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  1. Make Me is a good song but it's not really a Britney type of song. 

    I like they released it as the first single but after the bad video they instantly could have jumped to another song and promote that second single even on the VMAs. And yeah, I agree with Love me down being the second single but I do think Slumber Party as the third and following single after LMD would be better on the charts. 



    Of course, they will do more promo, interviews etc.

    they are constructing this residency still, I doubt they already have everything put together, they have a lot of work to do so they could put her on the phone and out there to promote.

    And she recorded Glory songs while on the residency so maybe after it starts she will start recording? I think she will definitely release a single in February and the album later. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, stateofgracebritney said:

    :wyd:Ok am i the only one who doesn’t understand why Britney doesn’t want to be sexy, considering her kids are both 12-13 and POM outfits are more revealing than OHT itself ? :wyd: for example, when she kissed Madonna interviewers asked what did her family think, if she was a lesbian and if she would do it again, she simply answered: “I wouldn’t do it again because that was for the performance acting, my family understood that and the public should too” so why wouldn’t she teach her kids that? :wyd:

    but she doesn't know how to read a script before being glamorous with little clothes on heading to a bed with a guy? :badthoughts:

    And about the sponsor: It's easy to shoot an extra film with her putting her lipstick or whatever instead of just scrap everything.

    We know that she was screaming with LaChapelle when they were filming inside that yellow truck. And idk, maybe that part was scrapped and everything fell out of place, it was a big mess tbh. 




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    Beyonce incorporates that fierce/powerful persona she has on stage so it only gives room for people to WOW at her. She's not fragile, her voice is not of a chipmunk.

    Now see like Tinashe, she's way more feminine, soft voice, tiny, she's a flop if you're like that they prefer a blonde popstar.it's subconscious on people. 

    Beyonce is on par with social trends: feminism, black culture empowerment etc.

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