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  1. Wow, no one has looked more unlike Britney than Britney Spears in that pic.
  2. I agree 100%, I've watch it sooooooo many times. I just wish she included Everytime, even if she just stood in the middle of the stage and sang it live.
  3. PrinceAli89

    exhale Britney's 1st Rolling Stone Cover in 1999

    Such an iconic amazing cover, I still remember being 9 years old and begging my mom to buy it for me at Wal-Mart. She was shocked when she saw it but said Britney looks really good so she bought it for me. I have that poster in my room too.
  4. PrinceAli89

    poll Do you like 'Make Me Oooh'

    I've loved it since it came out and still love it today. Her voice is heavenly on it and I applaud her for releasing a non-conventional dance track as her first single. It's a shame it didn't chart higher but at least it went platinum.
  5. I can't with the negativity in this thread. She's already confirmed to People magazine that she is in fact working on her 10th album, just give her time to create her masterpiece and get ready for the new residency. Plenty of artists take long breaks between albums. Also, she just finished the POM Tour. Be patient B-Army, she is coming soon. :) At least we got "Red Hot Lipstick" and "Let Me Take You There" leaks this year and I'm sure "I Have Nothing" will leak eventually and snatch us all bald when it does leak lol. Also, if you want to get technical about it, we have gotten new music EVERY year since she BOMT, whether that's by official release or leaks. Music is music so go and enjoy it. :)