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  1. I thought of the same thing . I mean He is a human being and we are holding men accountable over the simplest mistakes . However , what he did to Britney past their break was just horrendous treatment and despicable. Him And timbaland were just over the moon by the negativity Britney was getting and they added more fuel and kicked her down even further. Remember at some point they " demanded an "apology" from her so they can "help her" with her comeback because "Only JT can bring her back" ? . I think he deserves this backlash . But the hate should be bigger towards Perez , a person whom was the biggest instrument in tarnishing Britney's image and the reason behind her getting into the C-ship. Not all bullies should be excused and let off the hook easy , Jordan.
  2. This is MASSIVE. huge .... just HUGE. An absolute dream come true . This Will officially blow the lid off , reach basically everyone around the WORLD and the entire general public. I mean Hulu is nowhere near close to how big Netflix is , yet it echoed so loud and made an impact. Plus , Netflix has 0 business in being pro CON , first off they're very pro women. Secondly , they're putting out a movie about a woman who uses older people for financial gain as a carer whom "cares" and that is the main plot of the movie. So we're more on the safe side . Having said that , them being pro Con brings nothing to the table. If anything they might go deeper And expose EVERYTHING for a more dramatic reaction since they're obviously competing against Hulu. The FBS docu has made such a splash , going against that narrative is just pure dumb business move. Either way we're winning though , Because more people will talk about Brirney and the FreeBritne the movement.
  3. Quiet place . Candles . Very light clothing and PRAY . Im not even a religious person but it really soothes my soul , put aside all that negativity and just focus your energy on a bigger more powerful force . We basically control very little of our omen as we get older so there is a force looking upon , acknowledge it somehow and pour your heart out in that sacred place. Maybe even prepare a warm bath , turn the lights off and light your fav candles ( sceneted ones) ... DONT watch anything just put some meditation music and rest in the water for a while . With the complexity of life and the negative state we're all experiencing it really creeps up to your unconcious mind and it attacks later on , so positive content only . Delete all your social media for a while , get rid of some apps that may trigger the attacks stay away from even bad scenes in certain movies .... it's all energy and it all stays in the back of your mind ( literally) . This may all sound silly but it really worked for me . Best of luck and just remember that our souls need nurturing every so often more so than our physical body.
  4. Hmm i remember a story where the original song wasn't very kid friendly in fact it was very ***ual and that they played around and changed the lyrics since it was meant for the smurfs. Not sure about the timing maybe around the time criminal and 3 were recorded? Correct me if im wrong.
  5. What a load of crap. So first women were told starving yourself is pretty and now being obese and putting your body under such horrible conditions that potentially could lead to you suffering with chronic illnesses as healthy? I guess whatever makes them more money. I've broken my foot TWICE ( I know shi tty luck) but because of that i gained so much weight and sadly developed a stomach , love handles and i still struggle to get rid of it all. On top of it looking unattractive , i can't run like i used to and i can't stand on my feet for too long , mind you im still under 100k.g but im actually suffering and slowly trying to control it again. What about those women that are just too overweight? Their joints their organs and soon their hearts. The media is just an economic machine which goes along where money could be made. Those women obviously bring in the most economy with our fast lifestyles that would accomedate the horrible fast food we consume perfectly. Upon medication use and so forth.
  6. Britney's actually a very casual person. Just look how happy she is with people she doesn't know. Now she can't even speak properly with a stranger without being anxious. And it doesn't have to do with her anxiety , it's because of all the restrictions implemented on her and her team's eyes following her every move. What a drastic and sad change.
  7. Oh Jamie we're so sorry . Did Britney's back hurt your knife? Poor Jamie cannot speak to a therapist about her "problems" awwwwwhh.
  8. Ok , i hate to analyze and sound like a local but come on. I only have a few "explanations" for this crap : 1. Either our girl is weird . Like you know , just weird. And odd. ( i dont mean that in a bad way) ... or 2. She's on something ? As in drugs? , medication? 3. She does have some kind of social unawareness type of mental illness. Or 4. Either one of her team or her is purposefuly doing this. The horrible weird editing like you're on coke and the fast forward ... ughh i just hate acting like a local and i actually avoid these. But wtf is happening ? at this point it is sad and its starting to remind me of Anna nicole smith and MJ's weirdness. Not the good kind.
  9. "A few hours " do you guys even know what this means? She's hardly seeing them EVER. To think it has been a year like this. How karma is still waiting on Lou and James is beyond me.
  10. Everything aside and me being a fan aside. But man how strong is Britney? She's truly the strongest person ever to be patiently and silently waiting and abiding by contracts and following horrible protocols for 12 years counting 13 years. On top of all i have to say , i think this court actually is a positive one . I mean unless nothing changes next year . If nothing changes we need more people at the front of Brenda's office demanding change . No other way.
  11. Jordan ily . But didn't you promote him on BH a while back? Anyways ,I wish everything that is extremely horrible to this "human" . I hope he gets banned from earth. 78% of the issues Britney is facing right now including the Conservatorship is directly because of this horrible person.
  12. I think Britney has more say than we all know. If she doesn't like something she will let you know. E.g she actually likes Iggy and Tinashe , therefore she was ok with the collabs and she also like the veggie steamed girl on "Drop dead" .
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