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  1. Yaaaaas!!! Shes sending a message to the fans!
  2. Its getting so much attention and love!
  3. Shoethrowney ftw talk about making something so simple Iconic! Only Britney!
  4. Yay Im 27 currently slaying the world with Circus Tour(my best tour to date), released 3, about to go to Australia soon
  5. I loved that she shut down the Madonna joke, Britney is such a classy lady, all these pop ******* should learn something about her
  6. Dead at Missys songs getting more promo than Glory songs
  7. Britney ******* Spears is doing the Itunes festival!! You guys should be ******** of exitement, stop nitpicking
  8. Mmm I actually think all he said its true though not shade, as much as I loved her comeback, you could tell she wasnt really ready emotionally for it
  9. Its true what she said I feel like Ive grown with her, shes been there since I was a kid, feels like an older Sister Love you Britney!
  10. What kind of Touch of my Hand vocal and instrumental slayage is this!!!!??? OmFG I cant! IM CRYING!
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