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  1. God, that such was an amazing night. And then the Bambi’s performance soon after.... and she looked like 2002ney. The good ol’ days.
  2. Even we as fans forget that song. Why wouldn’t she? She didn’t even finish the bridge. It’s not bad, it’s just so forgettable. Anyway, her fairy tattoo on her lower back is just so iconic. I’ve never seen one not look trashy, but her’s is perfectly placed and the perfect size and everything.
  3. Why are you attacking her for landing a job? I can understand Britney’s dad being a target for you (considering he’s the conservator), but why her little sister? Calm down, folks. Jamie Lynn needs to pay her light bill.
  4. If you were Britney Spears’ sister you’d be a “cash cow” too and you would love it. Beyonce’s sister is a cash cow. Jessica Simpson’s sister is a cash cow. Kim Kardashian’s 40 sisters are cash cows. You guys are spinning out of control. If you have an immediate pathway to fame via a relative and not working a 9-5, you’d be first in line for it.
  5. The interviewer would only be able to ask her about her favorite color or flavor of ice cream. So no. Plus I’ve never seen her eat spicy food in my 20 years of stanning. So yeah. It’d be Carpool Karaoke 2.0
  6. Britney said they moved the shoot date or something like that and she had no room in her schedule to do it another day. She talked about it a few times. I thought Dawson’s Creek was cheesy so I didn’t care lmao.
  7. GirlOnTheDumpster doesn’t phase me. Not a Girl, Just a Desperate Woman. Sad.
  8. I just didn’t see any proof that Lynne was deleted? And she’s with Jamie right now so I’m lost. And yes, I’m still riding the fence because we don’t know all of the facts. Next!
  9. I doubt they grew apart. I bet he’s with Britney all the time, recording those Instagram videos and whatnot. I mean what else does he have going on? Lol
  10. It’s called co-parenting, guys. Didn’t Lou Taylor just secure Jamie Lynn a Netflix gig or something? A celebration is in order! Lynne will finally be able to pay the electricity bill at her Serenity mansion! (I’m totally kidding... I love you, Lynne) Anyway, I can’t wait until the investigation is over just so we can move on from this catastrophe of a year and start fresh.
  11. Do you have proof? You didn’t post the receipts....
  12. Michael Jackson and The Beatles didn’t even own their masters. Britney’s team (whether you like them or not) aren’t going to just let her masters go to a douche like Scooter. Plus I don’t think Britney has ever had a huge scuffle with her label, nor made many enemies in the business. Can you imagine a Britney song being used for Burger King commercials? “Oops I Bought a Whopper Again”. I’d fly to California and protest. The upside to the decade long conservatorship and her undisclosed mental illness is that she would actually have a fighting change in court if she gets out of it. She wasn’t signing those contracts. Her conservators were.
  13. She’s talked about it several times in interviews before but she always said tour rehearsals and performing would get her back in shape. RIP Domination
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