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  1. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and high school counselor
  2. Or, is this her team’s way of preemptively excusing why she isn’t attending her own pop-up museum?? In the past, this kind of information would’ve just been readily made available to her fans. Why all the secrecy? It’s so annoying. I miss Brit, and I hope she’s doing well. :’(
  3. Hi guys, Does anyone have the numbers in terms of streaming for Glory? We all know Make Me just went platinum, so I was curious to see how each of the songs are doing as well as the total streaming numbers for the album as a whole. thanks!
  4. I’m so ready for B10! It seems like homegirl wants to SING! Hoping she sings live more during her upcoming shows.
  5. I got an email from BritneySpears.com selling a new tank top and then the following message to buy a concert ticket: “LAST CHANCE TO SEE PIECE OF METhis summer will be your LAST chance to see Britney's award-winning Piece Of Me show! Tickets are moving fast for the summer tour, so don't miss your chance” is she not going to the Monte Carlo or is it just because it’ll be an entirely new show??
  6. lol. I’m listening to the album in its entirety now. Don’t get me wrong, I like Camila. i’m just saying that Britney fans always worry that she’s irrelevant now with all of these newer, younger stars, but she can turn it around if she so chooses. She’s still selling albums and concert tickets!
  7. Camila is the second most streamed artist on Spotify and just hit #1 on the charts simultaneously with her single and album. Despite having much more fans streaming her album, Britney, who has been in the business 20 years, sold more physical album copies as well as had higher first week sales (2,000+) with “Glory” than Camila’s debut album. I know Camila is a new artist, but she’s everywhere and has fans from 5th Harmony as well. Our girl is still relevant, but I agree that she needs to sing live (with playback or a few slow songs) and dance her *** off like she used, and she’ll set the pop world on fire again. I agree with others though, and I’m not sure she wants that level of fame again, but it is strange to listen to her interviews where she says she knows her sales and is “competitive.”
  8. Before Britney released "Glory," her monthly Spotify audience was something like 5.6 million listeners. She increased her monthly listeners by about 4+ million (around 10-11 million monthly listeners) with "Glory". She then dropped down to 7 million listeners; however, she's gone back up to 8.5 million listeners with "Slumber Party"! I think she's still doing great in terms of her Spotify numbers!
  9. I feel like she's going to be performing at the KIIS FM Jingle Jam holiday concerts!
  10. I'm pretty sure she's talking about a second round of *** after foolin' around with her boyfriend lol
  11. but only to #26 (-4)!!! She's hanging on with MM! Love it!
  12. Oh snaps! I thought it did. Oh well, she's still killing it! Stream, stream, stream!
  13. Good to know! Thanks! I'm a US fan in CA, but I appreciate you helping out!
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