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  1. At the time, the conservatorship was only supposed to be temporary. I still believe that if it had remained temporary, and concluded prior to the Circus tour, that Britney would have emerged from it with flying colours. At the very most, it should have concluded by the end of the Circus tour. The conservatorship allowed her to be insurable so that she could tour and earn money, it allowed her to see her children, and it provided stability. I have always believed that Jamie told her it would conclude at the end of the Circus tour, and that is why she agreed to go along with the permanent conservatorship in the first place. I will always believe her "crash" or second breakdown occurred between the Circus and FF tours because she realized she had been seriously misled.
  2. This was widely reported at the time by the gossip blogs. Specifically, X17, whose photographers were allowed into her house at the time and would have had close knowledge of her situation.
  3. Eardley... I'm pretty sure I've seen emails from the week leading up to the second 5150 where Lutfi was trying to hire Eardley. And I'm pretty sure Britney knew about the conservatorship coming down the pipe. I believe that is why she stayed up for something like five days straight, chugging Red Bulls — so she could stay awake. She knew they were coming for her, and wanted to remain alert. Streisand... He came before Eardley. Even though Britney may have known about Eardley, I think she realized that Lutfi was an amateur, and that she would be better off to stick with Streisand if that's who her divorce lawyers were recommending. I don't fault Streisand at all for not trying harder to spring her from the conservatorship. A temporary conservatorship could have helped her immensely...if it remained temporary. But by the time it was made permanent, Jamie had cut Britney off from everyone (except Adnan?) and nobody knew how she really felt about it. Johnny Wright... I doubt Britney even knew the payments to him had stopped. That was her business manager's job, not hers. Yes, she would have received the paperwork in November 2007 when he filed his lawsuit, but at the time her mind was consumed with the custody battle...and with the release of Blackout. She'd just performed Gimme More on the MTV Awards...It was a messed up time for her. Sands... Keep in mind, as Kevin's PR guy, Sands had access to a lot of inside dirt. He would have known Mark Vincent Kaplan's strategies, and would have more or less planned Britney's demise in the media (since MVK had stated right on TMZ that his strategy was to allow Britney to conduct herself in a negative way, and then allow the paparazzi to record it). I find it very odd that Sands brought up RICO Act violations...just three months after Johnny Wright separately made allegations about money being diverted to corporate entities in order to avoid paying him. The conservatorship helped to cover all of this up. So why would Jamie want to cover up anything...Unless he was either, a) trying to protect Britney from being charged with a criminal offense, or b) trying to protect himself in some way? It's all just...odd. Very, very odd.
  4. True or not, there are definitely a lot of people who benefit from those drug abuse claims...her father and Kevin Federline being the most important. I wonder if we'll ever hear the truth? Now that it's so far in the past, I have a feeling Britney herself would readily admit if it was true...That is, if she had the opportunity to speak about it.
  5. I get the feeling that Britney never quite understood her rights. And I don't mean throughout the past 12 years...I mean in 2004-2005. She seemed to use the marriages to Jason Alexander and Kevin Federline as a way to escape those pressuring her to constantly keep working and making bank. Did Larry ever suggest to her that she could renegotiate her contract? Did her parents ever suggest to her that she should consult with someone other than Larry for legal advice? It feels like now may be the first time she's ever spoke up for herself in a way that considers the legal ramifications of the decisions she makes about her own career.
