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  1. This is an interesting time. I hope most of you are right with all my heart. I think her team has cut her some what loose. So she either will sink or drowned. I really hope she isn’t as bad as they let on or 2007ney may make an appearance and team Britney will solidify that cship for life. I sort of feel like they either will go to jail or they are going to let Britney hit crash bottom to prove a point. Im happy she looks great recently and I pray it continues. Crosses fingers.
  2. I mean regardless of what anyone really believes companies will probably have doubts on her stability from here on out. Not to mention fans weren’t on board before for Vegas...they won’t be now neither.
  3. I love the concept they are going with.
  4. I agree. This era is doing nothing for me. Extra disappointing because RH literally is in my top three albums of hers.
  5. I love the whole look! Its the lips that need to be stopped pronto. I’m excited to see what xtina delivers.
  6. Her doin time cover slays Lana holding down the fort with great music
  7. We see 20 second videos of probably her most energetic times. Her shows are two hrs so I mean...most fans used to find the best 29 seconds of Pom and say she was her prime while the rest of the show was FFT. I think Britney does try but she just can’t. Probably because of medication. I think her dosages were probably really low during BBMA etc. It’s possible they tried to get her off of the meds and maybe didn’t go well which is why she has good legs and terrible legs. Her team is obviously still the same or we would get nothing or different Instagram posts.
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