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  1. Stop using the Plus tag inappropriately
  2. Register to vote here: https://vote.gov With mail-in voting and more complicated elections this year due to COVID-19, the sooner you do it, the better.
  3. I always had it in my head that Britney did at least one verse on this song for some reason, but now that I’m searching for her vocals, I can’t hear Britney at all kinda sad bc Body Ache is one of the few songs i can tolerate on BJ despite it seeming to be one of the most hated here on Exhale
  4. When you get a day off, completely to yourself, what do you like to do? What’s your ideal day off like? Days with no work, no school, no errands to run, no chores to do, no things to fix, etc. Are you more of a homebody who likes to relax and unwind, or do you prefer to get wild? Or both? Please share
  5. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to the song in full. It’s so boring. im glad you like it though
  6. Yes, but I almost can’t be mad since it will only bring more eyes to Britney’s situation
  7. I was going to agree with you until I realized this was just a way to throw shade. Totally inappropriate and I bet this thread in itself is going to ruin the so-called peace you’re talking about. How disappointing
  8. Harry deserves it. Watermelon Sugar is a great song, and the video is cheeky, fun, and erotic. I’ve been hearing it played a lot recently too.
  9. I just want Britney to do whatever feels right. She has really good instincts when she’s passionate when It comes to music (ex. ITZ, Glory). I don’t want her to just copy someone else’s sound or a specific genre’s sound. I want her to take whatever inspires her and makes it her own. I love Lana and Tove Lo, but that’s their music. I don’t want Britney to just start doing music similar to them because it becomes redundant and we lose the unique style that Britney brings to the table. If i want to listen to Tove Lo or Lana, I’ll go listen to them, not Britney imitating their style.
  10. My answer has been the same for the 10+ years that this question has been asked while I’ve been here:
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