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  1. Aside from the issue at hand, the song & the MV is beautiful! Thx for putting me onto her! i think the exec might’ve felt like America wouldn’t fully support her, when I say America I mean corporate America (some Caucasian). Black people want a seat at the table so I don’t see them having a issue with this. But the Caucasian who don’t get the BLM movement might, ha!
  2. They wrote a memo to all staff that they couldn’t wear Black Lives Matter shirts. But they don’t have a problem with LGBQT shirts which is find because they shouldn’t have a issue with it, but what’s issue with the Black lives matter shirt? Ps I’m just using LGBQT as in example I’m apart of the community I’m just trying to make a point.
  3. The interviewer didn’t like that Britney was saying “yes maim” but Britney absolutely right that’s how we are raise in the south, especially Louisiana where we from 😊
  4. My favorite song of all time is Sade “Kiss Of Life” it makes me happy!
  5. Show me when I said anything like that? I state my opinions about her like I do everyone else including Britney! You definitely reaching at this point & it’s kind of creepy.
  6. Is she free? I never seen her drive this much.. but she’s killing her iconic vocals
  7. Girl don’t tag me when you don’t know who’s your idol biggest inspiration She has spoken highly of both, but when it comes to her performance style you see who inspired her most! in this video she said she wanted to be Janet, that’s why you see the influence in her style of performing. I know she like madge to but it’s no comparison who inspired her more
  8. I disagree I feel like certain producers bring out the best of her. Can you imagine if she only work with max on just the first album, we would have never got oops or IUSA. Max, bloodshy&avant, and Danja would always get me excited
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