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  1. We know that Brit is a big Janet fan and I read somewhere that the first concert she attended was Janet’s Velvet Rope Tour. Does anyone know if this is true, and if so, which date she attended the tour?
  2. Just go in there and give her a big smile. She clearly gets nervous meeting new people, so just try and be nice and calm and put her at ease. It will be amazing. Have a great time!
  3. So, I saw the show in Manchester last week and LOVED it. We decided to buy tickets for the upcoming show in Birmingham next Friday, but looking at the ticket sales on Ticketmaster and also the venue website, The Ticket Factory, it appears that there are a LOT of tickets left. I'm now a little worried that the show may get pulled. Would it have been pulled by now? Thoughts?
  4. I really enjoyed the show, it wasn't as spectacular as the Circus Tour (which blew my mind!), but I liked it a lot. I was just a bit concerned for Brit, because she looked very sedated. It was clearly the medication she was taking at the time, as she was sedated and zombie like throughout the Femme Fatale promo and then tour.
  5. I saw the show in Manchester on Saturday night and was close to the stage. I loved the show and Britney was definitely killing it with her dance moves, but something seemed off with her. I too can't understand why she puts her hair in the ponytail, because it clearly causes her some anxiety, because she must have tightened it about 30 times throughout the show. I also am slightly concerned that she doesn't always seem to know what city she is playing in. I clearly saw her ask one of the dancers where they were, and by the sound of it, she seems to do this every night of the tour so far. I understand that touring can become like ''groundhog day'', however she should know where in the world she is. It's not like she turns up at the venue five minutes before showtime, she usually arrives at around 4.30pm to do soundcheck, make up, food and meet and greets with fans. I just hope that everything is ok with her and that her team around her are looking after her.
  6. Thank you so much. Are they selling tour programmes?
  7. I'm off to the Manchester show next week and, was wondering if anyone that had already seen the show could let me know what merchandise is sold at the show, and prices?
  8. Hi guys, Did Britney attend Janet’s Rock With You Tour in LA in 2008? I was listening to a recording of the show and I’m sure Janet shouts “Hey Brit!”. I remember seeing something about her attending the show, but can’t find anything online?
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