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  1. She said in some interview it was never finished, like I don’t think they even finished writing it...that’s how she made it seem.
  2. I like Glory and Circus way better than Blackout...I hardly ever listen to Blackout anymore and i’m still playing Glory like it came out yesterday!
  3. I mean obviously not for this remix album, but maybe when it gets closer to Xmas you should remix My Only Wish I’ve been dying for a remix of it! Anyways the Liar mix sounds incredible, the preview sounds better than any of the other mixes I’ve heard of it!
  4. 100% this! Honestly Gimme More is the only song he did for Blackout I really like! Thank god! He hasn’t produced anything that great since Blur on Circus!
  5. Well Cathy Dennis is a co-writer I just looked it up on BMI music and I only knew of them working together on ITZ, but Nicole is also listed so I guess it must be a Circus leftover
  6. Well Cathy Dennis is a co-writer I just looked it up on BMI music and I only knew of them working together on ITZ, but Nicole is also a writer so it must have been for Circus. Anyways Cathy confirmed it was never finished.
  7. Follow My Fingers....isn’t that an ITZ leftover that Cathy Dennis co-wrote? Cathy mentioned in an interview that Britney never actually recorded it. Also I’m pretty sure the untitled song she wrote that she talked about in an interview is actually Mannequin.
  8. I feel like with a amped up production this could’ve been a really great song! I like the concept and most of the lyrics. Who knows if it’s actually real though!
  9. Anticipating Lonely I Got That Boom Boom Outrageous Shadow Lace And Leather Also there’s so many songs she’s never performed before that I’d love to see her do in the future!
  10. I never heard it or Boys and my local stations only played Overprotected like a couple times then stopped. My local stations have always been weird with her! During the ITZ era one station started playing Outrageous as the second single and the other station started playing IGTBB until Toxic was released. Then when Outrageous was actually a single only one station played it and they played it quite often. Then for Blackout only one station played GM for a very short time and it was an edited version that skipped the whole intro, they never played Piece Of Me, and when Break The Ice was released the one station played it super heavily almost as of it were a lead single.
  11. Someday was never released in the US either, yet they allowed TRL to play the video. The video thing means nothing! Also I’m pretty sure TRL did play the ILRNR video when it debuted but it wasn’t made eligible to vote on for the countdown.
  12. Who considered Do Something as a single in the US? The music video being played in the US means nothing, the Someday video was also played and it was certainly NOT a single here. Jive just allowed TRL to play the videos because of how popular she was on there!
  13. There’s another pic of just Justin with him too...where you can actually see Justin’s face!
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