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  1. exactly! It's a shame "they" deleted it, bc it was just in time for Erotica birthday, it would be so cool if she had mentioned it and @madonna
  2. it's funny he's gone for some time working on his thing and then she *boom*
  3. People change and grow from past situations you know? Don't you think 10+ years going to your 40s isn't enough proof that you can handle your life? what she did in those years? isn't it some proof? they did torture her that she was like lifeless in 2010. I believe that, no c-ship doesn't mean being a completely loner with a wicked manager around you, I believe that no c-ship is being a responsible adult that knows when to ask for help when needed and make choices and yes, go out for a drink if it feels like because you can and you're not a 14 years old girl, it's balance. And what they did in those 10 years? they let her find this balance and grow? she seemed so but they truly went deep manipulating her to hell that it's a mess now and they don't know how to finish, maybe that was their plan? isolate her control her give everything in her hands that she truly needs them? I believe there's a way and I believe in her but it's a transition for sure, that transition should have happened a long time ago under the c-ship, that was it was supposed to do (her personal).
  4. why he would be there if she's battling him on court? she has someone to call, Jodi, not her dad He probably visits her or not cause its up to her if she wants to see him or not? and he probably meets Jodi to discuss money or something for her... this is so weird the whole vibe of this c-ship is that Britney is truly a 14 years old girl.
  5. if she talks y'all wouldn't believe in her bc her voice would probably be shaking It's not the right time to do it. Guys, we should remember that we did what we had to do. Her situation is not that bad as we think, they can't do nothing to her under this on going investigation. Let's just remember that she has now 4 lawyers or something, she's talking with them at least in that we should have some faith. She thanked us some days ago, believe in that!
  6. What about her health? I see nothing unhealthy in that video. I guess we truly know nothing. Jamie is not in control of her personal life, she's choosing what's going in her mouth, there's no daddy around, that's why she's probably feeling herself?
  7. Exactly, and what about if she was missing on instagram for a whole month or two like she did in the beginning of the year? People would be demanding to see her on instagram! like, she doesn't have to post pictures cause in theory she's on her #metime she's doing it to have fun and give us something when she's not performing! Once again, people want to control what she should post or not just like people surrounding her. I'm so annoyed that I saw her ig comments yesterday and I come here and it's like the same or worse.
  8. They are totally overreacting it. And it's all the big fuss some "fans" on TikTok did with the #FreeBritney, they were the conspiracy theorists and caused this behave, people are so stupid they probably think #Freebritney is about to let Britney out of her house... like if she was that instagram girl who was kidnapped and was forced to do videos and sending videos, they're making a parallel to this girl and Britney. https://www.revelist.com/beauty-news-/marina-joyce/3868
  9. I wish her fans would understand her a little bit more, Britney is eccentric and she's not from this current generation, she also loves to shock, Madonna's instagram is just like her too, i just don't know why people think it's so outrageous. And, what is going on in the court is bout her finances, I know the #FreeBritney movement is a big thing, but they are interest in who is controlling her money, she's like aside of it, like, she probably has meetings with her lawyers but once is over she's back in bikinis, her instagram is something she's having fun with it, in contract or not she's cooperating with her "team" like doing them and possibly sending them to upload it. I just don't know WHY this is a big deal, specially for fans, because what she's doing she's doing it for years... I do believe she found an outlet to be creative and have fun, wether you think this doesn't suit instagram or not... she's doing what people should be doing but they are afraid of. I think what she's doing is amazing, everyone can make your own content and have fun with it without being worried about people's opinion like you don't have to always manipulate how people are seeing you, show some vulnerability and imperfections, it's ok, I like her instagram, yeah there's room for improvement, but it's matching her hiatus + quarantine. This is a reach but if I was working on Instagram I would even endorse her instagram.
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