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  1. Rico.

    tour London stage WILL have catwalk

    Watch them not film it
  2. Rico.

    tour London stage WILL have catwalk

    gurl I doubt it but if they do I hope she has the right outfits tbh
  3. IKR At this point it'd be much better if she walked in and starred at everyone before the song actually started so it's kind of like "oh so you are the bitches that I have to slay tonight" in her eyes you know?
  4. Gorgeous queen Wish they'd prepare another entrance ffs. Like maybe a red carpet I don't know something cheap they can afford
  5. She really does. And you can tell she probably came up with this shitty breakdown. Also she doesn't do the chorus video anymore... BOMT-Oops used to be a highlight but now it's a f**king joke
  6. Cool jacket but what this performance needs is the Mikey Peasante breakdown tbh