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  1. There isn’t anyone to rival that honestly is one of the reasons she is so successful. Ppl want fun pop and she is one of the few delivering that In a quality way. Say the old popstars delivered I don’t think she would be as huge.
  2. I honestly think Britney loved PG tbh Tbh with how messy the announcement was I think they knew it was never gonna happen at that point. I think team Britney really wanted to do Vegas again but knew most fans were against it so they’ve were aware it may need to get cancelled. Same with Britney. She seemed really off last year. Jaime runs her business stuff so he is a good reason to use also. For the cancellation and to make Britney look good instead of bad for cancelling. I’m sure she wanted family time as well. So it really was a win-win. The thing is where do they go from here. I really don’t know.
  3. The op clearly said all the ticket sales aren’t up and I don’t see Paris so... do you have receipts on if that person is wrong that were at the show?
  4. Bieber and Taylor were huge spectacles in the US for awhile so they are mentioned as the biggest post Britney and Gaga. The problem is they both lack huge parts of the package which is why I put them after the mains. They had/have moments that reached levels of those mentioned but never overall. Bieber was probably the closest to have 2007 Britney private life chaos as Britney. He had his face on everything for awhile there. Taylor is an unstoppable chart topper and music hype machine. Like how Gaga and Britney were. Everyone is always in anticipation of what music she will release next. I really wish a new pop female would shock it up but I don’t see it happenings
  5. I do think Britney wants to just have kids and retire but maybe she realizes it’s for the best that she doesn’t have more kids
  6. I deff think Gaga is bigger WW but in the US Taylor will go down as one of the best selling artists in the US ever even her career is all said and done. I don’t understand her hype but it’s pretty huge. Gaga was a phenomenon though for her first three eras.
  7. Honestly I don’t think they should bring greatness back unless Britney will equal the quality or make it better and oops was so good I rather they not tarnish my memory of it. For example the FFT guitar was brought back and I actually thought she did it justice for I love rock n roll. Which is one of the few compliments I’ll give Pom.
  8. Spearsfan

    other Designer-ney

    V magazine is literally one of my all time favs. I wish I would have got a second issue so I could frame that cover pic and drool over it often.
  9. I wasn’t alive when Madonna was in her peak so I can’t even fathom tbh Same with MJ... Britney Gaga Bieber and Taylor Are the only solo artists (pop scale: I’m not counting Adele because pop culture impact wasn’t ther) in my life that were huge huge... Britney was overall the biggest recently but I don’t think she was bigger than Madonna or MJ. Madonna is that bitch. She has been going strong for so long and seems to be no where near done. Britney’s prime lasted for About 4 years. Madonna literally didn’t hit a wall until about when Britney’s peak ended. There really is no comparing tbh
  10. Honestly I still bop to this album often.
  11. She isn’t consistent though. 2018 was a huge step back. Which may show something is going on for her drastic changes from one day to another. If Britney would have literally came back during Circus like her prime self she would literally have everyone saying the cship is a fraud but that isn’t the case.
  12. Spearsfan

    other Britney's Bohemian Rhapsody

    Britney wouldn’t want this... If she ever becomes confident with herself or she is retired for awhile then I would be more for it. Why try to force Britney to confront things she clearly isn’t okay with
  13. Spearsfan

    event She's been spotted!!!

    First thing that came to mind was a Trump. Hilton’s were big supporters. I dont think Britney associates with the Hilton’s anymore