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    Here Are The Nominations For The 2018 VMAs

    What awful nominations! I can't believe LWYMMD isn't nominated! It's by far the best music video of the past year! and it's only nominated for best editing? Maybe they couldn't get her to come to the show? So they didn't give her any nominations. The VMA's don't really give the awards to who deserves, it's always like everyone wins 1 award so they can get the artist to show up and maybe perform. or maybe the vanguard award will go to Taylor? honestly she's been around over a decade now and is one of the few artists that still makes memorable visuals. I can't believe all the nominations for Beyonce and Jay-Z, so ridiculous. I mean the album flopped (by their standards at least) and I haven't heard or seen anything about the music videos from the album. The VMA's and award shows are pretty irrelevant nowadays anyways. I watched last years and it was so boring.
  2. Problematic? Are you kidding me? So sick of overly PC people, it's not glamorizing mental illness and if you think it is, you need to grow some thicker skin. Love the song, good video.
  3. The song is ok, I think it will grow on me. I like the video a lot, she can circles around Beyonce. Her last albums had some really good songs, and this is a great comeback video. I hope her stuff will do better this time, it seems like she should be able to fit in well with the current hip hop trends.
  4. Xtina does not deserve the video vanguard award. her only iconic videos are Dirrty, Beautiful, Genie in a Bottle, and Lady Marmalade. She has some other good videos, but none of those really made an impact. And after she put out that awful video for Fall in Line, she really doesn't deserve it. Gaga deserves it over Xtina, heck even Katy deserves it over Xtina. Their videos are more iconic, and at this point they've probably even made more since Xtina takes forever between albums. Even J.Lo probably deserves it over Xtina. I think Missy would be a great choice, her videos were reveolutionary back in the day! And she has so many great one! I can't stand the rain, one minute man, get ur freak on, Work it, Gossip Folks, and Lose control. I can definitely see her winning it.
  5. She was acting like a douchebag! I mean I'd never want her to kill herself or anything, but why she would eat up all her stuff when she's acting that way and the music wasn't even that good. Hopefully this was a wake-up call for her. I loved Katy during her One of the Boys and TD era's but she started to lose me when she started promoting Prism. She just completely changes everything about herself every era, and it's not in a reinvention artistic kind of way (though she tried to make it seem that way with Witness), it's in a what's popular, how can i get to number one and make the most money kind of way. She just comes off as fake and I can't tell who she really is as an artist. I hope she can turn it around the next era, she's had some great songs, videos, and looks over the years and has a decent voice, but she can't just expect us to eat up anything she puts out and support her no matter what.