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  1. Oh god this thread has me shook. I am ten years older than my BF. And now Im back to feeling like maybe it’s wrong lmao.
  2. Omg the shoe store that was near my house gave me the life size carboard cutout for these (the picture of her you posted in the denim outfit)...and one day I was rearranging my bedroom and when I picked her up to move her, her head got cut off in my ceiling fan. 😂😂😂
  3. I get that, but at the same time...the dialogue should have been “ending it would result in a new way of life for Britney handling things on her own, so it’s a matter of finding resources and assistance to help her out for a period of time so that the transition is as easy as possible on her.” The way he said it, basically says they aren’t even considering ending it...and he himself said that he thought it was a necessary thing back THEN...so if she doesn’t need it now and they’re keeping it in place because a transition would be too stressful...that’s really pathetic. They could enact a number of resources to guide her and teach her.
  4. The way he talked about JL and Maddie...and then admitted to having a favorite sibling...which wasn’t subtle in the slightest. jesus. He also had to have gotten permission from daddy and Ho-die Montgomery to do this interview. today in #FreeBritney news: we are canceling Lie-yan Spears. Who’s next? 💅🏼
  5. Of course she couldn’t connect. This is suspect AF. That good for nothing judge needs to put her goddam big girl panties on and DEMAND they bring Britney before her...IN PERSON. For ****s sake...she can wear a damn mask.
  6. Two years ago they reported she is struggling because her meds stopped working. Today...she’s still struggling because her meds aren’t working and they’re having trouble finding the right combination. k. She’s Britney ******* Spears...she has access to the best of the best. In two years, they surely would have gotten her stabilized on the right medication. For the sake of it...let’s run with their bull**** and say maybe Britney really is as severely mentally ill as they say...this article is PROOF that this conservatorship isn’t helping her. In their own words, she’s just as bad today as she was 2 years ago. Also, why don’t we ever see her going into medical buildings or anything like that. I guess they could sneak her there, it’s just weird we don’t have any candids in those last two years, where they’ve apparently been desperately trying to find the right medications for her, of her going to see a doctor.
  7. I do think Britney loved Jason. They had been friends for a long time, even prior to 2007/2008. I think it is BEYOND weird that he became co-conservator for a while...and I’d be surprised if that didn’t have a lot to do with their breakup. I think it all seemed very business-y after a while and she probably realized that. He probably did love her too...b was clearly being controlled by her team. Ultimately, he didn’t seem like her type at all...and I’m glad he’s gone, because it got weird as hell when he became conservator.
  8. Don’t let it die because we hit the threshold. Make this huge! I have a feeling their response will be very underwhelming. Probably “this is a private matter that is being cared for by the United States Judicial System” and MAY include “allegations are being looked into by the court system. There is nothing to worry about, Ms. Spears is in good hands.” I can see it now...
  9. I’m really intrigued that he said “if you’re trying to cancel the wrong person”...like....he knows there is someone that else that needs to be canceled!?
  10. Her body is literally starting to SNATCH. She is really toning up. Her smile looks so genuine and (while I am not a fan of her choice in frilly, big sleeved, belly shirts...it’s literally all she wears 😂) this one is actually cute. what’s up with her new thing of walking back and forth and doing the same head tilt, smile, over and over? is this a tiktok thing? Or a Britneyism? I’m old and know nothing of that bs lmao.
  11. LOVE the sound of the new remix. Is it gonna be on iTunes? Love heading the new line...makes it feel like she really did want this whole MR thing and that she is still interested in her career.
  12. I really hope she does have friends and we just don’t get photos of their time together. It’s so sad to think she may be lonely and only have Sam. the last time she was pictured with Laura Lynne, Cortney, and Jansen was for a “girls trip” in Vegas in 2014. So I do hope she still maintains contact with all of them, especially Laura Lynne, since they’re cousins. I’m really sad for Britney. She’s clearly going through something major with the drastic change in her personality. But isn’t the purpose of the conservatorship to help her, protect her, and keep her healthy? So where TF is her conservator(s)!? Why has it been two years and she still seems to be struggling so immensely? I literally hate this whole situation. It’s so scummy...freaking leaches.
  13. I’m confused tho...she’s telling her fans that call her that, that “this is more accurate”...the bee isn’t actually wearing the crown...is she saying she’s NOT Queen B? Like, wouldn’t it have just said “to all my fans that call me Queen B”? I’m confused by the “this is more accurate” bit. Or is she just saying a bee is actually the real queen? Lmfao I need sleep.
  14. I always thought it was shade. She was VERY pressed after the VMA’s. I guess she thought she would be just as talked about afterwards seeing as she was Britney’s “rival” and they finally did something together. But...she wasn’t. She was like a third wheel. She talked MAD **** about Britney and Madonna afterwards, most notably in Blender magazine where she talked about how annoyed she was that Britney and Madonna were both lip-syncing and she was the only one singing live. She did everything in her power, after the fact, to make herself seem like the most authentic, important, person on the stage after she was over-looked by the vast majority of the media. When in reality, it was a tribute to Madonna. She completely missed the point of the performance and this era for her, despite being her musical peak, was atrocious in regards to her attitude.
  15. X Factor was fine. We waited outside for like 5 hours in the smothering southern heat which sucked, but they guaranteed us to be close to the front of the crowd while Britney arrived and walked the carpet. The best part of the experience was waking up the next day and seeing that I sort of photo-bombed Britney and I’m in the background of one of the photos that the photographers took (looking like a stalker might I add 🤣)...closest I’ll probably ever come to meeting her lol. As for the taping of the show...it was fine. She was obviously less chatty with the contestants than the other judges, but she was nice and seemed interested in them. She got up for one contestant and danced while he was singing Ice Ice Baby haha also another contestant sang HIAM (I don’t think it aired on TV) and she seemed to like it (it wasn’t great...but not bad.). Overall I enjoyed the experience. And it was free.
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