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  1. Hope she stays consistent to slay in Dublin, London and Paris That part is actually better with the hair down. I like the ponytail like in Freakshow, Make Me... etc.
  2. I actually LOVE that part, she looks fierce
  3. Dirk

    event New Vegas residency would be career suicide.

    this, actually she took years without touring
  4. Dirk

    tour What Was Your Reaction to the FFT

    Hair and makeup were flawless, she experimented a lot with it, especially in Europe. but her energy kept getting worse and worse, she was really tired of everything and all the traveling. That's why X-factor + POM was the next step.
  5. Dirk

    Piece Of Sarah

    if you watch her instead of Britney you'll enjoy POM 10x more she's soooo fierce!
  6. yassss, I love that part she's so fierce. And she did great with Toxic too, is this the best show so far in Europe?
  7. Dirk

    socialney Britney And Sam Asghari Broke Up: Rumor

    The stars are within us darling
  8. Dirk

    socialney Britney And Sam Asghari Broke Up: Rumor

    Her mic is almost falling and disconnecting in every concert. That's a sign I notice + anxiety? because Mars is also retrograde.
  9. Dirk

    socialney Britney And Sam Asghari Broke Up: Rumor

    This, they are instantly attracted to each other, since both have this beautiful fun and good heart and spiritual aura (Jupiter rules them both), but after attraction, they have a lot of work to do in intimacy. Sagittarius make pieces water heated with their fire, they can get rude and more than sincere at times and it hurt pieces feelings, they are very sensitive, some of them can't even take a joke they just close themselves in their shelter (and Sagittarius is a natural joker, they will hurt you for the laugh not even realizing it). Britney house of relationship is Aries (K-fed sign), she's better with someone very sure, comfortable with themselves and with attitude, who enjoys being a leader, good at sports and such (a fire sign too). so Britney and Sam when in peace they can totally have a happy relationship, both enjoy the nature, spiritual life and the good things and values of life.
  10. Dirk

    video Piece Of Me: Sweden August 11

    I like her being that energetic with her hand all over the place (I don't even care and pay attention to that) instead of having her very relaxed like at the beginning of POM. sure it looks stiff at some performances, but at least she's pumped. it looks like she's doing cardio tho but whatever the choreography still a mess so whatever she does it good or bad it still lacking... this is ending so AMEM
  11. Dirk

    video Piece Of Me: Sweden August 11

    Me too, Toxic is like top 3 Britney songs and it has the shittiest choreography of the show.
  12. Dirk

    video Piece Of Me: Sweden August 11

    She's back doing yoga so I guess it loses her body a bit, hope it helps to perform with fluidity.
  13. Dirk

    video Piece Of Me: Sweden August 11

    That was the best show so far. And lol, when she puts the ponytail she looks WAY BETTER bc her hair is a mess on this tour
  14. boring show. next. I'm excited for Dublin, they are lit and Glasgow, London and Paris
  15. they went to the hotel after (the pic on the right in the lobby). why are they hiding? they are no kids honey. and no, this is no case to be friends with a girl it's a hookup.
  16. Dirk

    tour My take on POM tour!

    lol looking that she still have like more 10 dates or something to do I feel like giving up for her, this show is really boring now. She probably can't wait to go home and be free with POM.
  17. Dirk

    event New Vegas residency would be career suicide.

    If Britney was an artist she would really have something to say and give more to this world still. She's not anymore, she's a brand and a celebrity. I still like her but I don't expect MIND-BLOWING things from her. I just expect at least a worldwide hit from the next era. she's fading away.
  18. My experience (FFT) was okay. I entered the room with a joke about it taking so long to finally meet her, everyone laughed, so I didn't ask her anything, we just shake hands, she handed me the tour book, we took the picture (my hand or her back hers on mine) then I said I love her and her music, she said thank you and that's it. Everything was a blur. but I left the room and there were 2 fans and they were crying, very emotional, and the security guy was with us being nice and Felicia approached too, she was really nice and we chatted a bit, I actually took a picture with her too and that one I would love to find to post it. I don't like my picture with Britney, that stupid pink robe is ugly and I was like with red eyes very emotional, embarrassing tbh
  19. Dirk

    exhale Do you still STAN Britney?

    yes but she should do some research and be an artist again
  20. Dirk

    video Piece Of Me: Sweden August 11

    Okay, this is the best show so far in Europe. love her energy and she looks beautiful to me
  21. i think she looks really good lately. LOVE IT