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  1. So, I agree about many things. Taylor has definitely become interesting for me for her musical evolution. Katy has been stuck in some sort of weird "Avril Lavigne" syndrome of never moving away from the persona she first presented. She Def feels like a product that couldn't find her way. I also have to agree, outside of the US and specially in non- English speaking countries, Taylor is not that major. Anyways, I have read alll answers so far. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and memes!!
  2. I am not a lawyer, therefore, I won't pretend I am a super expert. Having said that, I am well aware there are various other options to help stabilize a person in great risk that don't mean canceling her adulthood and most of her rights. There are court mandated psych treatments, medications, temporary hospitalizations. They had so many options that could have helped her instead of taking her entire life away. Regarding the question some asked on why she may have accepted, although nobody knows for sure, I do think that a combination of manipulation, fear, the love of her kids and a lot of ignorance drove her to agree to it.
  3. So, this is for fun, I am not even a big fan of either one, but after Katy's big moment at Inaguratuon day I was wondering (yes, I know Taylor has sold more records)who do you think is "bigger"? More famous? I like what Taylor did in the last two records and I have hated Kathy's last two. So, right now, I have enjoyed Taylor's evolution way more, but pre-Folklore, I found Taylor very boring and in general I thought Katy was, for a long time, more internationally popular and recognized. Plus, she has done the Superbowl and some major things. I mean, I don't know. Would you say they are equally famous?
  4. He is disturbed. A look at his Instagram is enough (and trust me, I am aware it's not everyday that you can see psychopathy oozing out of an Instagram feed, but in his case, it's really there) to see the man has something different in him and not of the positive kind
  5. I see your point and I agree, but wouldn't it be amazingly wonderful to be surprised by someone kind instead of an entitled *****? I dunno.
  6. I will never understand what is legendary about a person being a total douchebag. She obviously has issues with being idied as "Madonna`s daughter", but why the assholeness? Stupid idiot.
  7. I like a good mktng strategy, except when it's not good and ducking obvious. And also, juicing the Swift train. And how pathetic to be pseudo fighting over a dude. Just no. I liked the song. They have to stop this lame *** trick.
  8. I agree for the most part. It's a bit odd for something like this to happen organically to someone completely unknown. Billy Eilish's story was a bit more believable. It slowly grew for at least a year. There are little giveaways that reveal, at least, that she had huge support. For example, the budget for her video is clearly not small. Compare it to other artistss' first videos and the difference is clear Now, the song is pretty good, I definitely think it is not unique or innovative, but it's good. The thing is, I can think of 3 other artists that have had equally good and powerful songs, if not better, that have been completely ignored. And I mean really talented people (not saying Olivia is not. She seems to be skilled.) As for what you say about that love triangle, I totally agree, it seems soooo planned. It is definitely a page out of the Taylor Swift very annoying, but extremely effective marketing moves. Give people a victim with a story that your cousin could be telling you over the phone, while you remember your own tragedy while listening and bam! You got a good mktng plan. Anyways, although I really don't hate on her success, it seems strangely strategic?
  9. I am totally gonna get my nose where I am not invited. I am just going to say I am very much against artists (or anyone) bullying or mocking other people. For instance, I really think Katy Perry hit a low when she made fun of one of Britney's lowest points. Not for being Britney, but for being human and one clearly struggling. But I constantly see people hating artists for even mentioning other artist's professional lows. I am by no means a fan of Gaga, but I am not a detractor either. There have been times when I find her annoying and times when I find her lovely. My point is beyond her. Britney has been amazing, but she has also been mediocre, and fans or people bringing that up is not necessarily a hateful thing to do. I think people don't have to love your work or the work of the celebs you adore to be nice. I mean, Brit used to be so mesmerizing and I never stopped saying that, but I also have said that her performance quality in her Vegas residency was just not it. And I understand the he'll she has been true, but one can see the flaws and not be a hater or anything like that. Well, nosy me leaves a conversation uninvited. Kindest regards.
  10. I absolutely agree. She was one of the the most famous people in the world in that era. And I mean, top 5 if not the most for about 2 years.
  11. I agree. I mean, might be true, but this sounds a bit iffy and awfully convenient
  12. I really enjoyed it. Great interview, @Jordan Miller. Both of you were truly gracious, humble and authentic. Lovely.
  13. Wow. Someone should tell her about mental health. This is not only stupid, it's...
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