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  1. Anticipating and TWYTM was released as a single  here in the Philippines. It was massive and  most of the radio stations overplayed both songs and their official video was the footage from the DWAD tour. 

    I remember TWYTM reached the number 1 spot in MYX - the music channel in the philippines. Too bad we dont have Billboard, etc that tracks the chart run of songs here. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, BabyHotAsIce said:

    Such an underrated song from them! I think it was  meant for a soundtrack for a move that lance bass and Joey fatone were in called “On the Line”. Though now that you mention it, it doesn’t seem too far fetched it could be have been inspired by Britney in a way. NSYNC’s “something like you” is about her too. It was written by Justin when they were a couple (yes, he actually wrote extremely sweet songs for her before the whole CMAR mess. He brought her on stage and sang it to her a couple times, there’s a picture where it looks like she’s crying when he dedicated to her, Its somewhere on the internet) and of course we know the story about “Gone”.  Her impact. She is truly THAT BITCH. :flawless:

    i didnt know this. please find me (us) the video :D 

  3. the era is perfect overall tho.

    we had 6 music videos from that era

    5 singles (7 including anticipating and thats where you take me)

    had a dvd concert release

    had amazing award show performances

    the dancing/choreo

    her body 

    star walk of fame


    when will other eras tbh


    edit: its just a bummer that cinderella was not released. ugh... she looked like a princess during that time

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