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  1. First of all, when the song is being recorded (especially in a multimillion dollar professional setting) the song is mixed to a degree that the final mixer comes in (if not the same person) knows not too change too much. Either some asshat didnt like Britneys vocals and made the change or Britney never recorded them in the first place.
  2. The Circus vocals are used as leads and Britneys are used as background. The vocals on FF are excusable and can be debated as being mostly background. She honestly doesnt sound that good and her vocal contribution only works well in some songs. I don't think she can imitate Britney singing unless she hears her sing first. Which is why most of Britney Jean sounds so obvious. it's easy to just assume its Britney on a first listen, but after awhile it becomes more noticeable, which is why no one said anything when the album first came out.
  3. It's not her fault, but if it was illegal (and it could be since fans bought the album and its promoted as Britney when its mostly Myah making it fraud) she would be held accountable. She's singing lead on songs that Britney supposedly wrote. It's one thing to believe you're demoing a song and the producers leave your vocals on there without your knowledge. It's another when you're recording there entire song by yourself. She knew what was up. She had lead vocals on Circus and FF aswell.
  4. She definitely had a her own jet between 00-07. Don't remember the exact years. But I don't think she does anymore.
  5. Chaotic and My Prerogative were more of an era than Blackout tbh.
  6. 1. OIDIA 2. BOMT 3. ITZ 4. Britney 5. Circus 6. FF 7. Glory 8. BJ 9. Blackout
  7. Theres still some artist who came out years before Britney that still havent recieved one. Also because you have to pay for them yourself
  8. A completely unedited version of all the behind the scenes would be great. She did work a lot during this time and then completely did zero promotion besides two performances of Toxic in January 04, at least in the states. I wonder if she would have promoted the album longer if the knee accident hadnt happen.
  9. Myah clearly went into the studio with all intentions to sing lead vocals. There has literally never been another album or song with any of other background singer singing every word of the verses, bridge, chorus, ad libs and vocal runs with the intention of it only being used as background. You also can't sing background on verses without the Artist singing it first to match their tone. No, fans shouldnt be attacking her, but she also shouldnt be playing the victim. She knows why people are upset and she knows why she didn't make it to the Glory sessions too.
  10. I still dont get why people dislike Tinashe on the song. She sounds more like Britney than Myah. And I knew that song was going to flop. Glory has the worse single choices of any of her albums.
  11. Where did this dude get his back story for Britney Jean from? it doesnt even make sense.
  12. Most of Femme Fatale. They're mostly great songs, but they don't do anything for me anymore
  13. It seems like all the good people from earlier in her career got pushed out of the circle. Unfortunately Justin got her manager that actually understood the music business in their breakup.
  14. Honestly they all were like that, Adam, Larry etc. Gotta control their race horse. Imagine being paid so much to not actually have to do anything.
  15. It is in the most high traffic area, but someone still had to steal it when it came loose.
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