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  1. Can someone PM me the video pretty please? I didn't see it while it was up and am freaking out
  2. Yes, but for this show. I don’t know if you’re saying she couldn’t sell out MSG otherwise, which i believe she could.
  3. I disagree. She's touring with a 4 year old show, I would be quite hesitant to book MSG for POM. The reason she's doing arena's in Europe is because it's less likely people in Europe travelled to Vegas to see her.
  4. Are we forgetting something?! I know that POM and M&M's are two completely different stages of her life and career, but just remember that she DID do it and her legacy remained intact enough for her to jump into MSG for the Circus tour.
  5. I know that it makes sense to do theatre venues because POM was built for a theatre venue (the axis), but it doesn’t make it any less depressing that they’re milking POM for even longer.. like, it’s been 4 years of the same show. Kind of sad.
  6. Whenever someone either posts: 1) A blurry as ****, low quality photo 2) Photos that only show the side of someones face It's NOT real. If they had a new Britney Spears music video they'd just show her full on face without distortion. Same goes for "snippets" of songs. If it's low quality or 2 seconds long, it's fake.
  7. I really hate that BJ has made people question every single Britney song now. I think it’s pretty obvious it’s her single on CE
  8. 1. When Britney was in Manchester for the Circus Tour she said "what's up London?" instead of Manchester. That's just her being an ignorant American lol 2. Who cares? 15 years compared to 19 years. Give or take. She's seriously not obsessed with her career as much as we are to know specific dates right of the bat. Again, anxiety answer right on the spot. 3. She probably meant that during the production of Scream & Shout, Will used the "It's Britney *****" sample on it. 4. It's been largely speculated that Britney doesn't tweet herself. So we don't really know. Let's say Larry or management tweeted for her. Britney doesn't have the personality to remember the director of a music video. Isn't the general opinion here that she doesn't really care about her career? 5. No idea when that happened 6. Taylor Swift was no way as big then as she is now. For Britney, that was just another small scale celeb coming up to her at the VMA's. That was a huge comeback night for her. Do you really think she remembers all of it? It was probably a huge blur with everything going on. Do you think Britney (or any artist for that matter) remembers everyone they meet?
  9. You guys are so funny with the memory loss comments. This is the same girl that randomly said she wanted Early Mornin’ to be a single during her live chat with fans online in 2013. This was during the Ask Anything chat. She even name dropped Moby who produced it. And what about King Alex? She immediately remembered him during his meet and greet at the last Vegas show. Also, if you listen to her Sirius XM radio chat describing each song from Glory, she very coherently name drops all the producers etc and you can tell she’s not reading from anything (we can all tell when she is). For me personally I think it comes down to her anxiety. For the most part, during her interviews she seems to want to blurt our answers to get it over with or to not come across as dumb. If she really took the time and sat down to give descriptive answers, I’m sure she could. Then again, as others have stated, she’s not as obsessed about her career as we are. But It’s the same as the jerky and fast, repetitive dance moves. She feels like she’s always having to do things to fill the gap so she doesn’t look sloppy or whatever so she resorts to those “cute”, “****” “playful” moves. I know that she’s not helping anything by doing it, but she feels like she is. I also think she’s incredibly guarded and is quite aware that she isn’t the same girl we thought we knew anymore. What a joy that would be. To have been one of the most exposed stars, having the world know all of your private business, to now, having nobody really know you at all? I think the interviewer for her Flaunt magazine had a great feel for her and said it best, I think it’s one of her most telling interviews without saying anything: She reaches toward the clear, glass coffee table and slides the digital voice recorder closer, looks at the time elapsed, and asks, “Is that how long we’ve been talking?” “Yes,” I say. “Eighteen minutes.” “Oh, then we have two more minutes.” She has summarily overruled her own publicist, who had promised us both a full half-hour of conversation. Giving a quick glance over my shoulder to gauge his reaction, he nods and gestures as if to say, “I can’t help you. It’s up to her.” In this otherwise insignificant moment of simple logistics, Spears lets down her guard. The ace in her deck might not be showing, but there’s a queen hiding in there somewhere. This is not the fragile, micromanaged figurehead of a brand called “Britney Spears.” This is a 34-year-old woman ready to re-set the world on fire on her own terms. Glory indeed. How naïve to think I’ve had to tiptoe around this idea of her, while the woman herself has been maneuvering this brief encounter to meet her own specific needs. How arrogant, too, that for a single moment, I thought any of this was in my control. The puppet strings have been clenched firmly in her fist this entire time. I’ve been played. After our remaining two minutes together elapse, I jokingly refer to this as the last interview she will ever be asked to do. “No more interviews? That would be great!” She enthuses. Outside of the trailer, I return to the table where my cell phone was labeled, registered, and put into a bin. I begin to realize I have no idea who Britney is any more than I had yesterday. Her goodbye grin tells me she knows that I don’t know. Her smile is saying to me, “I am safe. The plan is working. I am happy.”
  10. The "bad *****" you talk about still comes out every now and then. You see it in her attitude and her eyes at times during POM. But it's not there all the time. I don't think those iconic moments are as important to Britney as they are to us. She is so incredibly humble. It would be like us looking back at our big moments in life. We don't remember every single step of the way because we didn't have it videotaped and we don't watch it everyday of our lives like we do with Britney's videos.
  11. Because the Glory album campaign is long over. The public wants to hear songs they know, not Slumber Party.
  12. You'd have to be pretty silly to believe that story.
  13. Whaaaat? This is my first time hearing this! Can you elaborate?
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