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  1. tbh the change to other artists is awesome, its a win win we still have a britney section but we go check other artists as well i like how the site is now
  2. yeah, some lyrics i'm like... but still I like him Harry Styles i like him but as someone said, he's like Elton John meets David Bowie meets Mick Jagger of this generation but soft Frank Ocean is awesome, i like tyler the creator too, he's so crazy he stands out too.
  3. YAS! Charlie, she looked fabulous with him, that looked like a healthy relationship when will dumb Asghari
  4. I remember everything starting here: and here is fun times, what i liek the most is the tour videos when she's on tour everyday we had threads of every show oh god i miss that!
  5. omg I love it I wish they would release an EP of mood ring remixes and include yours.
  6. Jordan u should tell us about your meeting with Britney during the 2007 VMAs weekend, - the pic is really real? no one will judge u if its not real it's so long gone - how u get to know her? u were in contact with alli or sam lutfi or both? - what your insights of her that u have now from that time after 13 years elaborate on that plz
  7. her response to the backlash was okay for me. no need to cancel someone, we're all here to make mistakes and learn from it.
  8. i like both i think the Circus tour is better, the beginning of Circus era was exciting, Womanizer was everywhere! and I was really excited for Femme Fatale, all the rumors about the music and stuff in 2010, then the clips on soundcloud of the songs got me really hyped. songs were good, cool videos, less tacky bc no Candies, I love the tour but not much energy, she seems less excited it got boring quickly for me. but at least I saw her for the first ever, got to meet her and stuff, but I love how she was during Circus, i will not forgive myself to miss that tour, i even bought the tickets to see her in long island but got sick. circus
  9. The Blast -- August 25, Britney Spears getting out of LA court after the judge freed her from an abusive conservatorship she was under for twelve years. Lou M Taylor, her father Jamie Spears along with other lawyers are ordered to pay her millions for the numerous abusive it was found from the investigation going on since last year. However, Britney now has ninety days to present along with her lawyer a series of records to recover 50/50 shared custody of her children with ex-husband Kevin Federline, as well present the cut of all services contracted for a life transition, including an accountant and her new entrepreneur where she now regains total control of her personal and financial affairs.
  10. yey congratz jordy I guess I'm here since the beginning or 2007, can't remember, but I had another account it was so crazy back then I remember we sent letters to Britney in 2007 and X17 delivered it to her... there is a video of this on youtube found it, but i don't remember if this was organized by BH or X17.
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