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  1. I understand that... and I'm sorry for your experience.
  2. Thank you guys... I'm still in awww.... can't really understand what happened there, but I had the time of my life!!!
  3. OMG guys... I have to share my experience because it will remain one of the most surreal moments of my whole life forever... Last time I saw Britney was 2011 when she came to Cologne with the Femme Fatale tour. I stan for her since 2000 when I saw her sitting on that star in the Lucky Video and I just knew that there was something so sacred and special about her that would keep me mesmorized forever. I never stopped my admiration for her, because I much more care about her as a person than her as a performer. She seems just special to me and I appreciate whatever she is willing to share with us - some strangers she doesnt even know. So back to the concert... I had a blast and started noticing that a guy that looked like he had something to say with the tour kept looking at me from the front stage area. I had a ticket front stage but wasnt like directly next to the stage... but I'm a very tall guy - as you will hear Britney say in the video haha - so it's difficult to not see me. So I'm enjoying the first few songs, bouncing around and singing the lyrics out loud and while the show keeps going this guy waves at me and tells me to come over to him to the stage gates... I do so and he asks: "Did you drink?" and I said... "No, I didn't" and luckily I really didn't and then he just asks: "You wanna help us out on stage?" and as the fan I am I exactly knew what that meant... I had to pinch myself because I thought I might be dreaming. So he told me to come to the side entrance of the stage when Slave starts and to empty my pockets so nothing falls out. He was the nicest guy ever. From that moment on the concert flew by because I got so damn excited.... I went to the side entrance and he was already waiting for me and he said: "So, you are a real fan, he? You know all the lyrics!" and I told him how long I'm already rooting for her and how thankful I am for the opportunity. He comforted me and told me that my positive energy made me stick out of the crowd. Then he asked if I knew what happens and that I should listen to the dancers who will tell me what to do. I told him I'm aware and then he said: "And no direct contact with Britney like touching and stuff!" and I told him that I'd never get in her space like that, because I know where she is coming from and how uncomfortable she gets when people she doesn't know get too close. Then we went backstage and I saw the dancers who weren't performing that moment in their corners streching and stuff. Everyone was so nice... Brandon gave me the brightest smile ever... a true blessing... he made it easy for me, but all of them were just extremly nice. Then it was showtime and I was in full "let's do this" mode... For me it went by sooo fast and I didn't even look at Britney too much bc I was in my own little performance world and didnt want to make her feel awkward by staring at her or something and I guess that was the key to really good energy between us during that performance. I even made her lose her whip haha.... I laughed out loud when I noticed that today for the first time lol her face was priceless.... I just had the time of my life and I love and adore her for just being who she is and not trying to be someone she is not. And we looked eachother in the eyes when she asked for my name and I explained her: "My name is Guido... you would say GUIDO but it's GIDO" (that's how you pronounce it in german) and she even managed to say it out right... OMG!!! I can die happy... I just wanted to share that with you. I noticed here is a lot of negative energy lately and I want to let u know that it bothered me bc I was so looking forward to see her yesterday and reading all your complaints started to kill my hype a little, but then I told myself to be the positive person I am and just enjoy that great girl I've been growing up listening to, watching her being a girl not yet a woman and growing into this strong powerful woman... I ADORE her and wish her all the best in the world and I will cherish this special moment forever!!! THANK YOU UNIVERSE! Guys, stay positive... dreams do come true! And give her mroe credit for what she does... she does it her way and she still sells out stadiums worldwide 20 years in the business. Enough said? Enjoy! ❤️ Oh, and check my story on insta... I have some beautiful footage of her!! ❤️ insta: guidosworld KEEP UP THE LOVE!