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  1. Hit me up Ericsson...wanna talk 😉

  2. I studied Mathematics and English (graduated in 2016) in order to become a teacher. Then, I started my PhD in Mathematics which I will finish by the end of this year and then start my new life as a teacher for the two subjects I love ❤️
  3. He looks so much like Perez Hilton 🙈🙈🙈
  4. Sending u hugs too! I've heard that the German government plans a monthly fund for freelancers...but don't know how to apply for it! Take care Love from Cologne
  5. I'm from Germany and I think we are dealing 'okay' if there is anything like 'okay' at all. I'm super glad we have a sensible government and good health-care system helping the weakest amongst us so that - until now - we reduce the numbers of people dying from Covid-19. This week and the next one, German people are not allowed to meet in groups larger than two and only necessary shops are open. Hope you are all doing fine and your friends and families are safe!
  6. I mean...it's two dice on her wrist. Just makes sense to me 😂
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