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  1. It really is underrated. People say it's one of her best known songs, but I rarely ever hear it on the radio, whereas I still hear Toxic, BOMT, Oops, Lucky, Womanizer, and Circus. I played Gimme More at a get together of about 15 people who were all in college, and people didn't really react to it or sing along, and one girl said "wait, who is this?"
  2. Urbanney

    news Album Sales Are Dying

    It's kinda sad, as I loved going and buying albums and listening to them while looking through the booklet when I was a kid. It makes sense though. I only buy albums I REALLY want to support. That's usually one album per year, if that. Streaming just makes way more sense financially and for options as a music fan.
  3. Urbanney

    music 7 Rings - Ariana Grande (Song + MV)

    Don't know how I feel about the song, but I loooooooveee the music video. I don't know why exactly, I was just instantly in love with it.