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  1. 8 minutes ago, ItsDanielBitch said:

    This is complete bs and disrespect to her fan base.  I just don’t get it I am tired of defending her and making up excuses.

    Why  pay to see her walk around and wave her hands while we can get a better show and better energy for free on her IG!

    I wanted to say it, but didn’t want to be Debbie downer this makes me so angry if she rehearsed for 12 hr days & master actual choreography she would slay this was only a one session thing and it was better than all Pom 

  2. 2 minutes ago, it's Benja bitchh! said:

    Honestly, to those of you complaining- I understand where you’re coming from but I went to the show last night (my first Britney show ever) with my bf and we had a BLAST! The show is soooo much better in person and she was very engaging and put on an incredible show. 

    She may not be what she used to be but she’s still one of the best entertainers of our time. Absolutely everyone there that I spoke to had an amazing time and said the same thing.

    I’ve never been to a show in my life where the performer has had that much power in their presence! There was a feeling in the room when she was on stage that I can’t even put into words! I’m so proud of her and I feel we should all give a little more credit. 

    I had the time of my life and she seemed so happy and more “Britney” than I’ve seen from her in a long time! I have a good feeling about the era to come, whatever it may be. 

    We should all take a beat and just let her surprise us! 


    Her presence is still wowing I mean she’s Britney Spears that can’t be taking away! Younger Britney established that, but to say she’s a great entertainer now is absolutely delusional I don’t understand how her team let her do this. It’s really a slap in face to me I’m so angry because I support her through everything, but I can’t & I won’t support this, this is laziness I mean 7 months & you start rehearsing 5 days before the tour wow Britney:nochillbrit:

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