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  1. Didnt lufti use to put drugs in her food? I do remember that it was reported that none of her drug tests came positive tho
  2. Pretty sure all these articles were published to promote circus so you gotta take into account those sales which are around 3.4-3.7 million more besides the bmg sales i mentioned are not like 100k its about 4-5 million from the baby and oops eras.. idk if they counted ghmp but if they didnt those are another 5-6 million more and the you can add glory and bj which combined made around 700k physical and the singles collection
  3. Um britney was reported to sell 84million albums like 12 years ago by her website and a lot of Magazines google it... this Looks like its coming from mediatraffic and they dont count all the countries and btw jive never really pushes for britneys sales certifications so if theyre going by that theres also a couple of millions more to be added. Britney is still 4x platinum last time i checked it was at 4.9 million albums sold and dont forget about the bmg club sales that didnt count for certifications back in the early 2000
  4. This should be fun a few years ago an account with hundreds of thousands of followers retwitted me a lot and i got a lot of followers from that but then i couldnt access my account anymore for some reason so I had to make another one and i was dissppointed so i stopped twitting but if im picked i promise ill commit since i started my own marketing company now
  5. Yeah i think he knows i mean it would be too much of a coincidence that he would pick this specific company linked to Lou to manage britneys money. My bet is he knows that if he gets the judge to aprove stone bridge he will be getting a juicy cut from Lou
  6. Jaime wants stone bridge as the company to manage britneys money, apparently britneys lawyer said at the last hearing he found a connection between this company (stone bridge) and lou’s company tri star which would be a conflict of interest. jaime is denying that connection in this new leaked documents but the instagram accounts in the op have proof that lou worked there (at stone bridge) for 9 years and also was listed as a ceo of a company owned by them
  7. Enjoy your time off britney! We got you! Post whatever you want it must feel liberating after being controlled for over a decade! Have fun baby dont mind what people say
  8. I don't really understand whats the angle of Jaimes team with all this? I mean britneys team filed documents saying how she wont work until Jaime is removed from the cship, and jaimes team response is saying how she is refusing to work for him? Wouldnt this response just serve as evidence for brineys case 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Give her an oscar and a sequel to crossroads! Queen of acting! Well now i understand why she posted that I never really understood the reason but a lot is making sense now
  10. Im pretty sure they know they cant force Her physically so when she says no to something they kinda negotiate with her Like “ ok maybe dont go but film a video saying u support it and we’ll let your bf stay the night“ and britney complies if she gets something she wants its sad but i really think this is how it is
  11. These are leaks of upcoming documents according to the people who posted them who apparently are very reliable
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