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  1. They’re all literally so basic and get away with it because no one is trying either, so all the kids who like them don’t know that they’re basic. Britney was the standard for such a long time and for good reason.
  2. Willie and Sam both know Britney well enough to know what she post and what her team post. They clearly comment anyway for attention.
  3. I wasn’t speaking about the ones that stayed. I knew something was wrong during Femme Fatale and chose to stop supporting it. She clearly didn’t want to be there.
  4. Has to make it look believable. Like any other young couple looking for attention.
  5. Exploit yourself and be the pop star. Already have a large fan base on exhale
  6. To be fair, most of the fans ignored everything about the conservatorship and pretended she was fine when she occasionally gave a really good performance and wore flattering clothes.
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Britney's "Love Me Down" Co-writer Jesse St. John Spills The Tea On The Song's Creation