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  1. Second mix added! Used the same chords as the album version and swapped the snare.
  2. Thanks! Glad you like it. I had so much fun making this haha.
  3. Continuing with my 80s theme, I bring you a PWL style remix of Rain On Me that's like Never Gonna Give You Up meets I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Something like that. Hope you enjoy! And they're back with an encore performance!
  4. Oh that's an old one! I haven't got around to putting that back online. I'll try to remember to do that soon.
  5. Demand they do so! That’s the mindset I was in. 😆 I love that about the original too! I had to do a little trickery to mask some artifacts from filtering, but it ended up giving it more of the synthwave vibe anyway.
  6. The original is really all about the bass and the sparkle of the vocal against it. I honored that concept, but went a little more "all in" on the instrumentation – even though I didn't even use that many.
  7. You get my vibe. Happy to hear you like my work so much. I have A LOT of fun Britney 80s remixes coming this year.
  8. LOL glad you like it. The art is embedded in the downloadable files.
  9. In all the madness of 2020, Britney went and added Mood Ring to all versions of Glory. That meant I had to remix that's out of this world. I took the sultry vibe of the song and took it a few thousand lightyears away. Listen, like, subscribe, and download at the YouTube link below! Hope you like it.
  10. Second remix added as well as the download! What do you all think of the difference?
  11. Haha thanks! I had a lot of fun putting this one together. I may try another song off the album soon.
  12. Super excited to share my very first Dua Lipa remix of her song Cool. Hope you all like this super retro amped up version. UPDATE: Golden Hour remix added featuring all the same sounds as the Synthwave Remix, but at the original tempo and with a more chill vibe. DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/folder/FdBBRYoA#kjbN1XyUlt0rrZ-G1rSOOQ
  13. I was just coming here to post this since I forgot, but glad you did! Thanks.
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