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  1. Anyone under the age of 30 hasn’t used Facebook in 5 years. It’s for old people.. so this doesn’t really matter. I don’t even have it on my phone. I don’t think it will hurt anyone. It’s an app. Btw why is there so much space before your message? It makes your post long.
  2. Not really a big deal, let them live! Happy bday to him, can't believe he's already 27
  3. Well its not a scam. What would be the scam? It's a form of currency that exists due to the Blockchain algorithm. If you actually look into it, it makes a lot of sense. And it's actually a very good way to create a decentralized system. And btw, Visa and Mastercard both have cryptocurrency credit cards. In Miami you'll be able to pay for your taxes with crypto. Also you can buy domino's pizza and KFC with cryptocurrencies. Soon you'll be able to pay for Uber and buy Tesla's with crypto. So it is here.. you just have to be aware of it. Also multiple countries in Africa are now going to be getting rid of the US dollar as their base coin and switch fully to cryptocurrencies. Since the dollar has effectively failed them. The US dollar is now worth nothing, it's not even backed by gold anymore..
  4. Yes your right. The governments are very much over reacting. And they say the vaccine isn’t mandatory but it really is. Because they will restrict everything until you get it. They won’t let you travel, attend events or even go to work without it, and that’s scary. Buy your point stands. The governments will make us get it and still act like it’s the end of the world until we do. Unfortunately we can’t control that.. which sucks. However no one is talking about herd immunity, which a lot of countries are getting. Switzerland, Sweden have basically achieved it. So have the balkans, especially where I have family. Most countries will achieve that before they get he vaccine. All you need is 60% of the population to get the virus then it basically disappears.
  5. However I can’t wait to go to concerts again. I miss those so much!
  6. That is 100% not true.. most of the world is back to normal (refer to my previous post). Don’t watch the news, it messes with your head. They make it seem like it’s the end of days which is clearly isn’t. Remember this flu has a 99.7% survival rate. Why would we not go back to normal for a bad flu? Im not being negative of anything, just realistic and I can see what’s happening around the world. Don’t be so pessimistic, have hope!
  7. The balkans. They’re in Macedonia and Greece.. all those countries are literally back to normal. its not that shocking... we’re talking about a flu that has a 99.7% survival rate
  8. Most of the world is back to normal though.... Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Spain. Most places have resumed life normally.. I have cousins in Europe and everyone got the virus, it was a strong flu and now they’re back at restaurants with no masks, nothing. Most places can’t afford to tank their economies, right? The elderly even got it and their fine.. I find the narrative of a deadly virus shutting the world down is literally only in North America and the UK. But tbh here in Canada. Most things have opened up, I’m seeing my friends regularly, seeing family regularly, restaurants are open for dine in and the cases are lower than ever. My life is basically back to normal, except the wearing masks in public thing. I don’t like how people think nothing will be normal again, this wasn’t the plague, most countries were just very unprepared. The virus itself could have been wayyyyyy worse. What you see on the news and tv is very overly exaggerated and not what is actually happening.
  9. YESSS, actually WandaVision, Spiderman 3: No Way Home and Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness are all a connected story, where they play into each other! It's all very exciting and I cannot wait to watch all of it! I am amazed by the planning and intricate story telling details, Marvel is killing it! WandaVision is also now the most popular/in demand show in the world!
  10. Genuinely asking - How old are you? If you've watched these shows while they were on back in the day you would know this was quite literally Letterman's shtick, it is his type of comedy. And that whole segment is prepared and rehearsed. She was in on it and so was the audience. It's called nuance. This was all for play none of it is real. She played up the "controversy" because she was promoting a movie at that time. There is no "toxicity" here, let's stick to things that actually happened vs making up a reason to "cancel" someone..
  11. Now your all bashing people for literally doing nothing? You people are monsters. No one has an obligation to do anything. Just because you can think of someone doesn’t mean they’re at fault. This makes the whole situation look foolish and makes Britney fans look crazy. Stop this thread. It’s full of hate, lies and misinformation.
  12. Where are you seeing this? I nowhere near bombed. In no world did he "bomb". Toronto just named a day after him (that's where he grew up). All over twitter and the internet people are praising his performance. Yes, there was no choreography but that was literally expected. It was exactly what I expected and then some tbh. His vocals were AMAZING. You cannot say that JLo would have any better vocals. It was a very good halftime show. The only place I see people hating is literally this website, but people on this forum tend to hate a lot of things.. It's very strange how much hate is spewed here.
  13. THATS IT! The whole day it was bothering me I couldn't put my finger on the tune. It's from Love You Like A Love Song!! Thank you!
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