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  1. So you’d rather he say he came to mooch off the system? LOL. Y’all are reeeeeeeeeaaaaching. Look, I don’t like the guy: he’s a paid nanny for Britney and I’d rather she be in a real relationship. But he is good for her waistline and she is the healthiest she’s ever been thanks to him. So, let’s not lose focus while we try to rip him down. Being healthy and obsessed with fitness is not what makes him annoying. It’s his hiding his bank book and pretending he’s her boyfriend because dad is paying is what we dislike. No shame in someone admitting they want to work hard and look good. Besides, let’s not pretend Britney isn’t the same as him: she hates fat people and has made that abundantly clear as she threw insults at people back in the day. Where’s your outrage and your cancel culture? What excuses do you make to help you sleep at night with your blatant hypocrisy aka fandom? I don’t have that illusion: I know I support someone who is flawed aka human. Criticizing bad behaviour is fine, but don’t go imagining you’re some kind of saint.
  2. Ok. So he was fat, explained why, explained what he did to change, and people are angry because they’re projecting their insecurities on him? Lol. Let’s cut the BS: if you’re overweight, I mean you have unnecessary fat on your person that makes your life harder, you should be trying to get healthy. Stop the excuses and attempts to make people feel sorry for you. As a person who is overweight and actively working to lose it, I don’t need the world censored for me and I’m not a sensitive flower. This is frankly the best thing Sam has ever posted so F the other PC whiners.
  3. It’s a great concept but clearly Britney wasn’t that in to this era and looked exhausted mentally and spiritually
  4. Unless B10 is the freedom anthem and death knoll for the cship, I don’t care and wouldn’t buy it. No more leech money plz
  5. Oh hi Lou, how are you? 2007 was almost 13 years ago. Her itinerary of successes since then speaks for itself. And before you pat the cship on the back ...THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HER SUCCESS. Britney was the one on that stage and it was Britney who showed up. No one should take that away from her or try to piggyback on her efforts. So get over it.
  6. He’s so cringe I can’t. He exposes his abusive side with this statement. Only one word keeps coming to mind when I hear about him: disgusting. Not him physically but spiritually. How dare he let Lou and the other leeches in and then claim to be good? How dare he threaten her for years and mentally abuse her like that? How dare he threaten us with her death to try and silence our concern? F You Jamie. You might try to be a good dad, but you do it in all the wrong ways.
  7. Except the irony there is she doesn’t have a private life. If there was no cship, there would finally be privacy as her life would not be in the courts. The ship has damaged Britney’s reputation worse than her meltdown.
  8. I would kill for Danja to do more music with Britney... but again, I won't support anything ... not one raw dime... until she's free. I don't want to pay the freaks who have been abusing her for so many years.
  9. Sadly, this. It will take a long time before they realize what happened. Also, I’m sure they’ve read the media about her and are poisoned by the negative articles her camp keep putting out.
  10. I genuinely doubt it’s henna. Looks more like spray on paint
  11. Why is Jamie Lynn being discussed at all? Just because she’s Britney’s sister doesn’t mean that topics related to her are on topic. Make her a forum and talk about her there. I don’t care about the wannabe.
  12. I don’t see it that way. There’s no real positive statement. In fact, what is not said is “Britney is a great parent...” what is said is her time with them isn’t going to be reduced (at this time). This is more a threat post than a positive one. There’s a power play here.
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