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  1. I really think it has a lot to do with what they were trying to do in court...unseal a lot of stuff so as to not have this “family secret” hidden away in the closet and to make it more public.
  2. I still can’t see a documentary called “Framing Britney Spears” being PRO conservatorship.
  3. The timing of this documentary is also leading me to believe she’s involved and wanted this made. She and Samuel wanted this opened to the public and now, here we are, getting this documentary. If Fe is the friend, then I guarantee Britney wanted this done...I don’t think Fe would do something like this without Britney’s blessing.
  4. God I hope not. I don’t think it is though. The title alone “framing Britney Spears” almost makes it seem like they are calling out the conservatorship team. And while the trailer was short af, everything seemed to point at it at least questioning the conservatorship from the mtv guy saying everyone’s motives need to be questioned to the woman (who looks so familiar) asking why she’s still in this.
  5. Wtf lmao. That’s the point of the car...to be silent. Some people don’t like hearing the engine as they drive. Maybe check behind your wheels and **** of you have cats before you back up?
  6. I’m going with Glory because after Blackout and ITZ, you need something more laid back and chill. Also, it’s her most cohesive album since Blackout and you can tell she was feeling it. OIDA honestly is a close second choice though. I’ve been bumping OIDA a lot lately and she served the sass.
  7. I know most of the fan base wanted an actual dance breakdown, but the fight scene gives me life...just wish they had gone with straight hair for that part instead of the soccer mom hair the used for a lot of the FF era lol.
  8. I’m sure her nasty conservatorship team will have the kids sign NDA’s and treat them as Britney’s peers...and treat them much like friends they allow into her life...wouldn’t surprise me if team con were to forbid significant contact between Britney and the kids.
  9. There have always been rumors about Kanye‘s ***uality and him potentially being closeted gay or bi***ual. I don’t think it’s too farfetched. Sad though for Kim, if it’s true.
  10. Whether his idea completely or not, the part that makes the video EVERYTHING is the nude glamour shots. Edgy, ****, sensual. I could watch the entire video without all the rest.
  11. First off, the lies. What therapist would turn someone away...kind of against their job. Second off, are we supposed to feel bad for her? If I could roll my eyes any harder they would fall out of my head. She clearly hates her sister’s fans, and that’s sad...because with all the craziness, she should know it’s because we love Britney and we are fighting for her rights. If she loves her sister so much, she should be thankful SOMEONE (let alone a bunch of total strangers) are sticking up for her.
  12. Anyone care to let us know what the damn show is about!? Lmao. This ***** still trying to date on reality tv!? Lmao This was really absurd and disrespectful af.
  13. LoL Anderson Cooper is such a stupid *****. Yeah, clearly she was being sarcastic about the CNN comment. The way a grown man, such as himself, can have such a demeaning attitude towards a young woman half his age is gross.
  14. That she was never a celeb who stepped outside to run daily errands in full makeup, amazing hair, and a perfect outfit. The disheveled hair and mismatched outfits are not a product of her conservatorship. Lmao
  15. All of them are good singles for one reason or another. Criminal could have been huge if it was promoted properly and done well. I’m picking IWG, because the song is def not my fav and I actually hate the music video, simply because of the car scene with the ugly bikini top and her crazy morphing body. The editing to her body was done so poorly and was unnecessary.
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