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  1. the thing is, she did promo she had an announcement to make. so we expected her to SAY her announcement. we knew is Vegas. so I was expecting the minimum: 40 paid people, 20 fans, music, fire, and projections, her appearing out of nowhere and confirming the new residency and that she's so excited. what she did was just walking the red carpet heading to her car. LAME AS f**k and to think those people who plan those things are really professionals, well paid marketing people, to just plan this non-sense. but whatever I had fun watching this mess just like the desert thing. i'm excited for the show.
  2. It's not like she didn't want to say anything. Her team sucks, they should have handled her a microphone so she can say something!
  3. lmao what 4 minutes is doing in the middle of the megamix and it keeps coming back
  4. lmao they will just rip the outdoor on that truck with the britney february 2019 we already saw
  5. lmao this is so entertaining embarrassing and exciting at the same time
  6. lmao that poc is f**kin crazy just like the lady from the desert performance
  7. lmao the hoster lol reminded of the deser performance omg she's promoting rihanna
  8. how is that ninja fatso reliable? but it would be cool to perform her new single/announce residency/ new single out after midnight.
  9. exctly. I love it. true bloodney is coming. Hope this show is edgier, rocker and urban.