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  1. AGREED! I adore her music and a lot of things are nostalgia for me but i aint spending money on meeting another homo sapien. I already felt stupid buying a 50 dollar ticket to see her horrible show. I have never been a fan of Britney, the human. Bc thats weird. I love the music, the music videos. Her job stuff. Maybe some people are on here while pooping? Or taking a bath? Or resting? To shut off their brain and get a break from everything? Don’t be so shortsighted. They aren’t stans. I think that was just an uncultured swine. Great comment! I asked myself that and it’s time to say goodbye to Britney.
  2. I agree. Im just trying to find a nice other forum to lurk. Perhaps a Lana forum? Or reddit? If i can handle exhell, i can handle reddit...
  3. WilderWein

    music (Main Version)

    That happens a lot can anyone answer the OP question?
  4. I dont think she looks like britney. Yes its obv who she impersonates but no. I must know brit too well after being a fan for 20 years...
  5. Yes somewhere around those years, oolllldddd news man But even after that her nose changed a bit now and then depending on her weight. But she obv had a nose job then. But yeah, here come the “ITTSS THE MAKE UP1!” people.
  6. WilderWein

    exhale When was the last time you listened to "Rebellion"?

    Some of you guys have some weird opinions on this one.. anyway Listened to it recently. It’s the ONLY song she has where she talks like that. It was probably the state of mind she had at that time about the people around her. Maybe her team, some family members and Kevin. I dont know. it would be a unique song to have in full because she never talked like that!!
  7. THE f**k. Maybe your confusing subtle and effortless looking moves with spastic bullshit.
  8. WilderWein

    music 7 Rings - Ariana Grande (Song + MV)

    I cant help but feel only people who are busy with race all day would see it like that, i didnt think of that at all not my type of music and def. some problematic stuff mentioned in the song but like another user said it aint mean to be serious.
  9. Are YOU high? Nothing weird or out of the ordinary here? OP; that makes a LOT of sense... Britney has an extremely unhealthy relationship with men and usually those issue root from daddy issues.
  10. Something very offputting and annoying about this person. And this was before i saw that hideous fur coat.