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    music This new Britney impersonation

  2. http://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=561840 -------------------------- Is this the smallest place she will perform? 3K capacity.
  3. announce her pregnancy in September this year (and work on her best album meanwhile). release a new album in November 2019 with 3 good visuals/singles. start a new residency in April 2020. be an actress at a new series on Netflix. release a cool EP on April 2021, go on a world tour summer 2021 and go back to Vegas after.
  4. Dirk

    About boys and ex's.

    what's your experience with your boy/crush exes? I'm so "lucky" that all the boys I hook up just ended their relationships in a short time and they miss their exes. heartbroken boys are so misery. there is this guy I'm dating, I really like him he's cute and all but he still has a lot of pictures of his ex-boyfriend on his insta, his ex-boyfriend likes his pictures and stuff (not that it's a big deal but in this context it is) we hit it off, he's great but I started liking him and making plans like beach trips and stuff and he thinks it's going "too fast" I guess I will say goodbye, I already have a date tonight with a new guy to keep going bc this one is not the one for now. (they only broke up because his ex moved to another city) I'm a Sagittarius, I like people who like to go adventure life with me without thinking too much. the same story happened to my ex-boyfriend, one day his ex message him saying happy Easter with a cute message and he fell in love again and we broke up.
  5. Dirk

    tour Mohegan Review of Britney (negative?)

    that's nice, so cool
  6. Is this ap? so cute!
  7. We don't know him and we've been hurt with Brit, but he seems sweet and the opposite of K-fed. He is all about work, supporting her, he has two sisters he is closer, so he probably knows how to treat a girl right. He seems cool, but you never know how he acts around his fellas.
  8. I don't care I was kinda heated because someone was making fun of Britney doing small places and that every popstar are selling out minus Britney. It was a Beyonce stan.
  9. I think she gets more nervous in small stages and more excited with huge crowds. but we'll see since she's been criticized...
  10. Dirk

    rumor Celebrity Psychic Reads Britney's Future

    not gonna watch it and I don't see Britney adopting a child. I just wish she gets a baby girl soon. We need a new legend and it's only legendary if it's coming from her.
  11. just notice that she's very high energy dancing to it and the guy does very easily like he barely moves. she looks so good doing the hair flips and all, this is good. the public of shaderoom thinks this is dancing:
  12. ET posted the videos on their site. Part 1 - https://www.etonline.com/britney-spears-says-she-would-definitely-be-up-for-a-mickey-mouse-club-reunion-exclusive-106007 Part 2 - https://www.etonline.com/britney-spears-admits-her-kids-dont-see-me-as-famous-exclusive-106127
  13. it wasn't directed to him, she just said the mickey mouse club was her best time and she would show up at a reunion.
  14. they will eventually put together the pieces of the Instagram teasers and release on youtube. Don't expect more than that.
  15. if you a crush on a straight-bicurious guy just wear it and go after him
  16. I really liked this interview, but her voice sounds weird on it, it's exactly how I feel when I'm "forced" to talk about myself and feel uncomfortable.