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  1. I don’t see any problems, Bon Iver is a much better artist. So well deserved. Better than nicki anyways
  2. Again he's whining. Jesus Christ, everyday it's a new complaint. I've never seen a popstar complain about their lives so much. Dude needs to realize that one day (maybe soon) no one is going to care, never mind nominating him for awards. Who's he going to complain to then? Only his wife will listen.
  3. It is substance though... they’re business people that are very smart at branding and marketing. What you see is the very tail end of the business that their running. Every second of video is carefully thought out and planned to show certain things and sell them to a wider audience. So yea society does value substance, that’s why these people are getting paid so much. It all makes sense, this is how business and commerce work.
  4. These tik-tok stars are actually quite smart. This is a business. These are business people. You cannot deny this. They aren't getting famous for their tiktoking, it's the deals their putting in place before their 15 minutes ends. Josh Richards, Bryce Hall etc.. are all very smart business people. They are angel investors in million dollar companies now, along with doing brand deals, and podcasts. Whether we agree with it or not, the ones who are becoming huge - there's a strategy behind it.
  5. Yea, but that's irrelevant. The point is they said the same of Britney, people don't like new things. Doesn't matter who it is or what they do. She's the first to 100 millio, so clearly she's doing something right.
  6. I have been working with autistic kids for over 5 years now. And I can tell you for a fact there are ones who act exactly like this in the trailer. It's a spectrum, therefore there isn't "one" way to act. Clearly they are focusing on someone at the more disabled end of the spectrum. But there are people who are more towards the middle and don't show many autistic behaviours/mannerisms. But to the point of the topic, to be honest, if you're making a movie, you want someone that can act. That is literally the job of an actor.
  7. I'm not trying to convince you of anything. I'm just saying this is a tired topic. Like is there nothing else to worry about in 2020? This hasn't been relevant in 20 years. No one really cares. I feel like your pulling this out of the past to create some controversy. He doesn't even have new music out.
  8. Are you writing this post from 1998? That is literally the last time this mattered. This is the oldest news and everyone is over it. And whether you believe so or not, he is one of the greatest male rappers of our time and you can't ignorantly ignore the great/iconic songs and albums he has. I have all of his albums. He doesn't hate gays... this has been established thousands of times over the years. He did a song with Elton John for **** sakes. Let's leave this topic in the late 90's as it should be.
  9. It's so strange. A song with both of these singers should be the biggest bop... If this was released 3 years ago, it would be the biggest news and have biggest viewing debut on YouTube. 2020 is a weird year.
  10. Thank you for your efforts! However this told us nothing new. We knew all of this. Common sense will also tell you these things. This is how business works. And refusing to buy the product in question is not going to “send them a message”. That is assuming #1, they care - they don’t. #2. These business deals have been done years in advance, they are not checking the success of this song. Whatever is released has already been scheduled/planned by now. At this moment they are looking for what to release next year, not now. There is no message to be sent, they don’t care what 40 people are going to do by “boycotting”. People will buy it and it will make no difference.
  11. I like Both of these guys.... but this song is so unnecessary. Shawns part is good, Justin’s is just whining again about his rich and famous life... Jesus Christ, we get it, growing up in the spotlight is hard (i.e. Britney Spears). But honestly we don’t care about his “struggle”. And what did he go through exactly? He threw some eggs at a house and pissed in a bucket, I’ve literally done worse things growing up and I’m not singing about it.
  12. It’s pop music. Since when has it ever just been about the music? Looks and music go hand in hand.
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