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  1. I saw a comment under it saying they could see her snatch, but I didn’t see it. The WORLD has seen her “business”, so does it even matter?
  2. It was magical. That’s why the video and VMA performance was like pouring alcohol on open wounds. We just expected the world, even though she was going through her issues.
  3. The Nick version. I’m streaming the others, but not because they’re amazing.
  4. Can you just delete this topic and act like it never happened? That was so unnecessary. And it’s living on because it’s still here. Just a thought.
  5. Guys, just take this massive WIN against Gaga and move on. Don’t pretend this a new single lol.
  6. Some Gaga fans in here clearly pressed af. I love it. Long time coming.
  7. It’s funny bc Brit and Sam could just do the video at home with a strobelight. But whatever lmao. And if the video isn’t going to be released within 5 days, her team failed. New cover, single.... No follow up. I miss Jive records. Everything had a purpose.
  8. Honey we beat out brand new Gaga music. It can drop to the bottom of the sea and we still proved a point. Lmao.
  9. Ew. Talk about a mood shift lol. Ariana would sound good on it, though.
  10. This is why we can’t have nice things. You complain when she’s #1.
  11. We’re celebrating. They’re freaking out. Wrong forum, sweetie.
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