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  1. 15 hours ago, Lilith Slave said:

    so you're sure he's gay too? Wow I'm so happy for you! sounds like something really special

    yeah don't tell him you're in love yet cause that might freak him out since it's kinda early but keep going on dates and eventually ask him to be your boyfriend! :crying2::sendinglove: i am so happy for you


    yeah, I'm so happy but sometimes I want to rush things :wontcry:

    he's the sweetest, everytime I'm with him and left, I feel a peace on my soul, a peace in my heart, it's really hard to explain but such a good feeling. 

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    So, I can't stop thinking about him!

    I'm in love with a friend and it's about to explode?

    We've been hanging out for months and going to several dates, he plays the gentleman, he's very interested in me, he ignores partying with his friends to go out with me, we talk every single day but this week it's been a mess, I don't really know what to talk to him, we briefly talked today tho and I just have a feeling that everything is going down. I'm really in love, last Saturday was really cute. I don't know what to do. He's a libra. 

    I guess I have to just chill and stop thinking about him and go do something else and wait for other dates to see what's happen or just tell him? I don't think he likes me deep yet so it would be dumb.

    but writing this just made me realize that it's fine and it's okay to have a really needy and sensitive day.


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