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  1. I agree with most of you it has to be: Born To Make You Happy Im Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman My Prerogative Do Somethin Someday (I Will Understand) Radar
  2. tHey Guys! Thought of a fun game to play, so basically all you have to do is compile the what would be for you the best Britney Album, what would be that flawless album that you would never skip a song. Lets make it realistic guys, so no more than 17 tracks (including bonus track) You can choose any song from her albums and B Sides. And you can also add the album cover you think best suits your album I’ll go first 1. Oops...I Did It Again 2. (You Drive Me) Crazy 3. Overprotected 4. Break the Ice 5. And Then We Kiss 6. Lucky 7. The Hook Up 8. I Will Be There 9. I’m Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman 10. (I Got That) Boom Boom 11. Do You Wanna Come Over 12. Everytime 13. Mona Lisa Bonus Track 14. Me Against the Music 15. You Got It All
  3. She was my crush growing up, I love all of her songs. LOVE ME FOR ME is such a powerful song, should have been a single and get the right attention. https://youtu.be/8CWVsB3qAv0 Sadly she became such an underrated artist and was overshadowed by other artists during her peak. I remember thinking she was gonna be the next Britney, specially when she started doing those Mall concerts! So iconic
  4. Shakira never disappoints all of her albums have massive hits
  5. Chris Evans accidentally shared a picture of his 🍆 in an Instagram story. He quickly deleted the story, but the Internet is forever. At the time of posting, his name was trending on Twitter. Update: He responded I expect nothing less from this class act. America's D.
  6. Do you have any favorites? These are my absolute guilty pleasure favorites from the channel We Own The Night (Zombies 2) Lemonade Mouth (The whole album) Strut (The Cheetah Girls 2) I Can’t Wait (Hilary Duff for Lizzie McGuire) Share your favs
  7. 1. Me Against the Music 2. Oops I Did It Again 3. Someday (I Will Understand) 4. My Prerogative 5. Gimme More 6. Baby One More Time 7. I’m a Slave 4U 8. Hold It Against Me 9. Womanizer 10. Make Me 11. 3 12. Work *****
  8. I forgot About Brett existence! Whatever happened to her? Is she a fundamental piece in this whole case?
  9. Didn’t she already post the same video but with a different song?
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