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  1. Not really. Ariana just got a solo number 1. Halsey doing good solo.
  2. They did. I only know who these ppl are from this site. I couldn’t tell you one song. This will do nothing For Britney in the US
  3. Spearsfan

    Normani And 6lack Team Up On Icy New Song, "Waves"

    This song is a bop!
  4. The pop females that are doing good right now are mostly solo tracks. So it isn’t a must. Not saying Britney is anywhere near as popular anymore. The other collabs did nothing so why keep doing them.
  5. Collabs aren’t even a must anymore. Please stop team Britney
  6. That dancebreak is everything
  7. Spearsfan

    socialney Was Chaotic the Beginning of the End?

    Yeah and I looked again today her tickets are still doing terrible. So that’s good. Yeah I agree if Vegas was good I wouldn’t care that she was there but it has been terrible
  8. Spearsfan

    music i'm just realising

    She currently is a flop but I can hope.
  9. Xmas is Mariah’s holiday. May she rise. I love Britney’s Xmas song. I wish she would make a new one. I’ve been saying this for the last decade.
  10. Toxic is her Thriller. Slay.
  11. Spearsfan

    exhale Your Dream Brit Interview

    2017 Reality: Q: Britney, how do you think your current career is going? A: I think it’s the best it’s been. Im doing Vegas so all my fans can travel and see me. I’m singing the whole show live and it’s really cool. Q: How about new music? A: Like my manager has said many times, I don’t need new music for Vegas. Fans just like the old stuff but we are making is fresh and cool with some new urban beats. Q: Will there be more fan interaction this show? A: Yeah, we are going to bring ‘a fan’ up for a number and I will dominate them. 2018 Reality: Questions??? Britney: * blinks* *Leaves*
  12. Idk what I’m looking at. $2 million isn’t a lot for how big Britney was, just proving she was getting low on money. No one disagrees that her team are milking her. They are...
  13. I hope she comes to Summerfest. Crossing my fingers. Please xtina. im seeing Bring Me The Horizon, Ariana, Backstreet Boys and my fav band announced their new album for summer so they will tour. Next year may suck but I’ll be singing the whole year. I’m so pumped
  14. I will agree with you there. It also was in the past. She is rolling in the money now