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  1. Yes most Latinos identify as latino, because they are treated as a different race. But it's no different than Mariah Carey deciding that her race is now Lamb. Doesnt make her any less black or white. You dug up the US census, the most racist country on the planet. The census is based purely on a small percentage of people who fill it out and they get to choose what they identify as. Doesn't make it true. There's literally been recent articles about Latinos choosing to identify as white because of the way US treats them. When it comes to other things when they ask you about race, Latino isnt even apart of the others. Or it says you can't choose to be Latin and Black or White. It's really stupid tbh.
  2. I don't think anyone was saying that all latinos or mexicans are black or should be identified as such. But some of them are/do. That was my point. The other point that some of the posters are missing, is in most "urban" areas, latinos have been giving the pass to use the word. And it's not a shock to hear it being used. **** I've seen plenty of white people use it and it was okay based on where they were. Every city/state/country is different.
  3. Most latinos identify as white , because society has made being anything other than white a negative thing. You can literally put whatever race you want to identify as on any paperwork or survey, doesnt make it true.
  4. People really should start using google before getting into debates.
  5. I never said I had a problem with him saying it. I think everyone should be able to say every word. It's all in the context behind its use. I think its all silly in general. But if we're going to get technical with it. Nobody should have a problem with him saying it.
  6. There's technically only 3-4 races on planet earth. Other ethnicities and cultures are result of mixing. A great percentage of latinos are mixed with black. Teryaki 69 background is of Mexican and Puerto Rican decent, both countries where the native people were mixed with black.
  7. Dr.Luke practically made the same song twice. And then a few more times on FF.
  8. She literally said it was about Justin, sometimes he would piss her off when they were together... foreshadowing?
  9. They both struggled once they hit 40 to sell music the same. But they both give their all too. I'd add Mariah to that list as well. Britney has been mentally retired since she was 30.
  10. Hopefully she's FREE and releases an amazing album before she turns 40 and the music industry completely discards her and she'll have the excuse that she's older and a mom now.
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