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  1. colormefresh

    exhale Britney released from mental facility

    Hospitalization isn’t necessary considering she went to a treatment facility? Please make sense when putting on the dramatics
  2. colormefresh

    exhale Britney released from mental facility

    Well the 30 day timeline certainly adds up The “paralegal” loses more credibility.
  3. We THOUGHT Santa was real when were were 4 years old. Start knowing, stop thinking.
  4. I’m shocked at this rational response. Slay, king.
  5. Can we just pump the breaks a little until she gets out of treatment? I’m so worried about her for real. Britney is NOT the type of person who would just lay around and play dead for a decade.... you all know this....?
  6. colormefresh

    exhale Once Upon A One More Time Ads

    Great time to release a musical
  7. LMAO I was literally thinking y’all would be happy about that. If they forced her down and brushed her hair everyday, y’all also wouldn’t complain
  8. People were saying she couldn’t even choose what she wanted to eat several pages back, but they’re handing her cartons of cigarettes? Nah.
  9. Her being able to smoke tells me she’s really not being as controlled as people say. That would have been the first thing they took from her
  10. Random, but: Does Britney still smoke cigarettes? When was the last time we’ve seen her smoke?
  11. Right? He was so angry when Britney ditched him for Adnan toward the end. He was being such a gay little baby
  12. Nobody gives a flying f**k. He’s batshit insane.