  6. Eardley... As far as I know, Eardley didn't contact her until after her second 5150 in February 2008, although I think Lutfi was trying to line it up during the weeks leading up to it since they could all see the conservatorship coming. Eardley also received a phone call from her again in January 2009, but again, that was Lutfi and Adnan getting a cell phone to her so she could make the call. I was always quite content with Adam Streisand attempting to fight for her, since he seemed like a legit lawyer from a high-powered firm who had been referred to Britney by her divorce lawyers. I felt the opposite way about Eardley, due to his association with Lutfi. Johnny Wright... Johnny was her manager. He also managed JT and Janet Jackson. Larry was her co-manager, but was also an entertainment lawyer, so focused more on her contracts (I'm assuming) while Johnny focused on what the public saw. Larry would have learned everything he knew from Johnny, who was already a pro in the business. Neither of them were her business manager -- that role would have fallen to someone else. Britney didn't settle her lawsuit with Johnny until after Jamie took over. That was part of the reason why I was content seeing her in the temporary conservatorship at the time -- she was starting to have a lot of lawsuits pile up, and the longer she avoided them, the worse it was going to get for her. As for timing... The lawsuit with WEG (Johnny's company) has always nagged at me. I've always wondered why she would suddenly stop paying him. It didn't make sense. It had never occurred to me until now that the payments stopped at the time she split from Kevin...and that whoever was doing her accounting during the time she was with Kevin could have continued looting her assets after they parted ways. Johhny even insinuated there was more going on in his court papers. He said that there was a company set up to divert payments (or something similar). I'll have to dig that up to find the precise phrase. EDIT: Here it is... "WEG claims Britney has not accounted for or paid commissions for Zomba advances on LP's 3 and 4 ("In The Zone" and "Greatest Hits"), among other claims. Also, "Upon information and belief, SPEARS and BTI concealed from WEG a series of negotiations and agreements for otherwise commissionable Gross Receipts payable to WEG, thus diverting those commissions to SPEARS directly or indirectly, or to corporate entities whout the knowledge, consent, or agreement of WEG, both before and after the termination Agreement."" This is important because...It may explain the $40-million figure. It also explains why Michael Sands would make those claims...He was Kevin Federline's PR guy, who worked for Mark Vincent Kaplan, who was Kevin's divorce lawyer. "Sands claimed the theft is on a grand scale, involving racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering, and that the theft occurred prior to the conservatorship taking place and continues still." There's something really questionable going on around the entire split from Kevin...The way that Larry was immediately brought back in, and then within three months the entire group of them ganged up on her and forced her into rehab. And then we have Lutfi, who showed up out of nowhere...But Lynne's own book insinuates that it was Lutfi who planted the drugs in Britney's Malibu home to force her into rehab...and Lutfi told Britney's assistant that he was a private investigator working for Kevin Federline. It all circles back to that time period between November 2006 to February 2007. Every damn time.
  7. You're damn right. I think the entire fan base has been looking in the wrong direction all of this time. "Sands claimed the theft is on a grand scale, involving racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering, and that the theft occurred prior to the conservatorship taking place and continues still." https://www.mtv.com/news/1582277/britney-spears-has-been-robbed-her-self-proclaimed-lawyer-insists/ You have to remember, Jon Eardley was the right-hand man of Sam Lutfi. But still. There's also this: https://people.com/crime/britney-spearss-former-manager-i-didnt-want-to-sue/ Who made those payments stop? Question... Did Britney and Kevin share a business manager?
  8. If anything, I believe she may have been taking Adderall (as Paris Hilton and all the big stars were doing at the time). But she had a prescription for it, and used it as an excuse for a dirty drug test earlier in the summer of 2007: https://www.tmz.com/2007/11/15/britney-comes-to-attention-deficit-disorder/ Britney also told doctors during her second 5150 that she'd been taking Adderall. It showed up in news reports at the time, as well as in Lynne's Spears declaration against Lutfi: "I did not see Britney again until I arrived at her house on Wednesday night after Sam called me and told me to come to the house. When we arrived, Britney seemed subdued. The police arrived and took her to the Neuro Psychiatric Institute at UCLA ("NPI"). While at NPI, I l earned that Britney informed her doctor, Lee Sadja, MD, that she had also taken Aderol." Lutfi later claimed during his lawsuit that she was addicted to amphetamines, but didn't appear to name Adderall specifically: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2219930/Britney-Spears-addicted-amphetamines-Says-ex-manager-Sam-Lutfi.html And Adnan appeared to tell the same story a few years later: https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/living-on-a-diet-of-red-bulls-and-adderall-britneys-ex-tells-all/news-story/13bc0392af1ca73b5a6321a193c6840d Was she actually addicted? I don't know. But Jamie sure has leaned hard into it, having Strawberry accompany her on the Circus tour, making sure all of her dancers have been drug-tested, and having security sweep the homes of people like Iggy Azalea. I'm sure he likely still uses it as an excuse for the conservatorship until this day. As for creative control... Britney was still fighting Jive for creative control with Blackout. I believe the M&M's tour and the original Gimme More video with the funeral scene were both an "eff you" to her record company. And she seemed to want to include songs like Rebellion on Blackout, but it didn't make the cut. I've always believed that Britney's fight with Jive played a much bigger role in her unravelling than it is given credit for. It's easy to blame K-Fed and the custody battle, but there was far more going on that was just below the surface.
