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  1. The Rebellion? Or ... The Rebels ? I just think Britney Army is kinda... meh. What do you think?
  2. You’re really good. Wish the music was softer so we can hear your voice more clearly
  3. .... your period doesn’t stop on the pill or when you get an injection lol. It just prevents / blocks conception. If you ‘re regular, you will have normal periods. Women with PCOS take the pill to have more regular periods. The IUD isn’t perfect tho... it can fall out. Anyways, she can easily be coerced in to anything. Her father is aggressive and I wouldn’t put it past him to convince her to tie her tubes
  4. I have mixed feelings. Sam is sus. A blind item claims he’s cheating and has a baby mama so.... I dunno. Not sure if we can trust him or his friends.
  5. So, in short: science disagrees with you. Longer response: (I’m really sorry that this will sting a bit) The Trump phenomenon is baffling to a lot of educated people around the world because it should not exist. We’ve been through Hitler once already, so how can people in 2020 still follow a dangerous leader like blind sheep? Neurologically and historically, however, it’s very predictable and scientifically measurable. (See link). The studies summarized: Trump supporters fall in one of two categories: a) Too stupid to know they are dumb and being played for fools, or b) they are malicious and want to see the world burn. Either way, the ones in the so-called swamp and actively creating are actually Trump and his supporters. If this was a movie, Trump is the bad guy - the lifelong criminal - who emerged to tell everyone he has a great plan to remake the world ‘better‘ in his perverse image, and his supporters are the doofus cronies who loyally follow like mindless drones because they can’t or don’t care to know any better. Honestly, I’m not American, so watching all this play out is a bit entertaining if not incredibly sad. Yes, we (outsiders) can see the real problem: your education system is a massive failure. Your electoral system is a joke and entirely out of line with the ethos of democracy. Worse still, your undereducated populace voted for a reality TV actor and failed business man - a morally defunct charlatan - who turned your country into a cesspool for more villains than we can count: a laughingstock to the world because yes, he exposed himself and the grotesque landscape that bred him. I’m personally okay with choosing a new super power after America drowns in its self-made RED swamp. (Funny how red is the color of blood, and of China and Russia) And yes, those who vote Trump will be credited for the fall of America and democracy when the debris settles. But hey, this isn’t a movie, so the bad guys will win and you may die never realizing just how incredibly wrong you were. https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog/mind-in-the-machine/201609/the-psychology-behind-donald-trumps-unwavering-support P.S. For the sake of America and what it could have been, I hope Biden wins. It will be a sad day if the eagle dies at the hand of her own people. But again, there’s a RED dragon that will be born from it. Learn Mandarin. A new world order is coming.
  6. P.S. You’re wrong about boycotts: there would be no supply if there was no demand. Yes, those businesses would hurt initially, but they wouldn’t restock if they knew it wouldn’t have an audience. So, the goal of not lining the pockets of the conship would be achieved.
  7. Okay, a few things; it’s good to hear directly from you: you speak well. But for the love of everything holy put the damn camera down or invest in a stand. I’m not sure why you added the obnoxious grainy filter either. You can buy a really cheap stand off amazon for $20 bucks and the filter just distracts and makes you look like you’re trying to be manipulative or hide something. Try to avoid jump cuts for the same reason. Otherwise, concise, visually clear vids would be awesome.
  8. Well, it’s kinda like trying to sell meat kebabs at a vegan market just because you’ve got a stall there and a captive audience. We’re not here for JL. Likewise, if you tried to sell the kebabs knowing full well how the vegans felt, I’m sure you’d get an earful too.
  9. Thank you OP! Roxxy, follow your own rules tho: it’s off topic. This specific forum is for stuff related Britney, right? Not a RELATIVE of Britney. If the info doesn’t mention Britney in any way, it shouldn’t be here. No one wants to keep hearing about all the boys she dated and what they are up to if it has nothing to do with Britney. Imagine if every single thing JT did wound up here. Unless he’s interacting or discussing Britney, we don’t care.
  10. Brutal honesty: it’s hard to judge since we couldn’t see your legs and the outfit was distracting as it kept riding up. Since your belly was the center shot, I wasn’t paying attention to your movement. I’d say reshoot it and try to have your whole self in frame
  11. I dunno..I didn’t see anything shocking about it. Seemed like the usual. The fact that this became a thing is sorta sus
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