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  1. would had been great actually when ur eyes its her everytime -1.0 (pre everytime)
  2. in this case brit is an exceptional..coz everybody knows that she lips so maybe it was addressed to bey or jlo
  3. this case is for FBI tbh , why they keep silent, idgi
  4. what u smokin guys, liar can be 5th or 6th single, i'd go with mood ring, it deserved to be the lead single then comes change ur mind and better..would smash the radio tbh
  5. im done with billboard after BO was blocked from #1 spot by their new sudden rules
  6. strange that bomt album couldnt break to #1 spot, neither her all albums wtf UK at least born to make u happy hit the #1 as a single
  7. it was ok, but the promo hyped up then we got this..
  8. its a clear message for fans...dont cry dont wine..take a time to have a life
  9. wow never though of that interesting version
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