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  1. 15 minutes ago, STJ said:

    i'm the opposite lol i love it on first few listens and thereafter.

    now it's like meh to me. just another uptempo pop song. 

    This. I thought it was a bop at first and now I pretty much always skip it when I hear it start and removed it from the playlists I put it on

  2. I'm most insecure about my face. I've worked hard for years on body, made great progress on it, and I know I can always change it to the way I want. It's a source of pride for me now. But your face, it's just what you're born with and there's no changing it (except for plastic surgery, which can make it look worse and unnatural).

    It's really ridiculous that I feel insecure about my face, because I get complimented a lot on my looks and I'm regularly told that I look like a model or should be one. I know this sounds like a humble-brag, but I promise I'm not doing that, I'm genuinely insecure about my face. When I take pictures of myself, I can take pictures where I feel really, really good about myself, but anytime anyone else takes pictures, I usually feel disgusted and disappointed. Also, my left side of my face looks waaaay better than my ride side, so I always try to take pictures from my left side because my ride side somehow always looks 10x worse.

    I've tried to make myself feel better by trying not to care about it and only focusing on pictures of myself I like. I also have noticed that some people I find attractive when I see them moving and I'm observing their movements, personality, their whole package, but when I see pictures of them, they look like nothing special and some pics even look bad. So I try to make myself feel better by thinking maybe that's the case with me - that I'm just not really photogenic. My boyfriend is also insecure about his looks but I feel he's very physically attractive, so maybe that's the case for me too.

    I don't know. :britstare11: It seems so shallow and immature to care or worry about this, especially when I feel like I've only been advantaged because of my looks, not disadvantaged, but it is what it is. :brityeah:

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  3. 11 hours ago, breaktheiceofmrv said:

    My god this thing about her hands in this forum is just so weird! She's just moving them with the rhythm.It's an oriental thing and she's not good at it mostly

    but this was awesome :



    I always cringed at this. Couldn't understand why she did it. Looks like she's jerking off an invisible d!ck

  4. Gimme More is my favorite out of these, but I'm going with Toxic. It best represents who Britney is/was more than any other song imo. Iconic, confident, has some fantastic bops, timeless, good vocals, and even a bit of "Myah Marie" :lmao:. It has more longevity than any of her other singles too imo. BOMT is referenced a bit, but I still hear Toxic on the radio regularly.

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