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  1. Oh yeah they're slowly hinting at music . Looks like Lou cant afford to buy new chanel thongs anymore.
  2. Britney fans are too gullible and too much of *** kissers for them to realise that she has the worst condescending attitude towards Britney and it's VERY evident. I remember reading something like " i dobt get passed songs like Britney spears i write my own" . This wasn't even an apology . She literally addressed herself. Some people that have constantly tried to harm Britney should never been given a pass . But i mean Jordan gave pigrez a platform on this site so what do you expect? Its Britney fans for u .
  3. Bruh where is the " Im sorry if i offended Britney spears , the reason why i became a popstar and failed at it " ?? She didnt even achkowledge her name . Some of you just love to kiss ***. She's bitter af for this " apology"
  4. After she ate sh it?? Funny . Im not buying it katy hairy . Let those other stan bases praise u though . I'll enjoy her music on youtube and besides that im not a supporter. I've got every celebrity's name that bad mouthed Britney written on a red paper. Your album still won't do well. B itch Now SMILE and wave
  5. Drink some black (preferabley thicker than usual) coffee in a medium sized cup . After yoy drink , flip it on a plate and take pictures of it from all angles make sure they're clear. And take pictures of the plate too
  6. Typical stan . You probably want a whole hour every day for two years of full "MATM" Choreo. Right? The circus tour was perfect u biches can seethe
  7. Im not gonna sit here and watch Circus tour slander. The stage was MASSIVE. And the choregrapby had a mixture of everything.
  8. Oh god while this was entertaining it was also embarassing to watch . I hope none of you dress like that
  9. Nope , but people on twitter are wondering what it was as well Maybe it was a video of Sam flexing his muscular butt with Britney's sudden weird loud laugh ?
  10. How would anyone go to sleep at night knowing their money which they spend on their basic freedoms relies on another human being restricted from being free themselves? Their pleasure leisure is LITERALLY built upon her pain. What a wicked way to live .
  11. Oh sorry Yeah it's not that serious . Others have done multiple reading about Britney in the past . So when i decided to it's an issue?
  12. Society. Men are also told how to act and are judged if they're emotional or show emotions. It will take a long time to get over this. Or just won't ever change . This is why i've always hated R&B genre . Not only is it a horrible genre but it is the only genre "men" are expected to listen to. I have friends whom are straight that used 2 skip or be afraid when you go down their music infront of other it's awful . One of my real "macho" friends strictly listens to R&B ... when i was scrolling down his music 2 years ago i found "I wanna go" and " criminal" and tons of remixes by Britney and Beyonce. Would he ever be able to listen to this in his car? Most likely no. He'll be judged and most likely " questioned" . Oh btw this is why Rihanna is probably the biggest female artist currently , because her music could be passed as R&B and isn't "too girly" to which men feel more comfortable enjoying her music out loud.
  13. You're welcome . Her reading is just so interesting so much details and actions happening and all at once . Maybe... i mean i dont know but those features im seeing are of a woman a little bit younger than Fe . There are people who'll surround her and become supportive ... there's about 4-5 and help through with taking steps forward on her own so she could be one of them. The woman who'll become important on her life also has a group of friends of her own. I honestly don't know whom it could be. I just usually read whatever's there.
  14. Oh please there are 10 + pages long threads discussing Britney's freakin "teeth gap" investigating every aspect of "why it happened" When someone is remotely interested in knowing some of the chaos surrounding her and is genuinely concerned about her wellbeing and has some sort of gift , they're desperate ?
  15. This is horrible because i truly like her work. I've actually always wanted Britney to work with her on a beast of a song because she's capeable. I've always viewed her as an extremely emotional person though some people can't understand that being loud and contantly angry means the person just wants love and peace but are unable to attain or ask for it. And the pandemic isn't helping emotional people either i mean im the most introvert person EVER and honestly have always taken pride of being so and even i got hit by a depressing ...extreme dullness for a few weeks...imagine extroverts who live by venting and being heard? Gotta be real tough. I hope she find peace and just takes life as a big joke. Nothing is worth going that route . NOTHING.
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