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  1. My Only Wish is doing better than Slumber Party on Spotify :quirkney:

  2. Breakups suck. :(

    1. KW.
    2. KW.


      Hope you feel better soon

    3. Urbanney


      Thank you, I appreciate it a lot. 

  3. After my first listen of "Glory," "Just Luv Me" is the best song on the album imo

  4. Coupure Electrique's production is insane

    1. XxCircusFreakxX


      I've had it on repeat all morning at work, its perfection

  5. DYWCO gives me "Over to You Now" vibes

  6. I can't get PS out of my head to the point where it's getting annoying

    1. If U Seek Me

      If U Seek Me

      The beat is awesome and so is the chorus, but the edited voice is giving me headache is I listen to it too much. :gloria:

    2. MissBuffySpears


      I came on here to say the same thing lol

  7. I heard Make Me at the gym today :madance:

  8. I just want more.

  9. When you hear this in the club, you gonna turn this sh!t up.