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  1. YES! was excited when I just found this thread I've always loved Inna but no one ever really knows who she is much in the UK So many great songs you listed, I also love Wow, Crazy Sexy Wild, Caliente, Endless, Body & The Sun, No Help and Heaven! SHE HAS SO MANY
  2. its only insensitive if you say that the gun shot is a massive thing on tiktok right now. its used in almost every trending mix
  3. well i never said i was famous on there, i'm definitely not lol
  4. I have a full time job, a relationship, a life and i'm making money on tiktok. so i disagree it doesnt take too much time
  5. i'd literally just hastag #moodring #britneyspears #for_you #fyp #xyzbca though i don't use them much personally, they're good to kick start your account though
  6. people say this because they see it as a kids app, but it's really not
  7. Yeah so theres the likes of Charli, addison rae, tony lopez, lil huddy etc - they're the biggest influencers. but theres a whole lot more of course, so if one of those do it, then it blows up instantly For example they all jumped on the baby one more time trend last year The algorithms do show your content to new followers though regardless of your influencer status, and push it out in intervals for as long as its receiving interactions (if that made any sense )
  8. that's totally different types of tiktok creators dancers, or comedy. so for promoting a song, you don't really want a dance post to be comedy
  9. yeah, thats the type of mix that trends fastest on tiktok but the songs always end up charting and the addition of baby will make people recognise it and use the sound, then search for the full version my eyes? aw thank u
  10. haha probably not but hopefully people join for this and get it trending
  11. here we go https://www.tiktok.com/@lordcavell/video/6832324630842248453 duet this, use the sound, do the dance - things spread like wildfire on tiktok so GO (for non tiktok users, this is not intended to be some complex choreo. it's a tiktok style mix I created, with easy tiktok style dance moves that anyone can do)
  12. OK any tik tok users here? I've made a tiktok mix, just putting some moves to it. and we have an attempted trend will post here in a minute. go easy on me ok hahaha
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