  9. I've had this article sitting open for a couple of days, because I wanted to add it to my Chronological Timeline thread: "Streisand, who said he was referred to the singer by her custody lawyers at Trope and Trope, had also questioned the expertise of court-appointed co-conservator Andrew Wallet, claiming that he didn't have the expertise to handle the estate or the trust, given that Britney's estate is worth $40 million, encompasses 15 separate entities and is in the middle of a $17 million audit. Streisand had asked the court to instead name Northern Trust Bank and Spears' business manager Howard Grossman as co-conservators. Grossman, who hadn't yet handed over the financial information to Wallet because he didn't know if he was supposed to, said he would be "happy to help" his client and her family in any way." Source: https://www.mtv.com/news/1580917/britney-spears-lawyer-ejected-from-courtroom-after-judge-doesnt-recognize-him-as-her-counsel/ That $40-million figure was well known back in 2008. The court date with Adam Streisand was very well publicized at the time that it happened. Did Britney lie to Streisand? Probably not. She was likely getting that information straight from her business manager, Howard Grossman. Keep in mind, she was sued by Johnny Wright shortly before this occurred because she had stopped paying him "sunset payments" that she contractually owed him. If anything, Grossman could have been misappropriating her funds. But that's just a theory. I have no proof of that whatsoever.
  10. I think she only performed it on the FF tour for a couple of dates before they cut it. The set pieces were big, and the catwalk wasn't always used for all stops on the tour.
  11. I think the first verse is live. She tends to wobble her bottom jaw around when she's singing live (like she does when singing Happy Birthday to LA Reid on X Factor) and she's doing it in this video. The choruses and the bridge appear to be pre-recorded, though.
  12. Those claims about RICO Act violations have always nagged at me. I realize they likely have come straight from Lutfi, since he and Jon Eardley were aligned...But that doesn't make them false. For as wormy as Lutfi is, I can't say I've ever caught him in a lie. Lutfi had an incentive to have Britney freed from the conservatorship via Eardley — that manager's contract that he orally entered into with Britney. But that doesn't make the RICO allegations a lie. The thing about her record contracts...Is that Larry makes a huge cut of her income. I've always wondered if Larry and the entire gang of them pressured her into agreeing to things that she shouldn't have. And I think she's hinted at such many times.
  13. That $40-million figure came from Britney herself, though, via Adam Streisand when he presented in court during the first conservatorship proceedings. He also mentioned a $17-million IRS audit with Jive. Plus, I've never been able to find an article stating the outcome of the lawsuit between Britney and her insurance company over the Onyx Hotel tour cancellation. Her insurance company was refusing to cover it. Either way, $40-million isn't anything to sneeze at, and certainly did not make her "broke" in the way that Jamie and Andrew Wallet liked to portray her as an excuse for creating the conservatorship in the first place.
  14. a) Her Team is notoriously cheap. b) The budget for album promotion is likely pre-determined. c) The original MM video was expensive. d) They had to spend a portion of the budget re-shooting the MM video. e) The album flopped due to a weak lead video. f) Her Team cut their loses.
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