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  1. I'm down to see Lance bottom. I mean sorry collaborate
  2. I never felt embarrassed. It shaped who I was - I also went to a high school where our Spirit Assemblies were based around pop music. It was crazy
  3. reading this entire discussion I don't know what to believe anymore
  5. It's a tough line to be on as a fan - you want to see her perform but you hate the people behind her.. urg BRITNEY
  6. The media is now starting to feel bad for the conservatorship - this is them half assing an apology to her
  7. Britney, thank you for letting me feel free with your music. Your music let me escape the real world and let my inner heart dance non-stop. I appreciate you. Thank you for letting me scream the lyrics of your songs in my car with the windows down. There have been numerous times when the car beside me also knows the song and jams with me. I hope one day I will get a chance to see you perform again, but whenever you're ready to. I'll be here screaming and crying when that happens. Thank you for your time and heart in this crazy industry
  8. 1:06 - When the curtain opens... oh my god. Literally must be such an amazing feeling for her
  9. Britney Spears - Oops I Did It Again Tour
  10. 3LW - Cheetah Girls - S e x was spectacular
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