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  1. I’m still pressed that she didn’t release a vinyl with that amazing cover. The basic ones she released... I can’t. I can’t believe it’s been a year since it came out. Music eras are so lame now...we have to be fair it did release right as covid really hit. Not much she could do.
  2. It doesn’t matter to me either way. I don’t know why ppl get worked up either way. Ppl can like him or dislike him. I hope he is genuine.
  3. So jealous of her hardcore fans. I do like Fearless so it should be an interesting listen.
  4. I hope for the best because Britney does deserve someone great. I personally just don’t get that from Sam. I hope I’m wrong.
  5. I think the problem is not the makeup itself but that Britney now does it all herself and she isn’t good at it. So the less makeup looks best now because she is naturally pretty. This also but I think she still can look great with dark makeup when applied right with brows and foundation.
  6. I don’t see why she would need one if she is just writing. It’s not like she was around her.
  7. I think they are cheap all around. They don’t want to pay big names for Britney but also want to promote their little artists.
  8. He knew what he was doing. He just won’t admit it. Britney smiling and happy won’t get them a good pay day. He just didn’t want to admit to being a bad person. I disagree. Britney picked Kevin because he was fun and perfect. He literally followed her around with no care or responsibility. I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew Britney needed help when he met her and pushed her to break on purpose. Look at how the kids view him... they are inspired by him and he barely had a job. While Britney is the pop princess and they mention how she makes bank. When ppl bring up Kevin I just get mad. He is a huge parasite like Jaime... ppl forgive him because of the kids?
  9. I personally think it’s a reach. She did work with the ‘it’ ppl when she was doing really well. Also Jive treated her like the queen she is. Once she switched to RCA and her numbers weren’t doing the same she started working with the cheaper artists that were label mates. Taylor isn’t going to collab with her... let’s be real. She thinks she is above Britney. Beyonce is barely working herself and when she does it’s to help promote POC and their experiences. So Britney won’t fit.
  10. You literally named Nicki with not being a collab... when she was. Ignored Iggy, Rihanna, and G-Eazy. We know they are super controlling. They bring attention to themselves with how controlling they are. I don’t think the NDA has any relation to who Britney collabs with because most collabs are done separate from each other anyways.
  11. Besides Gaga the others don’t make sense. She did have Nicki on the remix and she did S&M with Rihanna. So that isn’t true. Also The little artists have said how weird her team was... during FFT was it “The Wanted”? Said they couldn’t look Britney in the eyes and had to face the wall when she walked by.
  12. I think this is Britney as well. Fans want Britney to be free and do stuff she wants. Also they forget Britney likes weird stuff and she thinks some things look good when they don’t. Example: Walking barefoot Panda makeup/messy hair Weird mom dancing videos. None of those things are that wild in my mind but let’s be real it can look “weird” because she is a celeb. I don’t think her team is behind these things. I know this because she did all this before as well. Britney isn’t the glammed up and always on point celeb anymore.
  13. I don’t even see it anymore. That album is pretty bad. I see a cool Bionic one though!
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