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  1. This. Some people get hot on what's hot but although I like Dua's song is not a legend and won't reach that status.
  2. If this were true, it's not that hard to either force contraceptive pills on her recommended "medications", take her to a IUD procedure, or even tell her it would be highly dangerous to have a baby with the medicines she most probably takes (which is not far fetched. Many psychiatric medicines have negative effects on the fetus. Now, the question is, does she really need all those drugs? ) We also have to understand this other factor: you don't spend 12 years plus being a victim of abuse and exploitation without developing, at least, a bit of Stockholm's Syndrome or high gullibility. Under constant gaslighting, it's hard for the victim to tell lies from truth, enemies from friends. Abuse leaves a profound imprint in the victim's psyche and nervous system. We really don't even know how she is doing, what fears she has, what she believes and which kind of lies they have fed her. Ugh gross.
  3. totally. I am not a huge fan of her music or even her. I just respect her apparent motivation
  4. I have heard the snippet, but have you heard the full thing? I want to listen to it
  5. It feels like she is using músicas therapy. It feels raw and not like a desperate mktng strategy. I like that
  6. The delusion. She has only been hounded by paparazzi to know about Britney. Haha! The only eager fan waiting for this reboot is Jamie Spears.
  7. You captured my feelings so eloquently. Seriously, it is not about criticizing her, it is going beyond the "leave Britney alone" thing and really observing that behavior speaks louder than words. Her portrayed behavior, ticks and little details do not speak of a person who is living her desired best life. She does look sleepless, stressed, badly medicated. The adjective is the least important, it just shows oddities. I think she looks so...abandoned? that for anyone, it's a bit odd to come out with such an unkept look. Either it is a total act of rebellion (which wouldn't be surprising) or someone is trying to really make her look bad publicly
  8. I agree with you. I guess I didn't specify that, to me, the off putting part are her videos. Her posts are (if decontextualized), cute and funny. I just think her out of it attitude in her videos shows, at least, some anxiety. My bad for not being more specific. And thanks for answering
  9. I have to say she didn't strike me as such. I mean, never heard of her before and probably never will again hahaha, but she didn't seem to say anything majorly negative about Britney (except for her not being the one calling the shots in her. Areer which is sadly true) and maybe shading her true artistry, which was the only moment I said uh oh. Anyways, the podcast was annoying as hell hahaha. I became curious but could not stand the whole hour. I fast forwarded through different parts
  10. I am just going to say that if she controls her IG it just speaks poorly of her mental stability. I am not saying she is incapable, but even though we all know she has issues, this would speak even louder about her problems. Still, I don't think, as serious as it may be, she needs to be a prisoner of a freaking conservatorship. Let's just say her Instagram is not necessarily a pretty picture, no pun intended.
  11. I agree. It's kind of gross when someone uses something like this to further their brand and drop a stupid single. 🙄
  12. I agree. It's kind of gross when someone uses something like this to further their brand and drop a stupid single. 🙄
  13. I agree. It's kind of gross when someone uses something like this to further their brand and drop a stupid single. 🙄
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