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  1. I think that given the nature of this letter, which is well written and thorough, that rather than demanding an end to the conservatorship the demand be for Ingham to step down and give Britney fresh new council of her own choosing. She clearly never wanted him. He is court-appointed...court appointed attorneys are the worst of the worst.
  2. It’s clearly evident he was trying to do something big and it doesn’t surprise me one bit that it was in his head to attempt to one-up Madonna, Britney, and Christina. I highly doubt this stylist is lying. MTV panning to his reacting directly after Britney and Madonna kissed embarrassed tf out of him and he wanted to look like a macho man again. It just makes it all the more worse with this coming to light that not only did he VERY clearly throw Janet under the bus by allowing her to take all the blame and heat for this incident, but he also did it all out of spite for the fact that his ex girlfriend’s performance made him look like a ***** and he wanted to outshine her. It was his song, his lyrics, GUARANTEED his idea to have that moment and Janet simply agreed because “there’s no such thing as bad press”. Well, sadly they failed to one-up M, B, & C. That performance was artistic and tasteful. Same-*** kissing isn’t the same as a bare-a SS titty on national TV. J&J just looked desperate for attention and made fools of themselves. Justin of yesteryear was a bad dude (and I’m still not convinced he’s changed much given he relatively recently cheated on his wife). I’ve always loved Janet, but she’s lying through her teeth about this being an accident. Her breast was intended to be seen. Everyone knows that.
  3. He openly speaks out about the conservatorship, but also talks to her daily. As if her team wouldn’t put an end to that after the first time he spoke? FURTHERMORE Billy, since you read this. Why would you jeopardize your friendship with Britney by not only constantly speaking about her private life and personal matters, but also by basically showing her team “hey we find ways to communicate daily.” Giving them ammo to cease your communications and TAKING AWAY a friendship from her. But we know... If Britney does read exhale, WE LOVE YOU and we fight for you because we know we’d want someone to fight for us if we were in the same position. We are skeptical of everything, especially people that speak FOR you but have no means to back it up. You deserve to speak. No one else has the right to tell your story. You gave so much positivity and love to the world, and you deserve all of that in return.
  4. That entire FFT team photo looks so beyond photoshopped. Like not even just Britney, it looks like they photographed everyone separately (except Adam and Brett) and spliced them all in front of the stage. They butchered Britney’s face..it doesn’t even look like her.
  5. So she can reach out to TMZ to clarify, rather than just...ya know...posting a video or going live herself to address the issue.
  6. I know he’s most likely full of ****, I haven’t followed all the Billy B drama. But isn’t he solid friends with Sam? Didn’t get post a story out to lunch with Sam a couple months ago!m (I could be wrong). If he is close friends with Sam, isn’t it possible he is speaking to Britney from time to time, maybe while she’s with Sam and using his phone? I’m sure this has been brought up, but like I said I haven’t followed the drama with him because he seems like an *** lol. If anyone could let me know if he really is friends with Sam or not, I would appreciate it!
  7. Jayden did not say she would probably quit, he said at one point she said to him “Idk, I might just quit it”...and this was obviously said after she began her hiatus. I’m inclined to believe that she will at some point, but I think it will truly be a VERY long time. Jamie will have to be removed entirely before she does. She obviously talks to Ingham about her career and per court documents, the only thing holding her back from resuming her career is Jamie’s involvement in her life and career decisions. I think it’ll happen one day, but he’s gotta go. And it’s really sad because not only has the California Judicial System stripped this woman of her basic human rights and dignity, she was also stripped of being able to do what she loves.
  8. I think she’s referring to being embarrassed from the media treatment she witnessed in the documentary and the light the media back then cast her in. That’s the only way this makes any sense.
  9. Her way of speaking these days and some of her actions are unusual and that is concerning to me, someone who adores her as if she were my own family...but we don’t know the full story. I almost get sarcastic, “go to the light and see Jesus” Britney in her videos where she’s speaking...so I almost wonder if she purposefully films herself talking the way she does to be sarcastic af. As for the dancing videos, honestly if she had perfect hair and makeup, nobody would say a word. But it’s Britney and she’s never been one to give af about what her hair or makeup looks like in her private time (including Primeney).
  10. I’ve never not liked her music...but this ain’t it LiLo. And her sister needs to not. Lindsay purposefully gave up music to give her sister time to “shine” even though there was no chance Alli would find big success. Lindsay’s first two albums are great and that’s the sounds she should be doing as it suits her voice incredibly. Sucks she wasted so much time and allowed her career to all but completely vanish. I mean I know she had to take time to get sober and healthy, but still...she could’ve had an amazing comeback.
  11. She definitely won’t work if he’s involved at all. Even if he’s not her personal conservator, he’s still her estate conservator and will make bank from Her career. She’s not coming back until he is gone. He’s literally diminishing her will to do what she loves and any judge with an ounce of morals should say “she wants to work, but you’re a problem. We need to find someone new.” Britney’s reasons are completely justified.
  12. I’m starting to think that the version of her we see on her Instagram is her being sarcastic (the “you all have been asking me questions...”). Her IG is the only place where she talks in that strange, almost “go to the light and see Jesus” tone. She sounds normal here.
  13. As someone pointed out, Jive was dead set on Outrageous. Britney fought for the three singles and then agreed to do Outrageous as the fourth after they made a deal to make it the theme song for Catwoman.
  14. How does Brenda Penny not question Jamie stepping down from the conservatorship of Britney’s person for “health reasons”, but not the conservatorship of her estate? As her father, you’d think the conservatorship of her person would be far easier for him to maintain...ya know...you just be a damn parent. regardless, if his “health reasons” were so severe, he should have been completely removed from both and I don’t see how Brenda didn’t question that or even require it. Butttt Penny is very clearly an unintelligent woman/“judge”.
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