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  1. I imagine they think that the Tinashe version might steer people back toward the album? Still, I think that choosing not to release it as a fresh single on the iTunes homepage is a mistake.
  2. Yep, 100% this. Tinahse's vocals don't really add anything to the song. If they were going to release it as a new single on iTunes to gain hype, then I understood the tactic. Their weird, sneaky rerelease of the Deluxe is useless. Now I think the best we can hope is that Tinashe will help make the video even better. Oh well. I still love SP, can't wait for the video, and hope it's a hit.
  3. Me too. I go back and forth between BTI and Unusual You as my favorite Britney songs ever.
  4. Very much agreed. It's also probably the best streak of single releases by any pop star I can think of tbh.
  5. Me neither... I think it's a wasted opportunity. Of course they mismanaged this release too...
  6. I think it's really a wasted opportunity if they aren't releasing it on iTunes with a new singe cover...
  7. 1. MM 2. DYWCO 3. MOTM 4. Invitation 5. Slumber Party
  8. I'm nervous about how it is going to perform, but I love the song and hope to hear it everywhere. Cant wait to bop in the gay clubz.
  9. I love Slumber Party and am super excited to see how it goes. I think we need to wait to see how it performs before we start making plans for the third single. I'd love to see Just Luv Me as the next single though. Off the top of my head, I would say JLM, MATM, and DYWCO would be my hope.
  10. Maybe Breathe on Me simply because of the title I think?
  11. Toxic Piece of Me Circus Lucky Till the World Ends Do Somethin' Overprotected Perfume Sometimes
  12. I voted Invitation but MATM is a very close second.
  13. Sure, she's a fan so that would be cool for her I guess. I like her a lot but... is she really relevant enough for it to make a difference? I feel like IF they are gonna remix a single with a feature, it will need to be with someone whose name is so big that it will really catapult the song to the top. I don't know if Tinashe can do that...
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