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  1. Ellen will give everyone in her audience tickets. Mark my words.
  2. Steel Magnolia

    news She didnt want to do her own songs for carpool karaoke

    Seems like she kinda just...missed the point.
  3. Steel Magnolia

    exhale BRIT <3 GO VEGETARIAN <3

    I eat meat because it tastes delicious. But if I want to build muscle I know that I can find protein and nutrients in any number of substitutes. Meat really isn't required for a healthy diet. In fact, it's actually the opposite once you start to dig into the research.
  4. Steel Magnolia

    exhale BRIT <3 GO VEGETARIAN <3

    I'm not offended. I just think you're wrong. Veganism takes far more inner strength than indulging in a delicious steak. I think meat eaters are actually the weak ones. Myself included!
  5. Steel Magnolia

    exhale BRIT <3 GO VEGETARIAN <3

    So you weren't calling vegans weak? You were the one that wrote it. My apologies if I misunderstood your words.
  6. Steel Magnolia

    exhale BRIT <3 GO VEGETARIAN <3

    I was referring to the pu$$y comment. Why does going vegan make someone weak? (Assuming calling someone the word used to describe female genitalia means you're calling them "weak.") It takes a lot of inner strength to not eat meat. I've tried and failed...meat tastes too damn good! I have the greatest respect for people who can go true vegan. It's really hard. EDIT: And yes, suddenly eating meat is a bad thing because the way we kill the animals we eat has become very inhumane. Factory farming has changed the way we kill them. It's really quite horrifying to watch the videos.
  7. Steel Magnolia

    exhale BRIT <3 GO VEGETARIAN <3

    Isn't it the opposite? Going vegan takes true willpower. Eating meat and giving into your urges takes no willpower whatsoever.
  8. Would it be fair to say that feminism isn't the problem...but that toxic masculinity is?