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  1. This is probably the only way for Britney to verify that Lou isn't stealing off of her. Lou is her Business Manager and is the one who handles her money.
  2. The Make Me video shoot was late July 2016. Glory was released August 26, 2016. The Flaunt issue was released September 15, 2016. The Slumber Party video shoot was October 25, 2016. There's really no telling when the Flaunt shoot actually was...It could have been six months before the Make Me shoot, for all we know.
  3. True... But what I meant was...Was Live Aid the first time that Madonna was given that kind of platform? And where she delivered?
  4. Was this where Madonna the performer was born? Side note: That Michigan accent.
  5. I don't think she's stopped fighting. She's just changed tactics. Refusal to work is a tactic.
  6. Not really. I stopped following the story once more people started following it. It got tiring being one of the few people who believed the conservatorship was wrong, and that Jamie, Lynne, Lou and her whole damn team needed to burn for what they were doing to her. I know what happened in the early years...but I'm not up to date on what's gone on recently.
  7. I've been following this closely since Britney filed her divorce papers, so I watched it all go down in real time. I'm probably one of the oldest members here at 43. I was at X17 at the time, and then moved over to JFXOnline once Jamie filed the conservatorship papers. I didn't become a member here until April 2008. I've been patiently waiting for the day when the rest of the fan base finally clued in.
  8. Wait. Lou met Lynne and JL way earlier than June 2007. Lou was already representing them as early as 2006.
  9. I presumed Britney distanced herself from her mother because her mother, father, Lou, Kevin and Kevin's divorce lawyer, Mark Kaplan, all conspired together to trick her into going into rehab in February 2007. That was the first time she lost physical custody of the boys, and from that moment forward she's never gotten it back.
  10. OMG. Do you remember "Mark Twain" over on JFXOnline during the first months of the conservatorship? He kept asking, "Who is asking the questions?" during FTR. He said somebody should talk to that person.
  11. Everyone needs to re-read Through The Storm. What Lynne doesn't say is more important that what she does.
  12. Exactly! Lutfi was never a physical threat to Britney. To her money and her brand? Yes. To her physical well-being? No. I believe Lou has been working with Lynne as far back as 2006 to try to control the "Britney Brand." They were more concerned about her reputation at the time more than anything. And I believe it was Lou who lined up the endorsement deals for Lynne in May 2007, and Lou who arranged for them to attend Dancing With The Stars alongside him, and they did this because it was Lou who arranged for Lutfi to plant drugs in Britney's mansion three months earlier in February 2007. He helped them force her into rehab, and then when they'd used him for their own purposes they dumped him. I wonder how shocked they were when he turned on them and joined forces with Britney in April 2007 after her release from rehab?
  13. Of course she spun it herself. She was the "Spears Family Spokesman."
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