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  1. How about For the record part 2? I'd rather have a documentary with her real emotions than a book. Nobody is gonna read a book these days. It's all about visuals.
  2. so nothing major came from this podcast. Bryan acts like he doesn't know **** about the conservatorship, he sugarcoats the whole thing cause he obviously doesn't want to talk about it, but I did get the impression that he is against it and loves Britney, but just is not really able to talk about it.
  3. haha I know and I've been telling people all day to not get their hopes up, but a part of me a very small part is still hopefull he will come through
  4. Hate to say this but Bryan is NOT gonna reveal anything we wanna hear. That interview is clearly scripted, unless he and Britney planned this, which I doubt. I know we all wanna think that there is ONE decent member left of the Spears family, but Im afraid they're all on a payroll and would do anything to keep that going. At this point I think Britney should just get out of the house, be with Sam and speak publicly. They can't threaten her with her kids anyone, cause they already took them. They also can't threaten with putting her in a facility again, cause the world is watching and speaking out is no reason to be locked up. Murder is!
  5. OMG what I wouldn't give for leaked phone calls between Jamie & Lou from the past month since the GP started getting on the FreeBritney movement.
  6. Girl get it together! she is dead since 2013 and they are using doubles? lol come on.
  7. So this means we have about another month to keep exposing their shady ***** and keep spreading FreeBritney to the public! I'm not giving up on this, if Britney didn't give up for 12 years, we can not give up either.
  8. I love this woman so much! She even liked my tweet when I tagged her and said: "I can't wait for Rose McGowan to orb Britney out of her consevatorship"
  9. This article is clearly paid by team C-ship. How come Britney NEVER showed any signs of mental lines TILL the moment she tried to cut her family out of her life in 2007? Because they started to drug her!
  10. This feels like that episode from Friends: "Was that story over?"
  11. This could mean 2 things! 1. Lynne wants to take over the C-ship and after a few months or a year ask the judge to end the C-ship and set Britney free that way. 2. She wants in on what's left of Britney's estate and doesn't care for her daughter's happiness.
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