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  1. I live in a country that listened to scientists. Worked a treat.
  2. No cases here anymore, so, normalish, other than no tourists because we shut down the border. We had a wee flare up a couple months ago from a citizen returning from the UK, but thats to be expected. I think, we're far less paranoid of our government than other nations are, so we have willingly utilized contact tracing apps and done the lockdowns and whatnot, pretty easy to find the source of an outbreak and contain it. And no, we arent sending people to covid camps like the dailymail would have you believe haha. They get put up in 5 star hotels [ since we have no flipping tourists using them anymore ] until they feel better.
  3. I still think the c-ship was put in place for insurance purposes initially so she could tour etc. Without it I dont think at that point in time people were willing to insure her.
  4. Yeah totally, cash inheritance can be age/function stipulated easy.
  5. People are considered legal adults when they turn 18 here :) You cant forcibly keep their assets from them.
  6. I imagine Jamie Lynn is probably who Kevin has to share custody of the kids with if something happened to Britney. I've got something similar for my kiddo, if I die, custody goes to my brother, and rather than my assets and money falling to my child [ where her father has access ] its in a trust that my brother will oversee on behalf of my kid until she is 18. Might be different in the states.
  7. I didnt even know there were degrees of ****** until just now, I'd have never watched that video and thought "******" You learn something new everyday though. I am foreign and not very clued up on american social culture admittedly, I should probably educate myself a bit more since we all share the same internet these days. ****** where I'm from is like that old school overtly and obviously racist visual. So thats just the image I always had of ******.
  8. Any customer service job is just an awful time in general. In the beauty industry though, its karens as far as the eye can see. There is no escape. They are an infestation. I did have clients I liked. But the majority were definitely people I'd have rather not have embedded in my memories. From people with bad hygiene [ and there were a lot considering the clients were mostly female housewives ] right through to just general ********* who thought their **** didnt stink. If I had a sunnier disposition, the job would have been fine, because like I said, I was very good at it, people would ask for me specifically. But I am not of a sunny disposition and I needed to leave before I ended up telling someone to get ****ed and getting fired.
  9. I have no idea how tax works in the states, I know here people start little short lived projects for the tax write offs.
  10. Massively unpopular opinion. I really dislike the 'Lucky' video.. and also song, I didnt like it when it came out and I still dont like it. The other ones are pretty standard though. Perfume and Oh La La. I watched them one time each. I did my bit contributing a view. I dont need to see them again.
  11. So flipping cute when they dance and they can barely walk haha. My kiddo would dance every time 'I wanna go' came on. Stop everything I need to dance to my jam. I miss that age. Before they could talk.
  12. I liked the Gimme More performance back then. I thought she was drunk at the time though and thats why I liked it haha. Like, '**** you guys I do what I want.' Looking back on it now I dont think she was drunk, but I still like it. She looked badass. Nobody I was in the vicinity of back then ever thought she was fat though. I think it might have just been the media perpetuating that ****ery.
  13. Was a beauty therapist for several years, hated it. Was very very good at my job, but I hated the clients. Oh my god I hated the clients. I cannot state it enough, that job turned me against people in a big way. Spent years as a stay at home mum. Hated it. Glad I did it, but I've never been so bored in my life. Moved into marketing. I also hate that, but slightly less because I mostly just sit in front of the computer now making promotional material and telling clients their vision is great. When its not. Its really not. What an exciting adventure my life has been :P
  14. The news is reporting 2030 here too. I wonder if it is a typo and they're all copy-pasting from the same source.
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