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  1. Not all these white people telling her how to feel about her race. She’s absolutely right. How many black females are big in the industry versus white females? You have Beyoncé, Rihanna (who has been absent for too long), Nicki Minaj, ... and at this point I have to think and stretch to find more. Stop telling black people how they’ve experienced segregation. Her voice is amazing, her song writing skills are stellar, and her choreography is fire. Absolutely no reason she shouldn’t be bigger. Y’all white people just wouldn’t embrace her cause she’s not B or Rihanna. STFU with all your “she’s cute but bye girl” ****. Respect her perspective.
  2. This list is trash. How the hell is Juvenile even on the list?! And how does Kanye get every album of his ranked? This is some biased bulls***t. Definitely some hits though. Mary J got represented pretty well, so did Fiona (but latest album deserved to be featured). How is Folklore not featured but other recent releases are? Alanis and Sheryl Crow only get one album? No Garbage (pretty sure either debut or 2.0 coulda been nominated)? So many misses, I blame Kanye.
  3. Using his own words against him here ... Someone should use a Kickstarter to get that guy a booty!
  4. I absolutely love Jewel. This Way may be my favorite album of hers, but 0304 was a lot of fun while it lasted. I prefer Jewel doing the indie/folk thing, but I obviously love my pop. I don’t do country so I skipped those albums, and the lullaby one as well.
  5. Fiona Apple, Kelly Clarkson, Britney, Mary J, Haim, LDR, to name a few
  6. Brandy is QUEEN and her voice is a treasure. Right Here from Human was a total mood so you’re wrong to not talk about it. Lol.
  7. This post is beyond messy. Domestic violence is not something to be casual about and certainly not for fact-less speculation. Opening this sort of dialogue up to the vitriolic comments exhibited by many exhalers encourages victim shaming and exacerbates PTSD. Please don’t interject your own detective skills about how you feel bruises can appear. You should respect her privacy ... ESPECIALLY if she was indeed attacked ... till she’s ready to speak on it.
  8. Plus the racism and homophobia as well. Girl gets no love from me.
  9. What are you talking about? The expression is "there's a fork in the road". She's not driving over a literal fork on the road. She's coming to a fork in the road. However, your post is full of grammatical AND spelling errors.
  10. Deluxe Version? Honey, you have to sell the standard first.
  11. This is a pretty dope song from Zara. I haven't been too impressed with the singles she's put out since her debut album. Ruin My Life was cute but I felt like musically it never went anywhere. This song has such a sweeping arrangement, it's gorgeous. It's LUSH, Dahling! Anyway, I love the video, too. She looks so good and the dancing is so primal. It's really quite a serve. Gives me Britney dancing in the water during DWAD-teas. She looks gorgeous. Would you say this is disco-inspired? Feels a bit but super subtle and tasteful.
  12. Nicki is 100% a product of Kim's, but for the digital age. I'm tired of hearing about Nicki's # of charting songs. If Kim started her career with such technology, who knows how the numbers would be different. Nicki's chart success is a mix of talent (yes, talent) but also streaming. Kim fought hard for SALES! So stop trying to compare the two by that factor. Kim was charting on Billboard by sales and radio. Nicki took the Kim Blueprint and amplified it for immediate consumption. NICKI IS A PRODUCT OF KIM.
  13. As well it should!! I understand the album wasn't a fun, boppy album. But homegirl had some **** to say, and it's a beautiful album.
  14. I think he and his team just thought "Hey, if Taylor can do it so can I, cause ... "I'm the Man"
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