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  1. so liking a picture of your sibling is wrong now?
  2. im afraid for B10s lead single. if we cant stream a song then, we will not crack top 100. The Billboard Formula is a mess.
  3. dont just put/write something without a proper receipt.
  4. they only play the most requested song. ugh
  5. It only received 300k+ streams yesterday. The 600k was the stream for Glory
  6. Tweet attack spotify now to add moodring in their playlists. Ugh this has so much potential.
  7. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5947h39OocAkgUEF3RniO9?si=4ZiIeHi9RBitE7vPyP0FPw Use this playlist
  8. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5947h39OocAkgUEF3RniO9?si=UNQSlDNwRqenuZGcnB80Kg STREAMING PLAYLIST FOR MOOD RING!
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