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    other B10 BUNDLE IDEA

    Don’t think that would work with britney. The shirt would have to be amazing. And Britney’s Domination would have sold more if the tickets came with B10. That’s the only thing that would have sold out her show.
  2. I think Jamie was talking about her daughter and then her father.
  3. Britney’s favorite song from the Circus era. When will Unusual You and Quicksand?
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    event It's been 5 months

    This is why. Kind of unnecessary. Which also kind of leads us to believe they weren’t going to change much from POM.
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    other What records does Britney still hold?

    I’m talking before the album was released/week of. Circus was promo heavy with everything but music. They promoted songs that didn’t even make the album “Trouble”
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    other What records does Britney still hold?

    Circus and FF had like one performance and went #1. Deserved or not Blackout as a body of worked deserved it
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    other What records does Britney still hold?

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    exhale Just saw this

    They spent more for that “announcement” than they did on the Residency Tour.
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    other What records does Britney still hold?

    Some of her broken records were undeserved Adele’s worst album beating her first week sells Beyonce beating her consecutive number one albums with payola
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    exhale What do you think she’s doing?

    She’s filming Crossroads 2.
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    other Did Outrageous Music Video Have To Be Scrapped?

    They can’t wait. You see what they did to Michael and Whitney. They sold more dead than alive At least most of the money will go to her kids. So hopefully they’ll be full on adults with kids of their own by the time that happens.
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    socialney The Power of Godney

    So this is the Mary with Peter and Paul...
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    other "Oh Baybuh Baybuh!!"

    I'm gonna start doing this, I get like 6 calls a day.