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  1. There isn’t an major evidence. She hasn’t been obsessing about him like she normally is. Which Britney and her team are easy to read since they never change their ways. I see ppl talking about how she wants to be private but the only thing they hype up these days is Sam and her kids. It’s been lacking in the Sam front besides a tbt that easily could be to make it seem they are still together.
  2. I didn’t say I think this is totally true but she deff isn’t as clean as ppl are claiming. I highly doubt that she cleans her house. Her house is clean because of her cleaning ppl. I don’t think so. The member that said that is a sane fan.
  3. There literally is a fan on here that confirmed that is how Britney is. There was stains on the outfits of Pom. Clothes thrown around backstage, bra in cheese dip, shoes every where. It was on a backstage tour. Idk why ppl act like Britney is a very clean person when she isn’t.
  4. I don’t think she got the proper treatment. Maybe she wasn’t down to talk about her past though. Doesn’t see. Like something she would want to do.
  5. Same. Team Britney just did a Spread about how her life is going great because she has Sam. They don’t want to ruin the illusion
  6. Spearsfan

    socialney I think Britney and Sam broke up for real

    His ex said that is what he does. And He got articles and a lead in a movie so....
  7. Spearsfan

    tour Let’s talk about Onyx.

    I think with all the tours but circus they did good for promoting the album. Circus they had to promote two albums so I get it but the theme was so strong so it did it’s job either way.
  8. Spearsfan

    tour New 2019 residency ideas

  9. Spearsfan

    other Britney Being A MOOD!

    This is literally posted every week. I never get tired of her bodyguard just being so focused. Lol