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  1. 5 hours ago, The Greatest Show said:

    britney needs to focus on sentual dance moves instead of sharp ones. She is butchering her old choros but BOM looks good because it suits her current style better.

    but If we had guarantee that she would reherse for as long as it took to make choreo look perfect I would love to see her try something like this. Doesnt mean it will end up great but I would love to see how it would look if done by Britney


    hum, idk, it looks weird for her to do it since she's the singer, it suits better for the dancers or she could use it just in some parts

  2. 21 minutes ago, pieceofphilipp said:

    unfortunately this would  be tragically awkward I can´t imagine Britney responding to Christinas chill personality and openness except running for her life.... she´ll be the deer  in headlights

    britney's ego is too much nowadays, she could just don't give a f**k and be real with people.

    that I'm shy/nervous/boring cue card is played out. she doesn't have to be so afraid. 

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    I hope she is lowkey recording music at the moment and release at the end of the year.

    I would love a proper tour, an era somewhat like Circus, I want her show to be like Madonna's and to have a part where she can just sit and sing and she could sing one or two ballads of her catalog and a different cover almost every night!

    Also, I would love her to have some sided project in the future like an EP inspired by Amy Winehouse and Duffy, something soulful.

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    I lived for that video during that time, that's Britney for real!

    she was being sarcastic about the whole media saying she was doing drugs and she was mad bc her team forced her to seek treatment. also, they twisted her so k-fed and her mom could have the guard of the children. something like that. she felt betrayed by her parents bc they were helping k-fed and not on "her side".

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