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  1. You don't have the power to free her just because you stop buying her stuff and unfollowing her, it's very cool and it makes you think you are doing amazing things and whatever, but this conservatorship is big, and the only thing you guys are doing is turning your backs on her and making her less profitable in a moment where her image is fragile. You don't want to buy her stuff and boycott her and criticize her instagram videos and her? ok, that is not going to make anything different, it's just going to make her less willing to keep on and also less rich, cause let's not forget she still has to divide her money for every bitch and lawyer in her conservatorship so ok, keep doing that.
  2. wow you guys are so cool and mature, you all unfollowed her on instagram and laugh about it and stopped buying her stuff, oh wow that helps her a lot.
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