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  1. Lmao you should look up how much money record labels take from music releases! Her team is making practically nothing from this! Also so what if it’s RCA’s idea, I didn’t see you all complaining when they released B In The Mix 2. Both remix albums and all of her greatest hits albums weren’t her ideas either, labels do **** like that all the time.
  2. This and these holier than thou boycotters really don’t get where the money is going from music sales and forget her own lawyer helping her is being payed from money coming into her estate...do they think he’s just working for her for free? She doesn’t want to perform because a tour or residency would bring it in tons of money, a re-release ain’t gonna make anything even remotely close!
  3. Well ya’ll seem to forgot she has a contract with RCA that she was paid for already so of course the label is trying to make some money back while she’s not working! I pre-ordered it and I’m not sorry about it because one I understand unlike so many that artist make little money from album releases and two if she starts to flop RCA will invest less and less into her and she’ll be ****ed in the long run! I will always support her music! I will however not buy any of the merchandise on her website because that all goes directly to her team!
  4. Well whether it’s work or perform...it’s totally perform hence why all the articles about it are titled “Britney may never perform again” a re-release requires no work from her so I could see her telling RCA to do it since rumor has it they want a release from her. Also like I’ve stated time and again her team will see pennies from this release RCA is making the real money from this!
  5. She said she’s refusing to perform while her father is in control. Also the re-release requires her to do no work because the songs are already recorded, therefore she technically is not working! A re-release is not going to bring in millions of dollars like a performance would, y’all need to realize artists don’t get rich off of their music sales unless the music is wildly successful and written by them! Oh and she needs to pay her lawyer somehow!
  6. I’m actually the complete opposite, I hope if she ever does an Xmas album that it’s 99% covers and one of them absolutely has to be Santa Baby! My dream track listing 1. Christmas Time To Me 2. Merry Xmas Everybody 3. Santa Baby 4. Deck The Halls 5. Sleigh Ride 6. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree 7. Original song 8. Original song 9. Silver Bells 10. Joy To The World 11. I’ll Be Home For Christmas 12. 2000 Miles 13. Silent Night Bonus Tracks: 14. My Only Wish (This Year) 15. My Only Wish (This Year) (Remix)
  7. This is a Femme Fatale reject not a BJ one it was registered before she even started recording BJ.
  8. I mean I wouldn’t be surprised, she doesn’t want to work so a re-release is her best option to throw RCA and us a bone. If the rumor of them trying to get her to do a Christmas album is true than clearly RCA was looking to get some kind of release out of her.
  9. I don’t think it has anything to do with her team either! It’s clearly RCA trying to make money while she doesn’t work. They were probably planning on her having a new album by now, remember the rumor of them trying to get her to record a Christmas album for this year. They’re obviously desperate for a Britney release.
  10. The only way she’d make a lot of money is if it were a single/hit
  11. https://www.ascap.com/repertory#ace/search/workID/882347291 Found this on ASCAP no performer is listed though. It’s probably a song she wrote for herself and just coincidentally has the same title but who knows.
  12. So much new Christmas music this year! I’m excited for this!
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