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  1. don't you ever again compare Trump or what he does to Britney EVER!
  2. we can just dub the audio with "My Prerogative" instead
  3. 3isacharm

    exhale So.. where is the single?

    on those teasers she's released I haven't seen that outfit. Maybe i'm blind
  4. 3isacharm

    exhale So.. where is the single?

    it will be the PItbull collab... I'm inclined to believe this pic is a BTS for the MV
  5. From what we have seen of the commercial, she's not wearing those panties and white top form that IG post. I would be inclined to say that was for the MV with Pitbull tbh
  6. I’m sure Elizabeth Arden frangrances are the ones paying for this promo. The commercial looks like it will be fire but won’t help the shitty looking packaging
  7. 3isacharm

    Did anyone else notice this?

    it would look 10000x better than the shitty current costumes