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  1. It’s just so sad to see her family enjoying Easter & she stuck in LA, I’ll think if she was free to leave she would have went to Louisiana & enjoyed Easter with her family
  2. I really wonder if her phone has internet access, she has to know what’s going on? I’m just so confused! Like if she had a phone she can easily say something or give us a sign
  3. How tmz know she has a day pass? This is all paid for & so sad in that video there’s a black suv sitting right there I bet her team is in it
  4. I think she’s referencing being a talk show host, but I loved this pic!!
  5. She’s trolling at this point, she was with Jamie Lynn for Easter activities
  6. Sam Lutfi is not it!!! She’s crying & arguing with him in this video, you guys are dancing with the devil
  7. Ok now I believe the emails are real, if you follow Britney life I remember how piss she was at her family the same people who hated Kevin, but now saying he’s the better parent & they all got together and sent her to rehab. I know that hurt her so much, and the fact she had two children back to back the woman was suffering from post pardon depression. She knew all they was trying to is turn her into a cash cow again this is so unfair I have always felt she’s been cheated out of life
  8. I’m defending this but, they deserve this at that time they wouldn’t leave the woman alone
  9. You kidding right? Just go watch some videos of 2007, one In particular is Britney crying on the curb telling him to leave her the f**k alone!
  10. He’s manipulative I don’t understand why y’all believing him, I really don’t know what’s going on fill me in
  11. Y’all crazy at this moment we are winning, they can’t comeback & just be quiet. This is all over the media they’ Going to have answers theses accusations, so right at this moment the movement is winning
  12. I don’t know if I’m reaching, JL posted a song of the Dixie chicks in her insta story so I went to listen & some lyrics were interesting for example “ there a whole lot of secrets that are going to be heard”