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  1. I feel like she is going to have to say something if she/them want her career to go on. I feel like the elephant has gotten louder this year and something will have to be said
  2. That’s what im afraid of. We as fans don’t really know what is going on with her. We as a society believe everyone should be free to make their own decisions even if they aren’t mentally capable. Why winter always has a dozen or so death of homeless.
  3. Wishing her well and being a public figure is much different than her music doing well. Which compared to her other peers she has hit a wall. Glory is solid but it deff didn’t do that well regardless of what fan excuses will be used. They need a new idea to expand or a new look/sound.
  4. Honestly she should do any interview on a talk show unfiltered and say how she feels. Like they have done it to themselves by sheltering her and leading her all these years...
  5. You guys are optimistic that we even will ever get new music. Like I really don’t see how it would do well with most fans saying they will boycott. Plus she is gone too long now and hype has died with the new pop artists taking over. Regardless what fans think her company will want success. I want new music but tbh the whole thing seems like a mess when I think about it. Unless they ignore us and go for GP in that case we will get baby voice and probably a collab. I think she should take lessons as well and maybe do some writing camps. That is saying music is her current passion which is debatable since last we heard she wanted to quit from her son.
  6. I feel like some, not all came from lack of involvement and motivation. BJ being the main one... she just showed up for a bit and than refused to go back and record more so they used Myah to fulfill contract. FF I don’t hear it as much. A few of the songs during that time she sounded really nasally and sick. She was off that era as well so some help isn’t shocking Honestly they have been going downhill for years. Glory was great music wise but everything else was a mess and I feel like it was just leading to this mess that we are in now. I really don’t see how they can come back from her personal life to the lack of music hype. They should just let Britney led her life normal and conserve her money.
  7. I hope Gaga wins all the categories she is in. Literally she is the only pop artist that is making music currently that I like.
  8. Personally I think it reeks desperation. Chromatica is my fav album of the year but I can tell she wanted success. If it’s a good song the length of the song won’t matter.
  9. We can push for Britney to control her own life without lying and being dramatic. She is not forced to stay in her house. She has been going on vacations and going out and about for years. Saying stuff that can be disputed just makes the fans look crazy and gives them reason to brush freebritney off.
  10. I never realized so many ppl liked Taylor on here before.
  11. She has been pressed about Britney for awhile. Wasn’t she the HIAM double? I thought she was. I mean she isn’t completely lying. Myah did sing on songs. I feel like she always has been jealous of Britney’s success
  12. I really like the verses a lot but chorus is just not it imo
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