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  1. Spearsfan

    tour Belgian press

    Most ppl don’t know that though...,
  2. Spearsfan

    event Ariana Sweetener Thread

    Is it poppy? Or r&b? Or a mix
  3. Spearsfan

    other Is Beyonce pregnant?

    That is normal.
  4. Spearsfan

    news Nope. Britney And Sam Did Not Break Up

    She did just have a spread about how great her love life is that’s on stands now. So I mean together or not, they will be seen together for a bit. I think they are still together for real but she has been acting strange.
  5. Why would she have to pay for it? Doesn’t make sense to me.
  6. I love girl groups. I even liked 5H. So many girls, means lots of drama.
  7. Spearsfan

    other Is Beyonce pregnant?

    I don’t think we are looking at the same pic? She looks fine. Rihanna is going to look amazing in anything. She is built like a model.
  8. Spearsfan

    socialney Britney And Sam Asghari Broke Up: Rumor

    Where did the rumors start that they broke up? Was it because she is moody? I cant remember but she obviously needs some normal guy. Maybe a plumber or something...
  9. Spearsfan

    exhale Do you still STAN Britney?

    I love her music but it doesn’t seem to even be a priority. She used to be one of my main inspirations but honestly I’m starting to doubt she even is a good person. She seems pretty selfish these days. Like it’s that bad. Yikes. A good chunk of us have been stans from BOMT so I’m sick of ppl brushing everything to the side. We are the most loyal....it didn’t happen over night and there is a reason 90% of us are upset. Who wants to see someone that helped you through 19 years with her music basically become just a hot body when she was a smart, talented, and seemed to be caring person. It’s hard.
  10. Spearsfan

    tour What Was Your Reaction to the FFT

    Let me rewatch the FFT and I’ll tell you. Britney the performer was bad than and is still bad now. FFT was Like a slow-mo take. Everything was very stiff and she looked zombie like. Now it’s like she drank 10 quick Energy, five red bull, and is late for the appointment of her life with jazz hands and still is stiff. FFT at least had some outfits that made major sense to the songs. UND, Amy, Boys, LAL. The interludes and props went well and made sense.
  11. Spearsfan

    socialney Britney And Sam Asghari Broke Up: Rumor

    I could honestly see that. Most of her relationships have alluded to the guy not giving her attention. If you want attention 24/7 it’s unrealistic and not normal