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  1. She isn’t lying but that being said why even bring up Britney when she is away from music. Its not needed.
  2. Vinyl has surpassed CDs for a few years now. If young ppl didn’t buy vinyl they wouldn’t make vinyl of new artists.
  3. No one is forcing anyone to buy vinyl or the cassettes. Just don’t buy them. Oops, Baby, and both Glory albums are released everywhere...so those should be different if you think the audio is bad.
  4. How can you say next when literally her not wanting to do certain things during her career/life is why free Britney is a thing...To make her own mind.
  5. Don’t buy the vinyls then.... Compared to what a lot of fans supported over these years it’s literally nothing. We all knew the meet and greets were forced but fans didn’t boycott those and you could see she was was miserable. I don’t even think those ppl should feel bad. They wanted to meet their idol. I think Britney could care less if you support these releases or not...she doesn’t hate money and she doesn’t hate her fans. She still is living a good life because of her fans. This is all about her issues with Jaime and control and nothing more.
  6. I don’t think Gaga’s was bigger. TFM was her biggest peak but Britney was everywhere In her peak. Dolls, costumes, tv, awards. If anything Taylor literally has held and had the biggest peak of any pop artist in my life. I personally find her basic. I will never understand
  7. I feel like you get what I’m saying. I think Britney still has some interest but I don’t think it’s with young ppl and young ppl are more likely to have their artists on Netflix than Britney... is all I’m saying. It wasn’t just a doc mentioned. Ppl we’re talking first about old docs and concerts which is very unlikely since they pay for their own new ones. They normally focus on the current generation. Anyways I said what I said because fans were upset that Britney’s case isn’t being talked about mainstream. Which one can say is because ppl aren’t as empathic or interested. Probably because Britney doesn’t say anything. That being said if Britney herself literally was raw talking about 2007, mental health, and her cship I could see that having interest. I just feel like Britney fans overall have found it hard to grasp that Britney isn’t looked at as that big pop star anymore. Some of the things they say just don’t make sense. Britney still can sell pretty good with her fan base. Vinyls etc even with all the drama. I just think some of the hopes and dreams are too much with what we have.
  8. More so than Shawn Mendes... I’m getting old and out of touch but he normally does really good. Wasn't Paris on YouTube? I could see that for Britney more than Netflix. All the docs have been for the it ppl and Beyoncé for Netflix and Disney.
  9. I will never understand how she gets nominated so much... Like she is talented but the stuff they nominated her for is unreal most of the time.
  10. Because Netflix pays artists that they think will bring in more consumers. Come on guys... we need to be realistic. The ‘it’ ppl are getting docs. We are in 2020 not 2008.
  11. I agree there are sketchy things happening. We also don’t know how much her lifestyle was and is today so it isn’t impossible that she has gone through a lot of money. It was rumored a lot she was in financial problems in 2007. Which is why I focused on later because she doubled her early income. I think Britney’s lawyer now will track down what happened with all her finances? If they are legit or not.
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