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  1. WilderWein

    video This interview is finally on youtube again

    She's just shy. Also, considering what she's been through and how the world treated her, the stuff that was plastered all over magazines covers and tv must have been a very embaressing experience. That changes a person. I think she's shy and uncomfortable. Strong tho for daring to show her face (after the world being so ugly and all the stuff that happened). Inspires me.
  2. WilderWein

    music Blackout vs In The Zone

    Both are very good but I think ITZ is better because it is more versatile (i consider the album both with all the bonus tracks etc)
  3. CHARGE.org we gon ask money!
  4. WilderWein

    exhale K-Fed being embarrassing

    Wow. I can see that he wants more money from Britney and why. He is a douchebag. White trash, also that woman. I still find Brits taste in men ehhh but I hope she grew at least to the point that she cringes a little bit at having been with him..
  5. I would have sitten on a chair and perform. You cant do that to people miterally at the last minute. I cant imagine only then getting doctors advice, that late. Irresponsible.
  6. Celebs seem to think it’s okay to let others walk around on eggshells. Its okay to not feel well obv but famous or not, be polite and proper. Its silly some interviews are great and others are weird. Be professional.
  7. WilderWein

    socialney (Team) Britney ignored Jimmy Kimmel

    British ones are way more fun! I like Jimmy but for some reason he doesn’t seem to like Britney.. so it’s best that they ignore him! But tbh, I think it’s more because it’s about Xtina!
  8. It’s never been my thing personally but it’s a very normal thing to do and especially after a breakup of any sorts. But when you are famous, it gets exposed everywhere and people judge you as if they themselves are innocent little nuns.
  9. Mainpaged with false information? Fits the site like that photoshopped picture with Britney and Jordan years ago lol
  10. WilderWein

    exhale Thoughts on ICGN Satisfaction?

    The thing with pop artists covering rock (rock fans for some reason are quite self righteous) or newbies (britney was a new bubble teen star then) covering classic iconic stuff or from a classic iconic artist or band is that the fans of the original will get angry. Imagine some new basic girl covering “baby one more time”... it might stir up some negative feelings!
  11. Dark stage. Then there is a light and a chair. Britney appears in a white nightrobe. She grabs some yellow paint and starts painting the chair. Then she puts down the paint gently. She throws the paintbrush into the air and it lands in the audience. Britney then lipsyncs this line: “its britney bitch”. She then leaves.
  12. WilderWein

    tour New 2019 residency ideas

    I think her trying to recreate her old tours will show people even more that she kinda sucks now...
  13. WilderWein

    tour New 2019 residency ideas

    I think her trying to recreate her old tours will show people even more that she kinda sucks now...
  14. WilderWein

    other Will Britney ever do a movie again?

    I Would enjoy that but i doubt it. Only tv cameo’s etc.. and even if she did, it will probably never be quality stuff. She always talks about these basic girly movies...