her fans incl. you...
  9. WilderWein

    event Audence Interaction Ideas for Domination

    Like Buddy the Elf she will ask her fans their favorite color.
  10. WilderWein

    exhale Am I the only one to hate Jive?

    How can you hate JIVE? They gave us so much great stuff and really cared for Britney’s career! RCA has ways been shady, even back in the 60’s and 70’s when Elvis was with them.
  11. WilderWein

    other Fanmade album and single covers

    I have always liked realistic ones. Like an alternative take on the original.
  12. Omg they are a business... they just posted a quote/meme/whatever they can relate to. Thinking this is about britney is like thinking quotes your friends post on social media is about you but they actually arent, you just make everything about you.
  13. WilderWein

    exhale Am I the only one to hate Jive?

  14. WilderWein

    music Shall I give up?

    She works like 40+ hours every day, she doesnt have the time and energy