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  1. Omg, I thought I was zoomed in funny. It was just the font change all along I mean... it's aight... I'll get used to it. Something I can't get over is the looking off the screen after starring at white font on a black background ... it hurts my eyes when there's huge texts to read. OH WHALE WHATEVER
  2. https://www.tmz.com/2021/04/08/dmx-life-support-decision-mother-choice-family-praying-miracle/ He's alive
  3. I mean people who have kids see the residency route as a great way for routine. So I can imagine more and more that performers are opting in for this route for balance. I think P!NK would be a great artist to have for a residency. She's so talented. When I saw her at her last tour, I almost fainted, it was so incredible. She performs so well! We can also see that every artist who has had a residency, also takes their residency show on tour. So I'm excited to see her at the residency or when she takes it on tour.
  4. I would love a little clip of her just saying this in a video rather than a caption and a video of her spinning. How on earth is she not dizzy.
  5. The title of this post "There is something really wrong" WELL DUH, SOMETHING HAS BEEN SERIOUSLY WRONG FOR OVER 10 YEARS...
  6. P!NK would have sliced Britney if they performed this live and Britney decided to lip her part LOL
  7. I'm down, who cares! LOL Here she is still selling out shows when we all can't even hear her breathe into the mic. My favourite is when her mic volume is way louder when she interacts with the audience, versus when her vocals are playing. I
  8. Biggest contract? Looks like they're be in the negatives trying to earn the money back for wasting it on a horrendous contract.
  9. Growing up, my family couldn't afford dental care. My parents owned their business so we didn't have benefits. With that being said, my parents came from a place where dental care wasn't really a thing. So I was never forced to actually take care of my teeth. Fast forward 4th year university, I knew I had a cavity for a few years at this point. Again, I didn't do anything about it. It hurt so bad that I had to go tot the dentist. From there, they informed me that I needed a root canal. Let me tell you, the dentist had to use 6-7 needles to numb me cause that hurt. Great, fixed, healed. Fast forward to 2 years ago. I was eating some chicken wings at home, I bit down funny and I felt the same tooth that I had a root canal on like it cracked. I didn't notice anything. The next morning I went to work, I bit down on some bacon, the tooth legit cracked. I went to the mirror and noticed a huge line. At this point, I now have benefits (THANK GOD). I enter the dentist's office for the first time since 4th year. They take out the piece that cracked. 3 days later while I was brushing my teeth, a large portion of the tooth fell off. I was left with a sliver of a tooth stuck in my gums maybe the same thickness of a penny. When I went back to the dentist to get the last piece removed, I was aware that I would probably need an implant. However.... Dentist: "before we even consider the implant we have a lot of pressing issues we need to solve first before we deal with this implant. 1. Your wisdom teeth need to be taken out, they're all growing in funny and impacting your other teeth. 2. On top of your two front teeth, in this xray, you will notice two white squares.. these are extra teeth. You will need braces to make space for these two teeth to come down, once they come down, we will remove it. You will need braces to straighten your smile again 3. Your bite is funny. As you can tell, your overbite is very small. It is causing direct impact to that root canal tooth which caused the crack. We suggest jaw surgery to fix the alignment of you teeth 4. Since your root canal tooth is pretty much dead, that means there is bone loss. We can't just stick a screw in your mouth, we have to insert donor bone. We will need to do a bone graft on you. If the donor bone does not work, we will try again with animal bones, and if not, we will proceed with prosthetic bone. 5. This will be a 2 year process before you will have an actual fake tooth" ____ Great, so I freaked the hell out. I decided that I don't need braces... I mean those two teeth were always there and I didn't even notice, what are the chances that they're going to impact me later (crossing my fingers). Second, I am not getting jaw surgery. So instead I proceeded with my wisdom teeth removal and following through for the procedures of my implant. Let me tell you, it legit takes 2 years if you actually need an implant with a bone graft. Within those 2 years of the process, I was at the dentist almost 18 times. Pretty much 18/24 months I was there getting looked at and checked. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, FLOSS AND BRUSH YOUR TEETH. I do not wish this upon anyone for what I had to go through. But in short, I got my fake tooth 2 weeks ago. It's great
  10. OMG NO WAY Is this over the cheating allegations?
  11. Maybe we don't need anyone to actually host the interview. How it was done on "For the Record" seemed really nice.
  12. I love this album so much. Each song to me is a banger. I would vote to have a 7th single. I'm being serious. Minus Big Fat Bass, I didn't enjoy them pushing that one on us.
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