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  1. Thank you for your answer. I heard about it literally being on fire, but with this psycho woman, you never know. I hope baby Jesus can forgive her.
  2. Ohhh dang, I am super sorry the world lost such an amazing, caring, generous human being. We lost a wonderful racist, who repeatedly and publicly degraded women, overweight people, and whoever he felt was below him. A man who, like the beloved oldie Queen HM (and the whole freaking institution, really) has covered her entitled ped****e son's atrocities. My heart aches for this huge loss. He was the epitome of rancid and twisted beliefs of superiority so, good bye my man. You will be missed. But certainly not by me and many who actually know a bit of history and know the blood and exploitation that feeds and has fed the wonderful institution you were a part of.
  3. How dare you? Didn't you see she was listed as one of Forbes whatever under whatever I think I am relevant? Gee, more respect youngster.
  4. This so much. I totally agree. Now, this particular answer is not problematic. I think people just don't like her and find wrong in everything she does. She is normally very egotistical and not the brightest cookie of the jar.
  5. I can try to sympathize but at the end of the day, she is playing the victim card here in a horribly hypocritical way. Let's not ignore that fact that her and her entire family of idiots have capitalized big time on, not surgical enhancements, but total remakes and deformation of their physiques, aided by filters and layers upon layers of make-up. Now, let me clarify, I have nothing against enhancements. What I oppose is people swearing by the lie of it not having happened, ever. They have denied the obvious (injections of fillers, implants, bótox, nose jobs, brow lifts, claiming its them getting older 😂😂😂. You know, like Jlo and her stupid olive oil claim) and bombarded the world with their absolutely fake beauty, building and profiting with the very impossible standard they have helped create and promote on a daily basis and they cry wolf when it comes back at them to bite them in the ***. Now, young girls and teens see that and they are not able to easilu distinguish between fake and real, which can lead to precisely, body dismorphia and many different issues. But I guess we should understand the fact that she is the poor victim here (cause the horrible situation of having your cellulitis exposed is like the end of the world and oh so cruel.) She doesn't have to write a stupid "look how much I suffer" letter for people to know she has body dismorphia and many issues. It's blatantly obvious that her entire family has this and probably all of their kids will too. Having said that, what an idiot she is for deleting the photo. It's everywhere anyways and no, you can't ask for privacy selectively like that. They post everything almost daily, bombarding people with their stupid **** of parties and their imaginary bodies, so what a trash move of her to not even acknowledge the effect her stupid crap has on people. I guess, she doesn't care, as long as people feel sorry for her and buy products of her sponsors, it's all fine.
  6. Obama told me he got diarrhea yesterday. We had a long conversation. He is devastated that I am telling you this, but well, long live the truth, you guys.
  7. Could this be considered horrendous mansplaining? No? Yes? He is just a total moron? No? Yes? Please, enlighten me.
  8. Yes, totally. The thing is that when you have someone's psycho-emotional development hindered from a very young age, it becomes hard to make good choices, cause they did not acquire the means. It's kind of, if only they let her! but they didn't and she couldn't develop enough to make better choices in key moments
  9. Yes. Britney definitely made some poor and naive choices and man, has she paid for it way too long
  10. Revolting. And yet some think she may have some freedom with posting things. Haha. We really underestimate the amount of shait some people are willing to do for a fifth of this money. Imagine what would nasty people do for this much.
  11. I see your point and I agree that nobody knows exactly what is going on. Now, having said that, you say that this situation is totally free of any kind of abuse? You really think that she is under a conservatorship she opposes to, according to legal documents (not hearsay) and everything is transparent? That a person who, for 12 years, hasn't had more than the rights of a child, but the workload and stress of a fully grown up adult is able to freely post on social media and risk an entire business model from which a good amount of people are living of and profiting from with nobody filtering it? Mmmmh. Let me further that, I assume that an alcoholic who had a DUI in 2009 (already in charge of his beloved darling daughter) and can't be close to his grandsons because he has a restraining order, is a respectable human being that would allow his beloved daughter have freedom of expression? And I am not even touching upon the possibilities of frauds, money laundering blah blah blah because well, we are not sure yet, but the rest is solidly proven. So, you say that probably, most likely, this man and Lou, who has been many times accused of fraud and some other pretty nasty things, are honest people who wouldn't try whatever they can to hold on to their cash cow? Why wouldn't they gaslight people if, it seems according to evidence, that it is how they normally operate? I know that, mostly, you are saying we must be humble and not assume we know everything. With that, I agree. But there are certain little things that are too, too transparent and not questioning them is a dangerous line one should sometimes risk to cross. Whitenessing abuse, up close or far is weird and off putting and it's a weird criss-cross between "we don't know for sure" and "something is off". An unavoidable confusion that anyone seeing an abusive dynamic can feel. This though, doesn't make the questioning less valid and even necessary. But yes, there is a need for balance and equanimity. For instance, I don't dare to talk too much about her relationship with Sam, because, what the heck do I know? How could I know the nature of the bond they have, even if it had been a contract at the beginning? I know nothing and all I can say or most of it, is pure assumption. But this whole social media thing is a tad bit blatant. Just to finish this epistle to the cosmos, what kind of documentary did you watch? I only heard people constantly praising her talent, her creativity, her work ethic, endurance and how in charge she used to be of her creative process. You know who were painted under a horrible light? Her daddy, paparazzi, the media, the creepy reporters. Was she painted as a victim of different things? At times, but which 16 year old girl being asked about her breasts in national TV would be considered otherwise? I must have been high on some shift and saw a completely different documentary then if I saw a highly empathic doc (unlike 90% of the coverage this woman has received, not just during the conservatorship, but throughout her whole life) and you just saw people saying she was a "powerless victim". I saw a favorable narrative, one in which she was painted as a capable woman whose abusive handlers drowned her and her voice, in exchange of allowing her to be a mom, while exploiting the woman before the world's eyes. What part of this has not happened? Now, look what these stupid messages do (her Instagram) . They alienate and confuse. They divide the fan base and even outsiders. Of course they anger some fans who say "c'mon, it was the best light you have been painted under in years, it gives context with those crazy videos you post, what is going on?" and maybe, just maybe, it is not her. Divide, confuse and conquer. If I were team con, I would say "one win for us, you guys. One win for us."
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