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  1. It was record for a Xmas EP It was scrapped... tracks were record , but Oops was becoming 1 of the biggest selling albums and the label wanted to push the album more, so MOW was placed on platinum Christmas to be released in Nov Stronger was just released and doing great on the Hot 100... in Nov and by Dec it was already #11 ... there was no need to push a Christmas single ... In 2001 the label was gettingready for her next album Britney ... You can't push Slave 4U something hot and sexy and release a cute girlie Christmas song... MOW is a Britney only song, artist request to cover it, like Mariah, Glee, Jessica Simpson.. And so on but all get denied because it's a signature Britney song now, and will stay that way thanks to Sony
  2. So in a few weeks we will be getting the 1st round of interviews as promo for Domination.... so before we get the official word, what do you think is the meaning of the shows name
  3. You all seem to forget.... Britney was also named personally by the grammys saying that she is no longer allowed in the dance music cat. Or any other cat. That isnt pop music .... Well Beyonce can be seen in pop, rock, r&b, hip hop, and another cat that I can't remember .... Let's be real they hate Britney Grammys don't mean anything
  4. Lol there still selling the Asian Tour merch When I went in dec they had all the Asian Tour merch and it was selling really well even thro the back of most of the shirts all had asian dates
  5. Becos they didn't have the rights ...bit was a Vegas promo photo Planet Hollywood owned it Plus Britney did a album photoshoot but after the mess of MM video everything changed ... And we got a new photoshoot from the new set of MM ... On top of it Britney always hand picks each album cover .. she likes it simple and clean
  6. have fun only tip I have... make sure u bring $$$$ new merch is on the way ... a unisex bomber jacket is coming
  7. what ur gonna get - TV special - 2 honorary awards - Baby One More Time - Las Vegas residency (opening Nov. or Dec. 2018) - her 1st "Best Of" cd (not just singles and hits) - POM:LV DVD/Blu Ray - 20 yr merch (BOMT / Oops / ITZ / BO) - new album release date for 2019 - official Megamix - A LOT of celeb tweets and insta post about Britney
  8. also you all seem to 4get FFT was going to be filmed over seas ... until the last min when they knew they would not be shipping props so they rushed filmed the last Canada shows
  9. Britneys was edited in 2 months and I'm pretty sure it wasn't even really a full 2 months that they took with Jive having final say over audio and video... epix editor even talked about how he didn't like it on twitter Madonnas team took a year to edit the show
  10. Invitation (Intro) Make Me Gimme More 3 Do You Wanna Come Over Slumber Party Love Me Down Breathe On Me Better Slave Baby Oops Stronger Change Your Mind Man On The Moon Lucky Ooh La La Circus If U Seek Amy Outrageous / Do Somethin Scream & Shout If Im Dancing Boys Just Luv Me Private Show Work Womanizer Crazy Toxic Till The World Ends
  11. they better release the video the same time as radio and itunes this isnt 1999 when that was ok to release a song 1st to radio and let it grow than a single release and than a month later a video release charts dont work like that anymore... they want a good peak on the charts then it all needs to be released at the same time... the video streams radio play digital streams and digital sales all count... where b4 it was radio plays and sales welcome to 2016 Larry
  12. Britney picks the artist she wants to work with she goes with what her boys like... look at how she said Selena Gomez inspired Glory ... claiming her boys play her music lol dont think so hard becos the truth of it is VERY simple
  13. Radar music video budget was $0.00 Jive said they would not be making a video for the single... it was Candies who paid for the video which is why all the footage was used for their ads, as well as thats all Britney had to wear... the director talked about it a few years ago lol
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