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  1. I think Carly is good. I do think she deserves way more fame and recognition. I don't know if she deserves to be in a position like Taylor's. Heck,I don't think Taylor deserves to be in the place Taylor has.đŸ€· Carly has some amazing songs. My problem with her is consistency. She has 5 great songs and 5 stupid ones that sound like a cheap jingle for a kiddie toy. I think this has been her issue and also that she doesn't have the typical "visually pop" image of there singers. Now, I agree, Taylor is one of those anomalies for me. Her music is pretty basic and pretty average (except for a few epic songs,most of her work is whatever). Her performance skills are not particularly appealing. I really don't understand her huge commercial success.
  2. I like Gaga but it seems her featured artists are the ones bringing the attention
  3. None are my favorite ever, but it's a hard choice,cause I appreciate both in different ways. I prefer Chromatica's subjects and approach. I am kind of absolutely bored of the "let's date cause I am hot" message within Future Nostalgia. I appreciate the flow (as many have mentioned), the complexity and honesty of the message within Chromatica are unparalleled. Now,I do think it takes itself too seriously and honestly, there are like two songs at most that are standouts for me. The rest is like one long, boring song. Future Nostalgia is more fun for me, I enjoy more songs. So, each has its own appeal.
  4. The song was ok, I workout to it. Maybe it wasn't a total flop,but I get what you say: she didn't really become famous after it. To me, there is nothing unique or special about her or the song. Cool song, but it sounds slightly dated. Not trying to compare, but even though I am not a huge fan, nor do I think she is that groundbreaking, Eillish -for instance- has her own thing and she seems to have a clearer vision of her whys. That, as an artist is huge. Normani seems to repeat the exact steps of any game hungry spiring pop star. Her whole shtick transpires "doooode I wanna be famous. Look at me, Imma so cool".
  5. Besides the fact that there are people foreign to the movement creating mayhem, police being aggressive with peaceful protestors, maybe it would be useful to read more and understand what is systemic oppression and what it really means to go to the supermarket and be beaten,abused and killed. https://www.instagram.com/p/CA1qfkRHbal/?igshid=3gnhf8nnv556
  6. Full respect for those of you who find her amazing. I personally find her just in the same position as Normani and many others. They remind me of far more talented women who were supposed to get crazy amounts of success, backed by the biggest names in music and simply ended vanishing. I am talking about a documentary called 20 Steps behind Stardom. Any of those girls would easily outsing Beyoncé and even an Aretha and nothing happened. This girls are not even that great, they have been ignored for the most part and their main pursuit is elusive stardom that seems to not be on their path. Yes you can sing and dance, but so do a thousand other girls. Both of them try annoyingly hard to reach fame. Tinashe has been trying for what....years. I mean, some people make it big with one homemade song uploaded to SoundCloud. She has been backed by labels,big videos,feautured by a world reknown artist and nobody cared. I truly don't see any uniqueness, any message or capacity of connection with the public in her. I can think of Camila Cabello, Nicole Sherzingerand many others. They dance, they sing and they try and they try and they try and they try and they.......forevermore
  7. Sour Candi wishes. That is a wonderful song.
  8. There are like another 100 Instagram influencers that look just like her after a gazillion procedures. She is dumb ***
  9. Precisely this. I hate Soros and nope, I am not anti-Semitic. Jesus,people are insane.
  10. Ha ha! Exactly my thoughts. There is no way Gaga would have gotten a number one without it being a collab and a total remaking of her demo.
  11. Ha ha ha, WTF with the downvoting spread? 😂😂😂 My heart is hurt.
  12. I love and hate this performance. I absolutely agree with you. Same thing happened to me with the VMAs performance. The album version of the song is not thrilling enough for award shows. If only the Set your *** on Fire remix was performed I would have died.
  13. See, one thing is making racist comments online and joining far right groups with extreme,dm disgusting views. Another thing is this. Is this smart? Nope, Is this racist?hell yes Now, it was 20 years ago and the world was not as "woke" as it is now. Bad choice, sure. Idiotic. Does this make him racist? No, only a moron
  14. Her first two albums were not actually hers, but from the show. Then she had like 3 albums worth of songs that were unreleased because of the record label issue. It was kind of messy from the record label's part. Then she came out with another album like 3 years later and after that it did take a long, long time cause now her albums are independent
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