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  1. These are two totally different issues. Kanye was a brilliant artist that has created some of the most iconic music in history. Her career never got off the ground. Kanye became crazy through time and experience, she was nasty from the get-go. So I do not think we can compare the two and I don't believe it has anything to do with gender tbh.. She was on the radar for a bit back in the day, but her time has passed, and she didn't take advantage of it. Honestly not every artist can find success, just the way of the business.
  2. She truly did deserve it. Just for that scene in Euphoria alone, the one where she’s outside her drug dealers door. Her performance just in that scene. Wow
  3. Love the song! Doesn’t stray to far that it’s strange, but not to similar. It’s like a great extension of the song for a new decade. and LOVING the video. And using the real life couple and stars of Outer Banks is genius. Fits the vibe
  4. Dude, what on Earth are you going on about? Your posts sound ridiculous. Your equating things that happen in real life (reality) to a music video? Are you OK? The way your speaking sounds as if you have some built up aggression/anger/delusion. At first I thought you were just trolling with nonsense, since what your saying is complete nonsense; but now I feel your being serious and that is very concerning. I know you can't tell someones tone of speaking through text, but the way you keep saying the same thing over and over again is deeply strange. Your talking about the mental well-being of people you don't know and saying crazy things about them. I don't understand where these comments are coming from. The ONLY job of an artist is to create, nothing else. Everything else you are saying are things you came up with that defines what an artist is....doesn't mean its true or that they have to follow what your saying, who are you to judge anything they do?
  5. This is a perfect comment. Criticizing the song/video in a competent way, and then saying something positive. BTW I feel the same way about the song and vid, feels like a marketing strategy.
  6. It's called Acting. You don't need the person to be what the character is, in order to play them. This is why people win awards for it. Daniel Day Lewis isn't and never will be Abe Lincoln, yet he still portrayed him quite well.
  7. The highs and lows of manic-depressive disorder (aka Bipolar). We're going to see extremes like this until someone intervenes or something happens.. So sad.
  8. We know the epstein stuff is true. But what the poster your quoting is saying that the Qanon stuff is BS. Which it is. Those people believe reptile people run the world...
  9. LMAO If this is a joke like i believe it is, it's hilarious, good job! Anyone who uses all those words are seriously lost in the SJW bs. Thank you for being a breath of fresh air and not taking things to seriously.
  10. That's not how it will work. It's not something that is "running", its a passive conductor that only reacts to impulses sent by your brain activity. It will catch strokes and other natural brain issues (or malfunctions), but it won't be an actual device that is "on" in order to malfunction. That literally is already an episode of Black Mirror. I thought you were referencing it Lmao.
  11. Loving the discussion! However, this is more of a getting stoned thought lmao. Overpopulation is only due to the systems in place that WE created. Homosexuality has existed forever in nature. Apes and Monkey also engage in homosexual acts. In nature *** isn't just for reproduction its for fun, just like us. So if you look at it through a lens of science, it is just a variation of a species, that's all. A lot of things in the natural world don't have a reason behind their evolution/existence. The universe is a chaotic series of non-linear events happening at the same time, there is no reactionary response to one thing (i.e. overpopulation).
  12. I seriously notice the perfumes everywhere. All my friends' girlfriends wear a variation of fantasy right now. I literally noticed it over this weekend at a get together. My mom, grandma and sister all wear a variation of fantasy too, whatever bottle it is. So yea, Britney's perfumes have become a staple/normal in peoples lives, it just exists. I think all the variations help the product. How could it hurt, business wise? They're not "cheap remakes", they are expanding the brand to the point everyone will have some form of it.
  13. The Batman delayed again.. Just as they resumed filming
  14. But you do understand that it's proven that you would need 5x more vegan foods to make up for the vitamins your lacking from meat products right? So it does make sense, you get the most nutrients from meat and seafood, this isn't debatable, it's fact. You can be vegan, but you will need to eat way more to get the same amount of nutrients. Which is fine, depending on the body type, everyone is different.
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