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  1. Lol and I feel sorry for your lack of education and empathy. Bye Felicia.
  2. Thank you guys for your response. I cancelled my order and got a refund, thats what they get by doing a shitty work. I Will get the vinyl on Amazon now.
  3. Hey guys! I bought the Baby One More Time picture disc + t-shirt bundle from the official store back on October 20th and I was told by email that the vinyl shipping was going to be delayed a week. It was supposed to ship on November 19th and I was told by a generic email that my order was delayed until November 26th due to backorder, and its currently December 9th and it hasn't shipped. I sent them an email a couple days ago and they keep copy pasting the same thing, that the vinyl is on backorder and they are expected to ship "soon". Does anybody else has the same problem?. I'm from the South America by the way. Thank you!.
  4. Better quality audio unpitched! http://picosong.com/wkJre/
  5. Who wanted more BOMT album Instrumentals? There you go! https://mega.nz/#!ktJXWLLJ!MmuPeQHG0-QW8E8E1r8nDOBWcXuz50UDBxdXGI3pqyw
  6. Enjoy! :D https://mega.nz/#!QkQjULpQ!oNWvoFRSKYFSBO1Ky6jIuLJdUtE9umUw2OCbqvzBKi4
  7. Mine hasn't shipped yet, it says "processing" as the order status. Does anybody have the same problem?
  8. OMG you know her? LOL I'm from Uruguay, I will see her live next month doing a Gilda tribute live
  9. You bitch, I like you I did my best with what I had, so whatever LOL. The mix volume of the audios that leaked are horrid, so I get your point, but I can't change that cause I don't have the stems.
  10. It's difficult to work with those leaked stems. But maybe you can give it a try and do something perfectly mixed?
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