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    exhale B10’s lead should sound like this!

    This is screaming r i h a n n a
  2. lmao yesss drag larry and the oldies from her team
  3. Dirk

    tour Appreciate the oops tour

    Amazing energy she had and charisma
  4. Only if you're a fan/stan. If you're not anymore and is here just to troll/loving meltdowns/nothing better to do just don't. because I'm about to get mean, lol, not really. but as a forever stan, yes, I love Britney no matter what, she's just way more than pop music to me, we saw her soul too many times! but I do feel like she's very uninspired these days. Seriously, now I get why too many people left. She's really uninspired, she's closed on this shell that only her family gets to see it and when she wants to bring to the world a glimpse of her heart and of herself it just really seems really fake like never before, it's like she pulls that guarded armor around her and get really nervous and anxious to fake the Britney Spears popstar persona. seriously, she's uninspired, she doesn't have anything to deliver to the public eye anymore, she's not political, she's not delivering the IT songs, she's not fresh, she's not delivering transparency with anyone. she's basically making money on her yard playing with all this lipstick and messy outfits. (also she looked good and kinda inspired for the glory era but it lasts like 3 months) I do feel like she should get involved with something else and exciting for the next era more than giving us a new album to buy. she's kinda empty? this is what she shows now, she doesn't even hold a conversation on interviews, it's okay the tv ones, she's anxious, but even in magazines... it's just plain empty and cold and distant. and I mean get involved in something to grow as a person, to be inspired as a person, because it's like she's too comfortable in her bubble. and I'm excited about the next residency because I want to see the looks the new songs they will add but I doubt it will be really good and sharp. and the fact she is comfortable with the c-ship (it seems) bc of money, it's lame.
  5. https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dave_Meyers he did sickomode and lucky, so good! (and boys and radar) also ariana's god is a woman. kendricks all the stars and humble.
  6. she only sings live other people songs so on this new residency she could do it a live cover every season a different song or change when she wants and share a history why she loves the song or such, it would be really cool tbh my dream https://youtu.be/ZGUEP0KWtS8 I think she would sound so goood with her deep voiceney!
  7. THEY should release that song with a big radio deal and hopefully, it will pick up with the public like Scream & Shout.
  8. that would be cool! imagine like a movie, the transition of POM to this one, saying goodbye to the dancers, some backstage stuff in Europe (maybe showing her getting emotional), and then rehearsals for the new show, recording new songs and all. and of course, moments of her talking about baby one more time and stuff like that.
  9. this. of course she will lose her voice. she's constantly screaming like trying to prove she can sing and that sh!t hurts (her poor throat and my ears).
  10. She will call them or go there? maybe announce new single next week and give away tickets or it's probably about their Christmas show
  11. and she's getting cheap and cheaper while getting more money. this is unacceptable like, her outfits, the general production of POM (on the road), her music videos... hope they realize it's time to put some coins into her "art" this time around.
  12. lol but the ff one is cute, it was her being goofy
  13. Mrs. she's too big now she's too thin outfits is so horrible. I like her lipstick and eyes tho rise dominationey, rise, this is just the beginning
  14. lmaoooo I thought it was a meltdown from yesterday
  15. of course, she wanted to go home. this is just a filler show, the last pom show that it actually doesn't feel like the last one, the last one was Blackpool where she got emotional, this is just a mess and a side show she just want to go home, her family was there, of course it's better to have fun and eat with them instead of being on stage with those messy outfits and everything.
  16. Dirk

    other Why did the Grammys tweet about Britney...?

    She will perform with Pitbull there
  17. I want: Outrageous, My Prerogative, Overprotected, Toy Soldier, Get Naked. Out: Do Domethin', Boys, Me Against The Music, Crazy, Stronger, Freakshow... can't remember more, even Breathe On Me too, so tired of it all, make room for never performed songs.
  18. I'm getting excited! 15 minutes to go
  19. Dirk

    tour Meet and Greets are now $2000

    w h a t e v e r there are people who pay for that, so what, you poor bitches can cry cry cry againgaingain Britney face like a mannequin
  20. I bet this show has a lot of new choreography (because she forgot the old one and will improvise)
  21. She is worth, her 4 years residency was very successful and because of her Lady Gaga, Gwen, J.Lo, Mariah had their residencies too. And this is a totally brand new show which is very exciting. In 2013 she started her residency fat, with wigs and lazy. Now she's very energetic and working with a new team of choreographers and everything, we can expect a better show now.